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Brokers - who is this? Brokers, they are intermediaries between the buying and selling side. Their earnings are commissions from the transaction. In some cases, brokers act as guarantors of financial transactions. Who is this guarantor? It is an organization or individual who ensures the existence of a condition or factor. This can be as a percentage of the transaction, as well as a strictly fixed amount. Today, a broker can be either a physical or a legal entity with a license. By type of activity there are insurance, mortgage, marine, customs, stock brokers. Who is it? Professional financiers, everyone in their field. In addition to buying and selling operations, the broker also provides analytical information, the latest news, conducts input and output of funds in the accounts of traders.

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It is possible to provide a brokerage shoulder thatis a transfer to the trader of loan money on bail. In this case, he can use financial resources exceeding the size of his initial capital. There is still such a thing as Internet brokers. Who is it? The only difference is that they work on Internet exchanges and provide their services through the Network, unlike brokers who operate directly on stock exchanges. Work brokers must necessarily be certified in the Federal Service for Financial Markets. Also, each such specialist must have accreditation on the exchange where he serves.

Loan broker

One of the categories of intermediaries is credit brokers. These are brokers between banks and borrowers. They are necessary in order to simplify the process of their mutually beneficial cooperation. A credit broker invites a client ready to conclude a transaction with a bank. For this service, he receives a small percentage of the loan from the bank as a reward. The broker selects the most advantageous offer to the client, collects a set of necessary documents, negotiates with banks.

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Duties of credit brokers

Borrowers become clients of credit brokers,who need to get a loan, but they do not meet the criteria of existing banking programs. This list includes both individuals and small and medium-sized businesses. What services does a credit broker provide to its clients? First of all, he analyzes the client's case, selects effective lending programs, prepares documents for submission to the bank for consideration, organizes the transaction process itself.

Brokerage companies

Investment and brokerage companies offerits customers a wide range of services. From client and technical support to analytical expertise and consulting services. Select a brokerage company for trading - a responsible and difficult task. It is necessary to take into account the organization's reputation, terms of trade, availability of special software and much more. The company "Broker Opening", for example, has the highest reliability rating and is the market leader in terms of the volume of client transactions in the stock market.

Binary Options

To date, option brokers are not popularless than forex brokers. This is a new trend of the Internet, which is only gaining momentum. Binary options can offer advantageous terms of trade. They represent the purchase or sale of an asset. The profit will be fixed in the event that the auctions are successful, that is, at a certain time, a certain condition will be met. When the option is successful, the investor receives the income known to him. In case of failure, it loses money spent on the option.

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Advantages of binary options

  • To make bets easily, there is no need to have narrow special knowledge. Preferred is a reasonable forecast, so you still need to have an idea about the analysis of the market.
  • You can plan a bank roll, because it is always known how much money will be lost in case of failure and is received upon successful operation.
  • A low entry threshold of 1 dollar allows you to bet absolutely to any person.
  • A decision is made on its own, with what to work. With securities, basic commodities, and currency prices.

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Disadvantages of binary options

  • High level of losses. You can lose up to 90% of your deposit as a result of a failed deal. To restore lost funds, several successful operations will be required.
  • It is impossible to close the deal ahead of schedule. With classical trading, you can leave the market after seeing a trend reversal. In this case, no.
  • Limited choice of timeframes.
  • No leverage. You can only use your personal funds, so with a small capital, you can not get much profit.

We can say that a binary option isA simplified trading tool on the exchange, which enables every person who has at least a little bit of observation and the ability to analyze information, to quickly get in with minimal investment.

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Binary brokers made these options simplea trading instrument that is a special type of trade, the outcome of which will be a gain or a loss. Because of this duality they are called digital or dual. Binary options can be used on any type of market, which makes trading more accessible and simple. Some brokers of binary options try to attract customers a good reputation, others have a high level of service, and still others - the most affordable terms of trade, the fourth - bonuses.

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