Binary options "Alpari": description, demo account, technology and reviews

Binary options (BO) are one of the populartrading tools. They are a contract under which the investor will receive money if he anticipates the price movement. The subject of the transaction can be any asset: shares, currency pairs, indices, goods. In theory, the strength of the price movement does not matter, only the direction is important. More details about what Alpari binary options are, and how to use them, read on.

binary options of alpari


Let's consider a simple example. Deutsche Bank in July 2014 announced a decrease in net profit of 100 million EUR for the quarter. The day after the news, shares began to sell, which led to a drop in quotations. Having tracked this trend in advance, the trader of binary options could buy contracts on conditions of falling prices and for the trading day to multiply its initial contribution by several times. This example shows well the principle of the operation of BO. If the trader guessed with direction, he gets the money, if not - loses.

Binary VS traditional options

These two instruments have only a word in the title. The table below illustrates the differences between them.

Alpari conditions

  • Replenishment and withdrawal through WebMoney.
  • Min deposit: 10 USD.
  • Min rate: 5 USD.
  • Term of expiration: 3-60 minutes.
  • Bonus: up to 50% on deposit.
  • The maximum yield is 89% for Alpari (binary options).
  • Demo account is provided without registration.
  • Specifications: Alpari binary options can be purchased for currency pairs and commodities (gold, silver). Trading stocks, futures and indices will not work.
  • Market analytics is available to traders directly from the platform window.
  • The support service is open around the clock.
  • Commissions for withdrawal of funds are absent.
  • Refund: up to 20%.

alpari binary options reviews

Binary options Alpari: the benefits of trade

  • Management of risks. When making a bet, the trader knows in advance how much money he will receive or lose in any outcome. The broker does not charge additional commissions.
  • Buy is not an asset, but a contract. This allows you to overcome price barriers.
  • Maximization of income. Depending on the terms of the transaction, the profit in case of a win will be 71-85%. Among all available tools, the most profitable are Alpari binary options.
  • Trading strategies are similar to Forex.
  • Convenience. All transactions are made online via the platform. You can download the program to a PC, a smartphone or use the online version.
  • Contracts are accepted for execution 24 hours a day (on weekdays).
  • The term of execution does not exceed several hours. Traders with small deposits may enter into several transactions within a day.
  • Demo account is opened for free immediately after the user registration.

alpari binary options demo account

Time matters

Binary options "Alpari" have severalnames: digital, double, "all or nothing." The essence of the instrument does not change from this. You need to determine the direction of the price movement, choose the expiration time (completion of the transaction) and purchase the contract on the appropriate terms. There are brokers who provide fixed-term contracts with a maturity of one minute. Others rely on long-term transactions (from several days to a month). The most popular are fixed-term contracts with an expiration period of up to one hour. This is what the Alpari broker offers.

How to trade binary options? It is enough to select the type of asset in the OptionTrader platform, the completion time of the transaction and click on the PUT or CALL button. In case of a win, the trader receives his initial deposit and an additional 70-85% of the profit. If the direction of the traffic turned out to be different, as a compensation the broker returns to the trader up to 20% of the deposit.


The trader assumes that the EUR / USD ratioin 30 minutes will increase in relation to the current value. He gets a contact "Higher / lower" for a raise (CALL) for $ 5. The current value is 1.35. By the time of expiration, the ratio was 1.4. The trader was right. As a result of the transaction, the broker will pay him: $ 5 + 5 x 0.7 = $ 8.5.

On the Alpari, trading in binary options does not take much effort. It does not matter how much the financial asset changes - 10, 20 or 50 points. Only the direction of motion matters.

alpari binary options minimum deposit


A trader can choose one of four types of contracts:

1. High / Low: if by the time of expiration the price is higher (Call) or lower (Put) the current level, the trader will receive an income. These are the simplest types of transactions, for which a minimum reward of 70% is provided.

2. One Touch: a trader will profit if the price touches one of the proposed levels when it is raised (Call) or down (Put).

3. Range High / Low: the trader selects a range higher (Call) or lower (Put) the current price. If by the time of expiration the value of the contract is within the specified limits, remuneration will be paid.

alpari binary options trading

How to make the right choice

Beginners should start with a classic lookoptions "Raise / Lower". These are the least risky and easy to understand tools. For the period of studying the platform, you do not need to invest all available funds in Alpari (binary options). The minimum deposit with a broker is only $ 10 (versus $ 250 for competitors). But at a rate of $ 5, these funds will suffice for the commission of at least two transactions. Those who do not want to risk their own funds, can first trade on a demo account. "Alpari" provides it for free with a full set of functions, while other brokers allow traders to "train" with the platform only after making a deposit. Another good news: the user can choose the balance of the virtual account himself. Even after gaining experience using the terminal and the skills of determining the moment of entering the transaction, you can try other options.

alpari binary options trading

The next stage is choosing the right tradingstrategy. It depends on the timeframe, asset and expiration time. The most popular are scalping strategies for 60 seconds. But, firstly, not every broker provides so-called turbo options (with expiration period of one minute). Secondly, we must not forget about the technical features of the process. All transactions are carried out through the Internet. From the interruptions in the network provider yet no one is immune. Every self-respecting broker, before accepting a contract for execution, will ask the trader to confirm his intention. If no feedback is received within 5 seconds, the contract is accepted for execution. If the expiration period is at least 5 minutes, significant changes in the price should not occur. But if the transaction is registered for 60 seconds, then from the moment of registration of the application to its acceptance for execution, the price of the contract may change greatly. Whichever strategy you choose, it is important to remember the main rule of risk management: do not invest all funds in one asset.


Most brokers provide an opportunityto trade online. This is not always convenient. On the charts, you can not put indicators or build support-resistance lines. In the working window of the program, there is often an advertisement that hinders the analysis and even makes transactions. Therefore, it is better to use a desktop version of the software. OptionTrader is a platform designed specifically for trading BO. Trader enough to download and install the application, enter the data of the trading account - and you can start trading. There is a separate version of the program for smartphones and tablets.

binary options alpari strategy

Automation of trade is facilitated by the systemcopying profitable trades. The trader independently decides whether to connect his terminal to the service of duplicating trade orders. The remaining customers through the "Personal Cabinet" can join experienced players. Transactions that are made by a successful trader will be copied to the accounts of other players.

Alpari binary options: reviews

The first thing to note is regularpayment of earned money to a bank account and Webmoney purse. Some brokers refuse to withdraw funds through electronic payment systems, explaining this by the fact that they can not identify the user. Experienced players are advised to work through the bank. To withdraw money, it is necessary to verify the Alpari account (binary options). User reviews say that no broker will not send money for unconfirmed requisites. For verification, it is necessary to provide a scan-copy of the passport or rights, paid receipt with the address and photo of the front side of the card to which the transfer will be made.

A specialplatform. It is very different from the classical MT4: it lacks tools for analysis. But you can still get used to it. A big advantage is also the Russification of the platform.

 alpari how to trade binary options

Real feedback on binary options "Alpari"confirm that only short-term contracts are inconvenient. There are a lot of long-term strategy. Transactions with expiration in 3-5 minutes may be of interest to professional traders. Beginners during the development of the platform usually make bets with expiration in a few hours.

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