Biography of Dmitry Maryanov

Dmitry Maryanov - Russian actor, known for the productions of the theater “Lenkom”, collaboration with the creative association “Quartet I”, roles in the films “Above the Rainbow”, “Dear Elena Sergeevna”, “Day of Radio”, “Personal life of investigator Saveliev”, “ Bouncer "and many others.
Actor Dmitry MaryanovActor Dmitry Maryanov

Childhood and family

Dmitry was born in a simple working family: father Yury Georgiyevich Maryanov was a master in garage equipment, his mother was an accountant (died when the actor was 37 years old). From an early age he went in for sports - first swimming, then, in his words, “tired of tiles” and began to go to the boxing section.
Young Dmitry MaryanovYoung Dmitry Maryanov
Since childhood, Dmitry was an outstanding personality, he began his creative career in his school years. Not without the help of his parents, a seventh-grader Dmitry, who was fond of choreography and acrobatics, entered the school at the Theater on Krasnaya Presnya, located in the Khlynovsky deadlock. Special attention in this institution was paid to the basics of stage art.
Visiting Dmitry Maryanov
After graduating from school, Dmitri was accepted into the Shchukin Theater School. During his student years, Marjanov took an active part in the activities of the small, but very distinctive, theater “The Scientific Monkey”, was one of the members of the writing team of authors. He graduated from college in 1992, after which he immediately gained a place in the Lenkom theater troupe.

Filmography of Dmitry Maryanov

In 1986, the Odessa Film Studio invited the promising actor to play a supporting role in Valery Fedosov’s youthful film “It Wasn’t”. Actors Dmitry Kharatyan and Alexey Zharkov worked with him at the same site. This role was the actor's debut.
Shot from the movie "was not"Shot from the movie "was not"
In the same 1986, he played the leading role in the bright youthful musical “Above the Rainbow”. Marianov’s character, Alik Rainbow, was not like a typical hero of the time: he dressed and had a haircut strangely, but it was this unique style that ensured the growth of a novice actor’s career.
“Above the Rainbow” - one of the first films with Dmitry Maryanov“Above the Rainbow” - one of the first films with Dmitry Maryanov
Successful, also became a role in the dramatic film Eldar Ryazanov "Dear Elena Sergeevna" (1988).The film turned out to be the opposite of “Above the Rainbow” - a cruel psychological picture of schoolchildren trying to get the keys to the teacher’s office (Marina Neyolova) by hook or by crook to get access to their examination papers received dual reviews. However, no one doubted the mastery of the young actor who played the role of Pashka, the clever olympiad, taking part in the siege of Elena Sergeevna’s apartment. After the premiere of the film, the status of the rising star of cinema was fixed for the actor.
Dmitry Maryanov (left) in the film “Dear Elena Sergeevna”Dmitry Maryanov (left) in the film “Dear Elena Sergeevna”
Marjanov justified this title: in 1991, together with Yevgeny Mironov, he played one of the main roles in the film “Love”, in 1993 he shone in Sergey Ursuliak’s melodrama “Russian Ragtime”, remembered for minor, but bright roles in the tapes “What a wonderful game” , “Things are funny - family matters”, “Countess de Monsoreau”, “Snake source”. In the early 1990s, he also appeared in the video “Walking on the Water” by Vyacheslav Butusov's group.
Nautilus Pompilius - Water Walking
In this case, the actor managed to combine the shooting with the service in the theater Lenk under the direction of Mark Zakharov.He was engaged in many acclaimed productions, including the rock operas Juno and Avos, The Bremen Town Musicians, Barbarian and Heretic, The Royal Games, and the play Two Women, for which he played in 1998 He was awarded the Yevgeny Leonov Prize.
"Radio day". Fragment
In 2003, the actor resigned from Lenkom. According to some sources, Dmitry, without warning anyone, did not appear at the performance, his mobile phone was turned off, and the management had no choice but to delay the start for half an hour and introduce another actor to Marjanov’s place. When Dmitry “was found”, Mark Zakharov immediately signed an order for dismissal. Soon after, Dmitry was accepted into the cast of the Independent Theater Project.
Dmitry Maryanov in the play "Friends"Dmitry Maryanov in the play "Friends"
Dmitry Marianov is familiar to many viewers from the comedy “Radio Day” and the role of eccentric DJ Dima.
Dmitry Maryanov in the film "Day of Radio"Dmitry Maryanov in the film "Day of Radio"
The last project with Dmitry Maryanov, released during his lifetime, was the series "The Bouncer". In the production was a 4-part melodrama "The road of the yellow brick", where Dmitry played the main role,as well as the spy movie "Operation Muhabbat."

