Bloody disassembly of migrant workers.

The migrant from Uzbekistan was beaten by a visitor from the Sumy region of Ukraine for the impartial words addressed to him and insulting his mother.
The villain shredded the body of his offender with a blade, cut out the sexual organ at the root and inserted it into the mouth of the murdered man. After that, the monster with a calm soul fell asleep next to the disfigured man.

As it became known, a terrible crime occurred in the Pirogov district of Mytischi near Moscow, on the territory of the now abandoned GSK, in an uninhabited barrack. The locals try to avoid this point because it has a bad reputation: asocial elements gather in half-empty buildings.
A 56-year-old Nikolai Korobkov from Ukraine came to this place with a beaten path, like his victim, 39-year-old Aibek Yusupov. Both came to Russia for work, drank themselves and were left without means of livelihood.
Aibek before the tragic incident managed to serve a couple of years in a Russian prison for drugs. A widow with two minor children remained in his homeland.Nicholas, to his age, never married, his parents died, and the man had almost no relatives.
On the night of September 18, 2017, Nikolai and Aibek were able to earn some money, bought alcoholic drinks and made a grand re-party. But at some point, a quarrel broke out between drinking companions. Uzbek in a fit of anger insulted the mother of the Ukrainian and himself.
Without thinking twice, Nikolay grabbed a kitchen knife and with one blow cut the carotid artery to his opponent, with the second he put out his eye, sat on his head and began to hack the body of his victim in a mad rush.
Then he plunged the blade into the groin of the corpse, cut out the sexual organ and inserted dead Aybek in the mouth. Having finished his crime, the killer lay down next to the corpse and fell asleep. It was in this position that his law enforcement officers found him.
Investigators opened a criminal case under two articles of the Criminal Code: "Murder" and "Abuse of the bodies of the dead and places of their burial." Both during the investigation and the court hearings, Nikolai Korobkov admitted his guilt and sincerely repented of the crime committed. Recently, the Mytishchi city court sentenced the killer to 10 years and 2 months in a high security prison.


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