Britain presented evidence of Skrypal’s murder by Russia

Everything is quite obvious from our bell tower - some Scripal, like a battle gas, out of time, no facts, all the more evidence. Where is the fault of Russia in the case of Skrypal? At the same time, the other side says that Russia throws misinformation into the media and manipulates public opinion, in Russian, it is justified. Everyone was waiting for evidence and now they appeared.
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That the guilty party, and even more so the innocent party, will justify itself and offer its own versions of what happened is too obvious. Another wait and not worth it. With the available data we can discuss only the goals and objectives and the method used. That the gas was precisely from Russia, delivered there and applied there, required serious evidence. And the American Ambassador Huntsman, in an interview with Kommersant, said that such evidence, extremely convincing, was provided to the meeting participants at the British Embassy in Moscow. Tonight, the same edition showed handouts from that meeting. But this, sorry, kindergarten.A modest set of basic theses, and even less than is known, is just a small amount of knowledge for those who lived on Mars for the last month.
The British promised that they compared a lot of facts of similar actions around the world, and I expected that I would see a long list of murders using dangerous toxic substances. But apart from Litvinenko, there was nothing similar in the presented materials. Basically, this is a very spatial list of things in which Russia could indirectly participate, such as viruses and cyberattacks. But most just crap. Such a list can be concocted in most countries in the world, attributing to them certain unfriendly actions to which they had or could have relations and after that make a conclusion, therefore the Americans, Canadians, Bosnians, Tahiti residents or Uganda’s special services poisoned Skrypal. Extremely weak.
I deliberately went over the British press over the past two weeks, expecting there to find something more or less serious, which is not shown to us by the Russians. But no, nothing. There are just sure and everything. And based on the fact that only 3 countries can poison a person, if it really happened, two of which are “under investigation”, then there is no choice anyone else to blame.But one can really talk about poisoning by request from Russia if the public is shown shooting video cameras, where a certain person or group of people distributes a dangerous reagent and at the same time this person will be identified as associated with Russia. At the same time, if this is really our agent, then he most likely worked under the cover of the embassy, ​​which means he was already expelled ... the circle closed. But no outside characters, as we know, do not appear in the case, as the place of poisoning has not yet been established. But is it worth the wait? Vaughn Huntsman fairly cheap presentation, the level of the student. Should I bother with something more serious? And the rest of the countries simply urged to support, and the gas would be turned off.

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Britain presented evidence of Skrypal’s murder by Russia 94

Britain presented evidence of Skrypal’s murder by Russia 87

Britain presented evidence of Skrypal’s murder by Russia 76

Britain presented evidence of Skrypal’s murder by Russia 83