The personal life of Dmitry Maryanov

The first spouse of Dmitry (civil marriage) - Tatiana Skorokhodova. With her, the actor met during his studies at the Shchukin School. Student marriage lasted about two years.
Dmitry Maryanov's first wife - Tatiana SkorokhodovaDmitry Maryanov's first wife - Tatiana Skorokhodova
The second spouse (civil marriage) - model Olga Anosova. In 1996, the couple had a son, Danil.
Olga Anosova and her son DanilOlga Anosova and her son Danil
In 2007, on the set of the TV show “Ice Age”, Dmitry Maryanov began a romance with his partner Irina Lobacheva, who had just parted with Ilya Averbukh. After that, Irina repeatedly noted in an interview that her personal life had finally settled down, that she had finally met that very single person, but was not ready to get married for the second time in the near future. Dmitry found common interests with Irina’s son, Martin, and she in turn made friends with her son, Maryanov Danya. In 2009, they again went out on the ice in the same program.
“Ice Age”: Dmitry Maryanov and Irina Lobacheva
At a party in honor of the celebration of the 45th anniversary of Gosha Kutsenko, Dmitry was spotted with a new girlfriend, Xenia.The age difference between the beloveds was 17 years, which did not become an obstacle to the first in the life of Dmitry campaign in the registry office. In September 2015, they exchanged rings, and a little later confessed that Xenia Anfisa’s daughter was Dmitry's own.
Dmitry Maryanov with his wife Ksenia and daughter AnfisaDmitry Maryanov with his wife Ksenia and daughter Anfisa
Dmitry Maryanov loved extreme sports - diving (plunged under the ice on Lake Baikal) and riding a motorcycle. Also, the actor is addicted to roller skating and riding and even rode a skateboard.
Motorcycles - this is a buzz, a feeling of freedom, similar to that which you experience when riding a horse.


October 15, 2017 Dmitry Maryanov died suddenly at the 48th year of his life. It was reported that the actor was resting in the Moscow region Lobnya, in a country house with friends, when he suddenly lost consciousness. The ambulance was unable to come to the call, as stated in the media, "for technical reasons." He was taken in a private car, but they did not have time to deliver him to the hospital. The cause of Marianov’s death was a broken blood clot.
Shot from the TV series "Bouncer"Shot from the TV series "Bouncer"
During the investigation into the death of the actor, it turned out that Mariyanov had not rested with friends, but was treated for alcohol dependence in a private country rehab "Phoenix".And, according to experts, Dmitry could be saved - in the morning of that fateful day, he complained to the clinic's specialists about back pain, while he had rapid breathing and excessive sweating - all these are symptoms of an artery blockage. But the staff of the rehabilitation center decided that the actor had an alcoholic psychosis.
December 1, Dmitry Maryanov would have turned 48 years oldDecember 1, Dmitry Maryanov would have turned 48 years old
On October 18, Dmitry Maryanov was buried in the Khimki cemetery, at station No. 18 not far from the forest. Hundreds of people came to say goodbye to the actor. After the funeral on the actor's grave, they found a wreath with a strange inscription: “We will live with you in a small hut” (a line from the song of the group “Nautilus Pompilius”) with a laconic signature “Yours”. Who brought it, could not figure out.
12 days after Mar'yanov’s death, forensic experts delivered a new verdict - the cause of the actor’s death was not a blood clot, but blood loss caused by a rupture of the wall of the iliac vein.

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