Caproneum flower

With the availability of the necessary materials, everyone can master the art of making flowers from nylon takni. The ability to make such flowers will have to be very helpful if you want to decorate your interior, decorate a beautiful gift, add a boutonniere to a banal box of chocolates on March 8, it is interesting to spend joint leisure with your child.
Consider the manufacturing technology for the example of a single flower. Subsequently, when all the stages of this process are familiar to you, you can combine products of different colors, sizes and shapes of petals, creating the most interesting compositions.
So, we will prepare the necessary components crafts and tools:
Necessary materials

1. thread;
2. scissors;
3. wire of two types: ordinary thicker wire for the stem and thin gold or silver wire for the manufacture of petals;
4. stamens;
5. nylon fabric;
6. adhesive tape green;
7. leaf.
All the necessary materials can be bought in the stores of goods for needlework or ordered online.
• We make petals of golden wire, fixing its ends with the help of twisting movements.
wire rings

• We cover them with nylon cloth. Fabric can be as one color, and different shades. Try to keep the capron tight and not sag.
we tighten with a nylon

• With the help of threads we bind the stamens and petals of the first tier to the stem. Ensure that they are securely fastened.
weave the petals

fastened with thread

• We supplement the flower with petals of the second tier. The number of petals depends on your personal preferences.
bind in one

• Now the turn of the stem has come - we wrap it with a green (or white, if it's a wedding decoration) with a self-adhesive tape.
wrapped with adhesive tape

• Then we fasten the leaf, masking the place of connection using the ribbon of the color you chose.
Caproneum flower

Your first flower is ready, now you can proudly show it to your family and feel free to consider yourself a beginner, but very promising florist!
A flower made of kapronoba cloth do it yourself

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