Blood from the ear: how dangerous is it?

Blood from the ear is a very serious and most often dangerous symptom resulting from an injury or some disease. In any case, remember that any discharge from the ear canal requires immediate medical attention.

Blood from the ear: causes

blood from the ear

As already mentioned, ear bleeding can occur for completely different reasons. But do not forget that this is a very dangerous sign and self-medication is inappropriate here. So why is it bleeding from the ear?

  • Acute or purulent otitis media is the most common cause. This is an inflammation of the middle ear, which is accompanied by fever and intolerable, shooting pain. This disease is accompanied by the release of pus with blood. If you have these symptoms, you should immediately contact the ENT.
  • Blood from the ear can appear as a result of fractures of the skull bones - in such cases there is a severe headache, partial loss of vision, as well as swelling of the tissues, concussion of the brain, and sometimes nosebleeds.Remember that in the absence of medical care, a fracture of the temporal bones can lead to complete hearing loss and even more serious problems.why is the blood coming from the ear
  • The rupture of the eardrum is also accompanied by bleeding. As a rule, such a trauma is caused by the penetration of foreign objects into the auditory canal. For example, children often harm themselves while playing, or brushing their ears with improvised, sharp objects. A rupture may also be caused by a sudden pressure drop, for example, in divers when they dive too fast or ascend.
  • In some cases, blood from the ear can be a symptom of a well-known fungal disease called candidiasis. Of course, the fungus of the genus Candida relatively rarely affects the ear cavity, but, nevertheless, with a strong decrease in immunity, it is quite possible. The disease is accompanied by pain, itching in the ear canal, hearing loss and bloody discharge. For treatment use special, antifungal agents.
  • Another reason is a furuncle resulting from a hair bulb being affected by Staphylococcus aureus. By the way, this disease also occurs when the immune system is weakened.As a rule, the boil grows on the walls of the ear canal or in close proximity to the eardrum. The disease is accompanied by pain, swelling and redness of the outer tissues. A few days later the furuncle bursts, resulting in pus with blood impurities.
  • Sometimes blood from the ear can be caused by damage to the external tissues of the ear and ear canal. As a rule, wounds and scratches appear after penetration of a foreign, sharp object. This is the only case where you can do without medical assistance - you only need to treat the damaged areas of the skin with an antiseptic solution. But if the injury is accompanied by severe, prolonged pain, you need to seek medical help - perhaps the eardrum is damaged.blood from the ear causes

Blood from the ear: what to do?

In fact, blood from the ear can be a symptom of other problems - only the most common causes are listed above. For example, bleeding can be caused by the proliferation of polyps, the development of a malignant or benign tumor, etc. It is almost impossible to diagnose the disease on your own, so be sure to consult an otolaryngologist. Only a doctor will be able to prescribe the correct treatment.

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Blood from the ear: how dangerous it is 74

Blood from the ear: how dangerous it is 46

Blood from the ear: how dangerous it is 31

Blood from the ear: how dangerous it is 66

Blood from the ear: how dangerous it is 50

Blood from the ear: how dangerous it is 98