BMW 5 E39 station wagon: technical specifications, interior

The BMW 5 Series wagon is available in five bodies, namely: E34, E39, E60, F10 and G30. BMW has its own designation of the version of the station wagon. The station wagon is not as popular as the sedan, as the sedan looks more sporty, and the station wagon is somehow family-like. But nevertheless, his release continues, and he is popular.


The technical characteristics of the fifth version of the station wagon will be presented on the example of the E39, since there are many modifications and station wagon bodies, like sedans. But the most popular version of the Touring is the E39.

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E39 touring


It is worth saying that the wagon is no different from the sedan, except that the body is lengthened by 9 centimeters. It was also supplemented with a set of airbags.

The first version of the E39 station wagon appeared in 1997, then in 2001 it was restyled.This body has received many positive reviews of car owners due to its aggressive style and great history.

The BMW 5 Series wagon has a very memorable design. The most popular body color is still black. Compared with the previous generation, the new generation has become longer by 5 centimeters, wider by 2 centimeters and higher by 5 centimeters. It is also important that the body has become more durable and shock-resistant, which made the ride safer. As a result, the handling of the BMW 5 is improved.

The body is still made of steel, but new aluminum parts were added to the suspension: subframes, shock absorber mounts, tie rods, forged wheels and many others.

Salon BMW 5-series has a traditional style for all salons, namely the orientation of the driver. Inside, everything seems to be done for maximum driver comfort, including a central panel turned at an angle. The space for rear passengers was increased by increasing the width of the car.

The main feature of the version of the universal BMW 5 is its trunk. In most wagon trunk does not fit into the exterior of the car, it seems as if it is an additional option. But not in BMW.Here it harmonizes with the design of the car. The luggage compartment has a volume of 410 liters, which is 50 liters less than the sedan.

The type of transmission depends on the configuration, it can include both manual and automatic transmission.

The 540th version of the BMW 5 Series Universal was considered the fastest all-rounder of the time (naturally, serial). An armored version of the 540 was also released, which was able to withstand an explosion of grenades and bullets. This limited edition was released in no more than 500 copies.

Year after year, the engines changed, their new versions were created. After restyling, the appearance of the car remained the same, but its technical characteristics increased due to the large presence of new engine modifications. There were both 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder engines. A diesel engine with a power of 185 horsepower was also released, thanks to which the maximum speed of the car increased to 225 km / h, and the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h was slightly less than 6 seconds.

In 1999, the first versions with petrol engines began to appear in Russia - the 523rd and 528th. They did not assemble at the German factory, but at the Avtotor factory.Such versions cost an order of magnitude cheaper than German, about 10,000 dollars, in terms of the current exchange rate of almost 700,000 rubles.

interior E39 touring



  • build quality;
  • reliability;
  • exterior and interior design;
  • many complete sets;
  • functional;
  • security;
  • dynamics thanks to the fortified body;
  • cost of service.


  • age;
  • the cost.
E39 Touring front view


Car owners claim that the BMW 5 Series is a great car with a rich history. Even after 20 years, it is easily repairable, but with the cost of its maintenance, all discrepancies exist. It all depends on the condition and conditions of operation. Universal BMW 5-Series is able to give pleasure to any car enthusiast.

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