Can I smoke on the balcony? Where you can not smoke

Man's addiction to cigarettes inevitably causes inconvenience to non-smokers who surround him. If we are talking about strangers indulging in the street, it is easy to protect oneself by simply walking a safe distance. However, to get rid of smoking neighbors in this way will not succeed. Is it possible to smoke on the balcony, and on which side is the law? The answer to this question remains open.

Places where you can not smoke

Changes made in 2013 to the legislation declared illegal use of cigarettes in public places. The new rules affected including apartment buildings.

can I smoke on the balcony

Places where you can not smoke, look like this:

  • stairwells;
  • elevators;
  • cellars;
  • attics;
  • technical floors.

However, in fact, having banished supporters of cigarette smoke from the entrance, the law showed practically no attention to the loggias. In this regard, most smokers who had previously indulged in a dangerous habit in the stairwells, moved to the balconies.

Is smoking on the balcony legal?

Loggias do not belong to the auxiliary premises of apartment buildings. Legally, they are defined as part of the apartment space. According to this interpretation, balconies are not included in the list of places where you can not smoke. Should the neighbors, who are prevented by cigarette smoke coming from a nearby apartment, just accept this?

harm from smoking cigarettes

Is smoking on the balcony a question to which the law answers with some reservations. Tobacco smoke should not create problems for neighbors, even if a person is drawn out with a cigarette on the territory of a private loggia. If the threat to the health of others is real, the actions of the smoker become questionable from the point of view of the law.

Danger of passive smoking

Doctors are unanimous in their verdict - the destructive effect on the body of those who are forced to breathe tobacco smoke is enormous. Passive smoking poses a threat to others due to the following reasons.

  • People who are convinced that their own balcony is an ideal place to smoke, do not think about the harmful components of tobacco smoke. The air exhaled by a cigarette fan contains nitrosamine.The product increases the likelihood of tumors in the brain, the threat of senile dementia.
  • Carbon monoxide causes the body to lack oxygen. The result of this process is headaches, constantly disturbing the victim of passive smoking, chronic weakness, drowsiness.
  • Inhalation of formaldehyde increases the likelihood of cancer of the blood. The harm from smoking cigarettes increases the risk of destruction of the bronchi.

The list of diseases, which neighbors of smoking people may face in the future, is not limited to the list of hazards. Cause cigarettes and other serious effects.

Why smoking on the balcony interferes with the neighbors

Many smokers are convinced that in their own apartment they have the right to do anything, including inhaling cigarette smoke. People rarely think about the comfort of others when they smoke on the balcony.

where you can not smoke

What should the owners of a nearby apartment do if the following problems occur?

  • Airing the living space becomes inaccessible. It can always coincide with the smoker’s access to the balcony, as a result of which tobacco smoke will flood the apartment.
  • Many people using cigarettes on a balcony forget about a device like an ashtray. As a result, the ash settles on the lower floors, butts, at best, end up in the courtyard of the house.
  • Curtains, furniture, clothes get soaked with a cigarette smell.
  • Impossible location on the balcony of the pram, other bulky items. This causes certain difficulties for owners of one-bedroom apartments.

However, the main harm from smoking cigarettes is the danger of a fire that becomes the result of an abandoned or accidentally fallen smoldering cigarette butt.

Does a fire happen

If a person uses an ashtray while smoking, does not have the habit of throwing cigarette butts, this does not mean a guarantee of fire safety. Many cases have been recorded when a smoldering cigarette became a source of ignition. And the fire is likely not only in the smoker’s apartment, but also in the premises under it.

Loggia is still perceived by many people as the optimal place for storing all kinds of rubbish. It only takes one cigarette butt to ignite these things, which is fraught with throwing fire into the apartment.Firefighters report an increase in the number of such cases after the law that declared tobacco smoke in public places illegal.

Is a peace treaty possible?

