Bloggers nobody reads

I heard the phrase so many times: “no one reads these bloggers”, that after the next one I decided to write once and not to return to it again.
See, as you know, there are two types of users of any platform: those for whom the masses go, and the mass itself. If a person has an account, say, in a livejournal, then this is not a blog, as many people think, this is an account. With the help of an account, a person is present on the site, finds the necessary subscriptions, comments, enters a terribly uncomfortable person, and even, sometimes, not at all professionally, folds posts into it that are a reflection of his thoughts, work or creative creative impulses. It’s like Facebook or Odnoklassniki asking you to help choose a new series, or a story about a discount in Pyaterochka.
Previously, when the grass was greener in a cozy it was just like that. Everyone communicated, shared, hung out in the communities, but then the social networks came and most of them fled due to the convenience of the latter. There are either content creators (real bloggers), or those who find it convenient to sit in the tube, but it’s difficult to call them bloggers, and even blog owners with a stretch.Readers read, bloggers write, and only the inhabitant of the social network, or simply Runet, who has entered this world, does not understand what is actually happening here. And rightly so.
The most clear example:
Intagram has hundreds of millions of users, and everyone there is active. Likes, views, comments, reposts - a complete set of everything. At the same time, hundreds of thousands read some, and they boldly call themselves bloggers, while others collect three likes of mothers, cats, and manicures from New Urengoy. As you understand the latest bloggers are not. The same story with LJ.

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