Cancer and Scorpio. Character Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio have very complex characters and an inexplicable attitude to life. The compatibility of signs is quite harmonious, because both belong to the element of Water. Such a couple feels great together, because they share the same hobbies, views on things, similar emotions. Initially, they are attracted to each other by mutual attraction, passion and adoration, then it all passes, the feelings cool down, and respect and loyalty come to replace it. Whatever it was, but according to statistics it is just such a couple that breaks up less often and submits for divorce.

cancer and scorpion compatibilityCharacteristics of Scorpio and Cancer

These signs, though they belong to the same element, but they have many differences. Compatibility horoscope Scorpio and Cancer shows an average result, if desired, the marriage can last for quite some time, but it will be very difficult to keep the original feelings. Cancer in most cases shows itself as a quiet, calm and reasonable person. It is characteristic of him to act on the basis of emotional impulses.Cancer is very touchy, but hides its feelings from others, buries its shell and suffers there quietly. Scorpio usually acts a little harshly, can sting painfully. If he was hurt, he would not secretly suffer, but he would definitely take revenge, even if he had to retreat and leave first, he would return to punish the offender.

horoscope scorpion and cancerCommon interests

Despite some differences, Cancer and Scorpio have much in common. The compatibility of signs lies in their unity as lovers, friends, partners and colleagues. Both of them are guided by feelings, only Cancer goes to them by thinking, and Scorpio isolates them from his instincts and sensations. They react to the events and respond in the same way, although they come to the result in completely different ways. The different approach to solving standard situations will surprise them and arouse mutual interest. Cancer and Scorpio are capable of true and sincere love. The compatibility of the signs suggests that they both get satisfaction from the communication. Cancer is growing spiritually, experiencing new sensations. Scorpio goes on a spiritual quest, because the second half becomes an ideal source for him.They make a very good pair, which is confirmed by a love horoscope.

horoscope compatibility scorpio and cancerScorpio and cancer - family relationships

Serving common ideals and goals greatly strengthens marriage, lays a solid foundation in relationships. The couple understands each other from a half-word, therefore, in difficult situations it interacts harmoniously and effectively. They will never give up their soul mate in trouble. Both signs are very clever, with the right distribution of spheres of influence, they can gain financial success. Scorpio knows how to earn money, knows how to find profitable niches, and Cancer is engaged in hoarding, therefore, he knows how to spend his mind wisely. They are very kind to the children of Cancer and Scorpio. Compatibility of signs depends on the child in many ways; replenishment in the family usually brings happiness. If a couple does not have children, then it does not alienate them, they live in their childhood, because Cancers love to return to the past, and Scorpios are not averse to turn back. In no case should representatives of the Water element get drunk, take drugs, resort to spiritual or hypnotic sessions, because they can very quickly end up at the very bottom.

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