Bouquet of corrugated paper flowers

Natural flower bouquets are undoubtedly charming, it is pleasant both to give and to receive them. But think about how long the joy of such a bouquet will last. The first day the flowers are magnificent and fragrant, but the next they begin to lose their freshness and wilt. And on the third day, an elegant composition will have to be sent to the trash. So is it worth it to spend money on expensive bouquets that so little pleasing to the eye?
Is it a bunch of flowers made of corrugated paper. They cost a long time, you can admire them forever, the donor puts his soul into them, and the hero of the occasion will have a souvenir for a long time.
This master class contains two ways of filling such a bouquet. For the work you need to pick up the following materials:
- corrugated paper in blue, pink and red;
- One plastic bottle (preferably 1.5 liters);
- scissors;
- stapler;
- satin ribbons;
- wooden thin skewers;
- PVA glue;
- candies in yellow or orange packaging;
- double sided tape;
- a piece of foam;
- white napkins.
First you need to take a plastic bottle and cut off the upper part by about 10-12 cm.
take a plastic bottle

Then further cut a piece of plastic 7-8 cm long. Twist it into a thin tube and insert it into the neck of the bottle. It will be a bunch of handle.
Twist the straw

Next, the workpiece should decorate the corrugated paper. Better to take a darker shade. Paste on the bottle stripes of double-sided scotch, wrap a piece of blue paper and fix with a bow of satin ribbon.
fix with a bow

The first variant of filling - from small lush buds.
Take a pink corrugated paper, cut it into small squares (3x3 cm), connect 10 pieces each and fix in the center with a stapler. Cut corners to make a round billet. And a little ruffle sheets of paper.
from small lush buds

Such buds need to be made about 20 pieces.
buds need to do

Now fill the hollow space of the blank from plastic with white paper napkins (it is better to use green ones, so imitation of the stems and leaves will be) to create a low dome.
Glue flowers

Glue the flowers in the middle and a little on the side.
delicate bouquet

pink lush flowers

It turns out a delicate bouquet of pink lush flowers.
pink lush flowers

The second option is filling with a bouquet of candy buds.
In the workpiece must be placed a piece of foam.
piece of foam

Flowers from sweets are made easily. For example, take a wooden skewer, glue a candy on it with the help of double-sided tape. And around fix the petals of red corrugated paper. All you need is three buds.
Wooden sticks should be inserted into the foam.
candy made easy

Empty seats can be filled with satin ribbons of different colors.
candy made easy

It turns out a beautiful bouquet with edible flowers.
a bouquet of candy buds

a bouquet of candy buds

Choose for yourself which option is more suitable for you!

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