Boris Gitin: a great actor and just a good man

The following words can be said about him: “Do not speak with longing - they are not there, but with gratitude - they were”. He has over seventy bright and interesting roles behind him - Kotelevsky from Yungi of the Northern Fleet, Shakin from Prival of the Wanderers, member of the commission from We of Jazz, neighbor of Tamara from Married Bachelor, Feldwebel from Cirkachonka, Vasila from "Finist - The Clear Falcon" ... And in the difficult nineties, Boris Gitinturned out to be in the board of his beloved profession.


Little Borya was born on January 20, 1937 in Moscow. His mother, Frida Shlemovna, worked as a nurse in a clinic. His father - Peter Ivanovich Gitin - fought in the Great Patriotic War. He returned home disabled and, unfortunately, soon died.

The Gitins' family lived not far from the “Hammer and Sickle” plant, and at this plant - in the cultural center - there was a drama club, where guys from all over the region were drawn. There was a little Boris Gitin. He went there for a long time very much.But when the boy grew up, the question arose that he needed to finish school well, so I had to forget a little about my passion for Melpomena.

Boris Gitin

After graduating from the sixth grade of the Moscow school, the boy enters the Vocational School, and in 1953, after receiving the specialty of the milling-machine operator, he remained to work in the tool shop at the Avtozavod plant. Likhachev.

Then he is transferred to the student chauffeur. After completing the courses he worked in this specialty. But from time to time he tried to change his profession - he worked as a mechanic, a hammerman, a stage worker in the Theater. Vakhtangov.

The whole world is a theater ...

The love of art never left Gitin. And he enters the theater institute. Working as a mechanic in Mosgaz, Boris Gitin, movieswhom they are still watching with pleasure, he becomes a student of “Pike” (evening department of the acting department). After graduating from college in 1966, he began working at the Central Children's Theater, embodying several interesting roles - pilot Petrov from Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase, Dirks from Uncle Tom's Cabin, Colonel Chernyak from How the Steel Was Tempered ... Everything was more than successfully, but by the end of the season Gitin realized that he liked cinematography more. Therefore, he leaves the theater and devotes 30 years of his life to the film industry.

His cinema life

For the first time, Boris Gitin appeared on the screen, even when he was in his third year. Then he starred in the film "The Splend of the Earth" (tape Boris Yashin and Andrei Smirnov). It was only a cameo role, but the experience is invaluable.

Boris Gitin Movies

He was remembered as an excellent character actor who combined in his fine game intelligence, the kindness of his soul, comedic intonation, softness. The roles of Gitin, as a rule, were not very large, but the bright personality of their performer, his careful approach to each work could not go unnoticed by the audience. Moreover, his fans were both young people and people of mature age. One of the best roles of this talented actor is Kotelevsky from “Yungi Northern Fleet”, postman Uncle Kostya from “Frenchman”, Ivan from “Happy Man”, “Lemonade” from “My father - captain”, Petka from “Clouds” ...

His human qualities

Boris Gitin, actor of Soviet cinema, was filmed very much. True, these were mostly supporting roles. But as such, they remained exactly until the moment when Boris Petrovich went to the set. And there was a real miracle.At times, this minor role was much brighter and more interesting than the central one. A good example of quality work in the cinema is the film "Married Bachelor". In it, Gitin had a very small role - a jealous neighbor, to whom all the time it seemed that only he was at the door, and that his lover was coming to his wife. Literally in a few minutes of screen time, the actor was able to convey all the experiences of this neighbor and what came of it.

Boris Gitin Actor

And in ordinary life, he was a very decent man, honest and modest. Boris Gitin never envied the more prosperous of those around him, never and to no one did he do any meanness. Preferred loneliness, re-reading your favorite books and reviewing old Soviet films. He wrote scripts and kept diaries.

His wife, with whom they lived all their lives - Anna Vasilyevna - worked as a kindergarten teacher. The couple raised two wonderful sons, one of whom became a teacher, and the second - a doctor.

Life after the profession

In the difficult nineties, Gitin Boris Petrovich was out of work. He stopped communicating with colleagues, almost did not go anywhere. And when he needed to draw up a pension, the officials didn’t intend to take into account the agreement on filming in the films, so Hitin was granted a meager allowance of 3,000 rubles a month.It was impossible to live on this money, so the actor had to sell light bulbs on the Rogozhsky market.

Gitin Boris Petrovich

Then he managed to get a job as a doorman at the Metropol Hotel. Being not very young, Boris Petrovich opened the doors of the “golden” and not so young people both in the hot summer and the icy winter. And once his health failed. In the hospital, where they put Gitina, he was treated like a bum, in a boorish way. If he needed help, the nurses were in no hurry to provide it. The actor was forbidden to turn on the radio and was not allowed to use the electric kettle. There he died on the 75th year.

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