Calcium oxide: properties, preparation, use

calcium oxideCalcium oxide, the formula CaO, is often called quicklime. This publication will tell you about the properties, preparation, and use of this substance.


Calcium oxide is a white crystalline substance. In some sources, it can be called calcium oxide, quicklime, boiling water or cyrabite. Quicklime is the most popular trivial name for this substance. It is the only and highest oxide of calcium.


The oxide is a crystalline substance having a cubic border-centered crystal lattice.higher calcium oxideIt melts at 2570aboutC, and boils at 2850aboutC. It is a basic oxide, its dissolution in water leads to the formation of calcium hydroxide. The substance may form salts. To do this, it must be added to the acid or acid oxide.


It can be obtained by thermal decomposition of limestone.The reaction goes like this: calcium carbonate is gradually heated, and when the temperature of the medium reaches 900-1000aboutC, it decomposes into gaseous tetravalent carbon monoxide and the desired substance. Another way to obtain it is the simplest reaction of a compound. To do this, a small amount of pure calcium is immersed in liquid oxygen, followed by a reaction, the product of which will be the desired oxide. Also, the latter can be obtained in the process of decomposition of calcium hydroxide or calcium salts of some oxygen-containing acids at high temperatures. For example, consider the decomposition of the latter. If you take calcium nitrate (the residue is taken from nitric acid) and heat it to 500aboutC, then the reaction products will be oxygen, nitrogen dioxide and the desired calcium oxide.


calcium oxide formulaBasically this substance is used in the construction industry, where it is used to produce silicate brick. Previously, calcium oxide was used in the manufacture of lime cement, but soon the latter ceased to operate due to the absorption and accumulation of moisture by this compound. And if it is used for the laying of the furnace, then with carbon filament there will be a suffocating carbon dioxide in the room. The substance also being discussed is known to be water resistant.Because of this property, calcium oxide is used as a cheap and affordable refractory. This compound is necessary in any laboratories when draining substances that do not react with it. Calcium oxide in one of the industries is known as food additive E529. Also, a 15 percent solution of this substance is needed in order to remove sulfur dioxide from some gaseous compounds. Calcium oxide also produces self-heating dishes. This property is provided by the process of heat during the reaction of calcium oxide with water.


That's all the basic information about this connection. As mentioned above, it is often called quicklime. Did you know that the concept of lime in chemistry is very extensible? There are also hydrated, bleach and sodium lime.

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