Blue eyes. The nature of their owners

Eye color uniqueness

Since ancient times, people know that the secret thoughts of a person can be read by the eyes. Evidence of this fact are the treatises on physiognomy. Protect yourself from the evil eye have become a habit in antiquity. After all, it is an unkind gaze that betrays a person, as if revealing his black thoughts, evil intentions. Now there are many ways to protect yourself from bad influence. So, you can wear sunglasses, apply contact lenses. Folk healers, psychics advise natures especially sensitive to avoid direct eye contact with those who cause distrust or bad emotions. Astrologers claim that the eyes reflect the entire spectrum of the planets of the horoscope of birth, which, in turn, determine the inclinations, character and characteristics of a person. Also, modern science emphasizes that the eyes are unique: whether they are green or blue eyes (the photo is always fascinating), they will always have their certain unique shade.
blue eyesCharacter determination by eyes

To be able to correctly determine the human character, the tendencies in the eyes, it is necessary to pay attention primarily to the color saturation. The more intense it is, the greater the likelihood that their owner is active, passionate, energetic. Lighter shades characterize a person as a romantic, sensitive, erasable personality.
blue eyes photoThe nature of the owners of blue eyes

Blue eyes are associated with the planet Venus. Usually it represents peace, comfort, warmth, harmony. Blue eyes often characterize their wearer as a sensual and emotional nature. The love of such persons sometimes goes wild, because they are often in the depths of passion and emotional activity. Blue-eyed people are not at all one of those who can be easily controlled, they are independent, solid and persistent people. They do not go on about other people's desires and ambitions, and often confidently achieve the desired success in their careers and personal life. Naturally, such individuals have a lot of envious people at work, and often because of their far from meek temper they suffer from a lack of understanding by their family members.
What do people say about dark blue eyes?

The deep blue color of the eyes speaks of another feature of their owner - justice. Although sometimes it brings their owners a lot of experiences. The advantages include the incredible responsiveness of these people who are always ready to lend a helping hand to their loved ones. Dark blue eyes speak of the personality's inflexible character, his willingness to defend his interests, the rights of people, and in general all that he believes in, to the last. Often, these impulses can not be appreciated by others.
dark blue eyesBlue eyes. Their owners are fans of disputes.

Excessive faith in their own strength and confidence in the correctness of their opinions makes blue-eyed people in conflict with others. If you add their natural need to argue here, while necessarily leaving the dispute as a winner, you get an explosive mixture. It is also worth noting that in the heat of an argument or outburst of passion, the blue-eyed debater will not always be able to think about the feelings of an opponent or even a loved one.

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