Bilderberg club: list of participants from Russia

An informal conference is held annually, consisting of about 130 participants, most of whom are influential people in the field of politics, banking and business, coming from the editorial boards of the largest Western media. Login is possible only by personal invitations. The topics of the meetings are not announced in the press (although lately it is increasingly possible to find out what the members of the Bilderberg club are talking about). At meetings, you can not shoot and record on the recorder, the press is not allowed.

First meeting

Meetings of the Bilderberg Club have been held annually since 1954. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands suggested that influential politicians and businessmen from Western Europe and the United States of America meet at the Bilderberg hotel 90 km from Amsterdam. Those who fought along different front lines of the Second World War 10 years ago were invited. The site was needed to define a new world order.

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The meeting was attended by 50 of the most influential personalities from 11 countries. The composition of the Bilderberg club claimed Prince Bernhard himself, together with the CIA, as well as Henry Kessinger and David Rockefeller. Henry Kessinger is an American statesman and diplomat, an expert in international relations and the US Secretary of State from 1973 to 1977. The name of David Rockefeller is familiar to everyone - an influential banker and statesman, grandson of the first oil magnate, the first dollar millionaire in history and the founder of Standard Oil, John D. Rockefeller.

The idea was an informal meeting of the powerful to discuss world problems. The participation of the press was not expected. It was planned that the first meeting will continue for three days. The safety of the participants was ensured by the country in whose territory the Bilderbergers are gathered. Today, the organization’s headquarters is in New York (Carnegie Endowment), and meetings are held around the world.

When it became known about the meetings

The general public about the secret meetings of the powers that be became known in 1957, when the American columnist Westbrook Pegler wrote an article about a meeting of politicians and businessmen in the state of Georgia.He himself learned about the meeting from the reader, who said that during a vacation in one of the local hotels he noticed a large crowd of police and federal agents who ensured the safety of invited guests. This closeness of the club later gave rise to many conspiracy theories that have not ceased until now.

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Secret world government

In some sources, the Bilderberg Group is called the world government, because the meetings discuss supranational problems and outline the direction in which the whole world is moving. Perhaps this is just an informal meeting of leaders, at which the problems of humanity are discussed in order to take into account the interests of the entire world community. Someone thinks that this is a collection of the richest clans to consolidate the status and redistribute the world's wealth.

Secrets of the Bilderberg club begin to reveal. Today it is not such a closed society as before. Official meetings are held to strengthen the dialogue between the United States and Europe, but during the Cold War, it seemed to many that this was coordinating actions against the Soviet Union,and then against other states or organizations that could potentially be dangerous for capitalist Europe and the States.

Members of the Bilderberg Club

The club includes about 400 people, a third of them are citizens of the United States, the rest are Europeans and Asians (Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans). After each meeting, an informal report is prepared, which is distributed only between current and former members of the club. Speakers usually change every year. Only eight members are members of the club’s government: Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, Nelson and David Rockefellers, Alan Greenspan, Robert McNamara and Richard Perl.

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Government organization

Nelson, David Rockefeller's older brother, died in 1977. David himself passed away in 2017. Most likely, now his son, the new head of the Rockefeller House, David Rockefeller Jr., is invited to the meetings. Paul Wolfowitz - American politician, President of the World Bank (2005-2007), who was forced to resign after a scandal with the promotion of his mistress Shah Raza. Henry Kessinger (like Paul Wolfowitz) is still part of the Bilderberg Club.

Donald Rumsfeld - politician from the United States, Secretary of Defense during the presidency of George W. Bush and Gerald Ford. Alan Greenspan - American economist, manager of the Federal Reserve for 18.5 years. Robert McNamara died in 2009. A Republican politician helped rebuild Ford Motors after the end of World War II, for some time served as president of the company, but then became Minister of Defense. In this position, set a record - 2595 days in office. Richard Pearl is a defense specialist, political analyst, politician, active participant in US-Russian relations.

Interestingly, most members of the Bilderberg club are of Jewish origin. Their methods of doing business and affairs in politics sometimes caused extremely negative reviews from colleagues and compatriots, scandals and a wide public resonance were played out around them. The powerful of this world never looked to the opinion of the majority.

Robert McNamara

Chairman of the Bilderberg Group

The organization’s chairman today is Etienne Davignon. The 85-year-old Viscount was in the past one of the Commissioners of the European Commission, today he is the head of a large corporation. Davignon's office in Brussels is covered with caricatures of himself.He does not like to give interviews, but in 2005 he shared with the BBC representatives his opinion on the activities of the Bilderberg club. Who really rules the world, Etienne Davignon does not know, but believes that they are definitely not representatives of the organization, which he prefers to call private, rather than secretive. The chairman downplays the importance of the club, arguing that these are just meetings of influential people who want to communicate with such influential representatives of politics and big business.

Who else was invited to the meeting

Over the years, Dutch King Willem-Alexander, Chairman of the Board of Google Corporation Eric Schmidt, Linkedlin founder Reid Hoffman, EU Trade Commissioner Sir Peter Mendelsohn, billionaire Oleg Deripaska, French politician Alain Juppé, Rothschildow analyst, analyst, were invited to meetings of the Bilderberg Club, billionaire Oleg Deripaska, French politician Alain Juppé, Rothschildow analyst, analyst, billionaire Oleg Deripaska, French politician Alain Juppé, Rothschildow, analyst, billionaire Oleg Deripaska, French politician Alain Juppé, Rothschildow, analyst, billionaire Oleg Deripaska, French politician Alain Juppé, Rothschildow analyst, analyst Air questions of Will Hutton, Beatrix of the Netherlands, Prime Minister of the Netherlands M. Rutte, former US Ambassador to Germany J. McGee and others.