It is not always the smoker himself who is aware of how much the tobacco smoke that he plays irritates his neighbors. If the smoking area of ​​the owner of a nearby apartment is a balcony, it is worth starting a “struggle” with a peaceful conversation. It is hardly possible to convince the adherent of cigarettes with years of experience to quit. However, a constructive conversation can force him to take part in solving the problem.

smoking area

Conversation should not begin with reproaches and threats, to conduct it in a rude form - the most likely result will be a categorical refusal to cooperate. It is better to reasonably and politely explain the essence of the existing problem. For example, many people will agree to meet the parents of a newborn, for whom tobacco smoke is a real danger.

An acceptable way out of this situation may be a smoking schedule, which a neighbor undertakes to adhere to. Possible and such an option, as the transition to cigarettes with a less pronounced smell, if the problem lies in it.In this case, the question of whether neighbors have the right to smoke on the balcony will not have to be asked by law enforcement.

What will help the assembly of tenants

One of the main reasons for people to choose their own loggia as a smoking room is the lack of an alternative. If the problem lies precisely in this, a meeting of tenants can help in its settlement. This option is relevant if a person suffering from tobacco smoke has neighbors who are also concerned about this issue.

smoking on the balcony what to do

Arrangement of a special area reserved for smokers can be a collective solution to the problem. The organization of such places is not prohibited by law. Unfortunately, a simple way out seems to be only at first glance. Non-smoking neighbors can opt out of costs that are quite high, given the need for a "winter" and "summer" version of the smoking room. Plus, not all supporters of cigarettes would agree to leave the personal balcony and move to a special room.

If the apartment is rented

Appeal to the owners will help in solving the problem if tenants smoke in the loggia.Often, the renting of living space for rent is not made out in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. In this situation, the owners will prefer to resolve the situation peacefully, without attracting the attention of law enforcement.

Should I go to court

Is it possible to smoke on the balcony - a question in connection with which it is theoretically possible to file a complaint. Despite the fact that this area is considered part of the apartment, the owner is obliged to remember the interests of neighbors. The easiest way to blame a smoker is ignoring sanitary and hygienic standards. For this it is necessary to prove that a person regularly litters the space adjacent to the house with debris (cigarette butts, cigarette packs).

do you have the right to smoke on the balcony

To succeed, you need to cooperate with other residents of the house, which prevents the behavior of a smoking person. When a sufficient number of witnesses are found, a complaint can be addressed to the Federal Service, to the district police officer, in the housing and utilities sector. Can this be called an effective solution to a problem? Hardly, given that the offender faces only a small fine.

How to protect yourself from smoke

Can I smoke on the balcony of an apartment building so that it does not interfere with the neighbors? Yes, if the residents of the nearby premises independently take care of their safety.Often an effective solution is a quality repair, made in your own apartment.

The list of necessary repairs includes a detailed insulation of the balcony, including doors, windows, and seams. Also need to install filters designed for air purification. The event will require some financial costs, however, will allow to get rid of tobacco smoke completely. Ideally, it is worthwhile to convince a neighbor, if he is ready for a compromise, to organize a hood on his balcony.

Switching to electronic cigarettes

Smoking in the loggia in connection with the release of the law has become widespread, as this space remains one of the few accessible to smokers. Some of them, tired of neighbors' complaints about the smell of tobacco, think about giving up real cigarettes in favor of electronic devices. Are the devices to which people who are tired of participating in the debate about whether to smoke on the balcony are safe?

is it possible to smoke on the balcony of an apartment building

Many doctors declare electronic cigarettes even more evil than their natural counterparts. This is primarily due to the abundance of fakes on the market of liquids for refueling such devices.However, the electronic versions definitely relieve others from passive smoking, as well as from the annoying tobacco smell.

Refusing cigarettes is the solution

The best thing a person can do, tired of the numerous accusations of neighbors, is to quit smoking. Nicotine lovers with years of experience to achieve this goal can take advantage of medical care, numerous pharmacy tools that reduce the need for bad habits. Not only those around will be grateful for their refusal from cigarettes, but also their own body.

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