Biography of Hugh Dancy

Actor Hugh Dancy (Hugh Dancy) - a sincere, direct, creatively enthusiastic man - is well known to fans of quality English television series. He starred a lot not only in European, but also in Hollywood films. The charming romantic hero of modern cinema has found his grateful audience in our country.
British actor Hugh DancyBritish actor Hugh Dancy

Children and youth

Hugh Michael Horace Dancy was born on June 19, 1975 in Stoke-on-Trend (Staffordshire, England). His parents are intelligent and successful people: Father Jonathan Dancy is a prominent philosopher and teacher at the University of Texas and the University of Reading; Sarah Dancy's mother is a publishing business owner. Hugh has a younger sister, Kate, who has dedicated herself to charitable activities within the organization Save the Children, and younger brother Jack, who works in the field of tourism.
Hugh Dancy in his youthHugh Dancy in his youth
Hugh has a brilliant academic background: at first he studied hard at Dragon School and at Winchester College, and then he was accepted at St. Peter's College at Oxford University.The young man studied linguistics, English literature, and also easily mastered French.
However, after completing his studies, the young man dramatically changed the vector of his life path and began thinking about his acting career. The election of such a profession only at first glance might seem random. In actual fact, Hugh was still a member of a theater group during his school years, though not at his own will, but at the insistence of his father. But it was then that the boy became seriously interested in the scene: he enjoyed playing in many performances, and so successfully that he was assigned responsible roles in the most popular plays.
Hugh Dancy Height 170 cmHugh Dancy Height 170 cm
The desire to become a famous artist cast so deep roots in the heart of the young man that he moved to London, where the opportunity to get on television screens was very real. Earning his living as a waiter and bartender, Hugh spent all his free time in television studios, glad if he could get at least a cameo role in some series. So he managed to "light up", for example, in the "Zone of Danger" (1995) and in "Trial and Retribution" (1997). The determination and perseverance of the young man were soon rewarded.
Hugh Dancy on “The Zone of Danger”Hugh Dancy on “The Zone of Danger”

Actor career

The talent of the novice actor was already evident in the small roles of the TV series “Cold Feet” (1997), “New Adventures of Robin Hood” (1997), “The Hunters of Antiquities” (1999), so he was offered to play more significant characters in the television films Madame Bovary (2000) and David Copperfield (2000).
Hugh Dancy in the film “David Copperfield”Hugh Dancy in the film “David Copperfield”
Collaboration with the stars Michael Richards and Sally Field helped the novice actor not only to replenish their professional luggage, but also to deeply realize that acting is first of all hard work, which needs to be given to all the soul without a trace. The young man was strengthened in his decision to achieve the same heights in cinema, as well as his eminent companions in filming.
The next step in the ascent of the cinema-Olympus was the role of d'Artagnan in the film Young Blades (2001). And although the picture as a whole did not find a response from the public, Hugh's bright game was noticed and appreciated. Soon, Ridley Scott invited a young British actor to shoot a military drama "Black Hawk" - and Dancy showed himself a worthy partner of the famous Eric Bana, Josh Hartnett, Evan MacGregor, Jason Isaacs.
Hugh Dancy in the movie "Black Hawk Down"Hugh Dancy in the movie "Black Hawk Down"
Dancy gained wide popularity among viewers after the release of the film Intimate Diary (2003), dedicated to the love story of an islander and a British official. Together with Jessica Alba, they composed a passionate duet that delighted both the public and film critics. And “Enchanted Ella” (2004) cemented this triumph: the noble and beautiful Hugh Prince became the hero of romantic dreams of literally all the young girls of Britain.
Hugh Dancy in the movie "Intimate Diary"Hugh Dancy in the movie "Intimate Diary"
The growing popularity of the artist brought him dividends in the form of a mass of commercially lucrative offers from television producers. The climax of Dancy's talent recognition was the awarding of an Emmy Award for his role as Earl of Essex, queen's favorite (played by Helen Mirren) in the TV series Elizabeth I (2005).
Hugh Dancy on "Elizabeth I"Hugh Dancy on "Elizabeth I"
And the embodiment of the image of captain Stanhope staged "The End of the Journey" (2007) of the Belasco Broadway Theater, the title role in the drama "Adam" (2009) and, most importantly, the performance of a complex role - FBI employee Will Graham in the series "Hannibal" (2013), confirmed : the cohort of the best English film actors has been replenished with another great master of words and gestures.
Interview Hugh Dancy on the series "Hannibal"

Personal life hugh dancy

The first official chosen by Hugh Dancy was the famous artist Annie Morris, with whom relations eventually ended.
True love came to the artist in 2007. On the set of the film "Evening", he met a wonderful American actress Claire Catherine Danes, known for her roles in the films "Romeo + Juliet", "Star dust", "Beauty in English", etc.
Hugh Dancy and his wife Claire Catherine DanesHugh Dancy and his wife Claire Catherine Danes
For two years, young people tested the strength of their feelings for each other. In February 2009, the public learned that lovers are engaged, and that same year in September they celebrated a magnificent wedding in France. In 2012, on December 17, the heir to the glorified actors was born - adorable baby Cyrus Michael Christopher. And at the end of April 2018, his wife announced that they were waiting for the second child.
Hugh Dancy with his wife and sonHugh Dancy with his wife and son
In an interview with US Weekly magazine, Claire Danes admitted that she was extremely lucky with her husband: “Hugh is very suitable for me. Of course, we have to work a lot to maintain our relationship - this is important for both of us, but at the same time it happens very easily. ”

Hugh dancy today

In 2018, the famous actor gave a lot of time and effort to work in the next series of the drama “The Way” (3rd season), which first appeared on the screen in 2016.The series is a success and therefore received a sequel for several seasons. In the center of the plot is the fate of a married couple involved in a suspicious religious cult, the role of which is brilliantly performed by Hugh Dancy.
Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen in the TV series "Hannibal"Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen in the TV series "Hannibal"
Perhaps soon will be resumed filming next season of the thriller "Hannibal". Together, the project colleagues Mads Mikkelsen and Laurence Fishbourne Dancy repeatedly expressed hope for the continuation of the series, beloved by many fans of the blood-exquisite story of Dr. Hannibal Lecter and his intellectual competition with the FBI. But so far the producers have not come to a final decision ...

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