Etienne Davignon

Representatives from Russia

The Soviet party elite at the first meeting of the Bilderberg club could not be.Dissidents in the meeting, too, was called. Russians were invited only in post-Soviet times. The participants of the Bilderberg club from Russia in different years were Sergey Guriev, Grigory Yavlinsky, Alexey Mordashov, L. Shevtsova. A. Chubais attended meetings twice: in 1998 in Scotland and in 2012. On this the composition of the participants of the Bilderberg club from Russia ends. So far, the most influential people call the Russians far from every meeting.

Russian economist S. Guriev was invited to the club meeting in 2015. The former NES rector immediately said that he could not spread the content of the discussions, according to the rules of the club, and that this was not the first invitation, he had just been busy earlier in the days of the meeting. In 2013, Guriev moved to France for permanent residence, fearing persecution at home because of his political activities. "The case of experts" became widely known. Economist Guriev was one of those who participated in the examination.

Grigory Yavlinsky, a Russian and Soviet politician, economist and founder of the Yabloko party, was also invited to the meeting of the group of the most influential people in the world in 1998.At the same time, Lilia Shevtsova, a political scientist, doctor of historical sciences and author of numerous publications on social and political topics, attended the meeting, as well as Anatoly Chubais, chairman of the board of Rosnano, general director of the Russian Nanotechnology Corporation, an active participant in the political life of Russia, ideologue and the head of the economic reforms of the nineties, the reform of the electric power industry in the early 2000s.

Sergey Guriev

Alexey Mordashov was invited in 2011. This is a Russian businessman, a billionaire, the owner of PAO "Seversal". In addition, Alexey Mordashov owns a 25% stake in the travel company Tui (Germany). The entrepreneur is one of the most cited and recognizable Russian businessmen in the world, fluent in English and German, was recognized as the best speaker of the global steel industry in 2015.

Club meeting in 1998

The meeting, to which a record number of representatives from Russia was invited, took place in 1999 in Scotland (South Ayrshire). The meeting was attended by the President of the Bank Austriya Mason G. Randa, Federal Chancellor of Austria F.Vranitzky, former Secretary General of NATO, Lord Peter Carrington, US mediator in the Balkans, R. Holbrook and others. The composition of the participants of the Bilderberg club from Russia at the meeting of 1998 was as follows: Anatoly Chubais, Lilia Shevtsova, Grigory Yavlinsky.

The problems of Kosovo, the European-Atlantic Union, Japan (regarding plans for the creation of an Asian Union) were discussed. There are opinions that in the event of a settlement of the conflict in Kosovo, the club members planned to start a war between Greece and Turkey in Cyprus. Already then the subsequent heightened interest in the economic development of Japan was determined, as well as the need for a process of expanding cooperation between Europe and the United States into a single monetary, trade and political union.

Club meeting in 2011

Bilderberg club (Russia was represented at meetings in 1998, 2011 and 2015) in 2011, met in Switzerland. The meeting was attended by representatives of Belgium, China, Germany, Finland, Austria, Sweden, France, Britain, USA, Turkey, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Canada, and international organizations: President of the EU R.Herman Van, President of the EU Central Bank Trichet Jean-Claude, Executive Director of the UN Food Program Sheeran Josette, Vice-President of the EU Commission Cruz Nehli.

Alexey Mordashov

Bilderberg 2015: topics and participants

In 2015, the Bilderberg group met in the small Austrian town of Telfs-Buchene. The conference was attended by about one hundred and forty people. The largest composition was traditionally the delegation from the States, representatives of the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and so on were also present. The main topics proposed for discussion were information security, the fight against the terrorist threat, elections in the States, globalization and EU strategies, the problem of the use of chemical weapons. Participants planned to discuss the affairs of Iran, Greece, Russia and the Middle East. More about the forum is not known, because the participants do not spread about the topics of discussions, and the reports are distributed only between those present and invited from previous years.

Meeting in Virginia, USA, 2017

Meetings of the Bilderberg Club in recent years, covers Valentin Katasonov. The sixty-fifth meeting was held in the small town of Chantilly in Virginia, USA, at the Westfield Marriott Hotel.Previously, the club was going to this city three times, given that the participants of the meetings prefer to change their location, this is an absolute record. The most influential businessmen and politicians discussed the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the situation in China and current events in the world, the Middle East and the role of the Russian Federation in the world order, information wars, populism, slowing globalization, NATO activities and the development of the EU.

The main theme was the report of the administration of the forty-fifth US president on the work performed. The demand for the report followed just four months after Trump moved to the White House - perhaps the creators of the forum are not satisfied with the behavior of the new president? The work of Trump was reported by the junior US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Presidential Aide and Head of the Center for Strategic Initiatives Christopher Liddell, National Security Council member Nadia Shadlow, National Security Advisor G. McMaster. Could take part Senator from Virginia Terry McAuliffe.

Donald Trump

A very large group of participants are bankers of investment funds and private financial institutions. Representatives of German, Spanish, French, Dutch, British and Swedish banks, insurance companies, investment funds and other organizations were present.Some participants of the meeting chose not to reveal any names or biographies. Additional investigative journalism suggests that representatives of leading banks in Wall Street and London were present at the meeting. Many invitees are on the boards of directors at several (sometimes in several dozen) commercial organizations.

In 2018, the club met in Italy (Turin). On the eve of the 2018 World Cup, the problem of inequality, quantum computing, artificial intelligence and the future of jobs, free trade and world leadership of the States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Iran, the post-truth era and current events in the world were discussed. Many topics are repeated from year to year, but there are new reasons for discussion. Participants did not have previously agreed positions, and it is also unknown what the conclusions reached by participants.

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