Caloric content of dried fruits.

Not once, without exception, everyone has heard about the healingthe strength of dried fruits. Repeatedly everyone has heard that dried fruits are used in such an important and responsible business as losing weight. Even the ballerinas love them, because they also dull the feeling of hunger, and reduce the craving for sweets. You can not worry in this case for your weight: so low calorie dried fruit. They can easily replace sweets. First, they are much more useful, and also nutritious. Secondly, the calorie content of dried fruits, the table of which is available on the net, is very small, so they will not bring any damage to the figure.

Is it true that dried fruits are so useful? Are they so low in calories that they can be used for weight loss? What benefits can you get from dried fruits? In all these issues we will try to understand.

Before you start looking in the World Wide Webcalorie table of dried fruits, you should find out what they are all the same useful. So, any physician and nutritionist will tell you that it's carbohydrates in pure form. The table of caloric content of products shows that the calorie content of dried fruits is insufficient to gain excess weight. However, it is enough to satisfy hunger. That's why some people often eat dried fruits to defeat themselves in a tempting desire to eat sweets. They begin to eat less sweet, and, as a consequence, they lose their extra pounds. Especially, it is obvious that condensed milk, chocolate, and also caramel with all other sweets do not contain in their composition as many useful substances and vitamins as dried fruits.

However, do not think that, if you want, thenyou can sit every day on some dried fruits, without eating salads, soups, cereals and so on. The fact is that in this case you are guaranteed gastric upset. Next, we will tell you how long such a diet can last. It is necessary to alternate apples, prunes, dried apricots, dates and pears - and then in the positive effect of losing weight you can not doubt.

The caloric content of dried fruits is low, so they can beis in large quantities. If you ask your dietitian, then, without hesitation, he will tell you that dried fruits are 100% natural products. Agree, at present it is not so easy to buy natural products, since almost all of them contain a huge number of various chemical elements that can sometimes harm the body. As you know, such substances and chemical elements will not be digested by the body in full - there is a formation of slags that lead to a problem such as obesity. Caloric content of dried fruits and other properties make them such products that not only relieve hunger, but are also digested by the body in full. Moreover, they can give the body the whole complex of all necessary vitamins and nutrients. That is why dried fruit is a favorite assistant in weight loss.

So, again about calories. Calorie content of dried fruits is 250-300 kilocalories. The minimum number of calories is contained in apples. And if we talk about dried apricots, dates or a suit, then there are a lot more - up to 400 kcal. Will show you all this table, the caloric content of products in which is composed by leading nutritionists.

So, in what way should you use a lowcalorie dried fruit for weight loss? The answer does not make you wait: you can follow a special diet. It is very simple. It should be kept for about five days, while only dried fruits and nuts are needed. During the day you can pamper yourself with tea or coffee, however, there can not be any sugar. The secret of such a diet is that you will receive a charge of energy and vivacity for the whole day, not adding weight.

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