Cata hood: review, specifications, models and reviews

The main properties that must have a kitchen hood, are the suction power, ease of operation and quiet operation. Modern manufacturers, focusing on the needs of the consumer, give their products also an elegant look. Those who are not only interested in the functionality of kitchen appliances, but also in their “appearance”, may like the Cata hood.

Cata hood

About Cata

Spanish manufacturer of kitchen appliances Cata specializes in the production of various appliances for the kitchen. Studying the needs of customers, the company not only expands the range of its products, but also improves the design that distinguishes any Cata hood.

Despite the use of innovative technologies, the manufacturer is trying to produce products that are focused on the average consumer, which occupy a niche that is as accessible as possible to every customer.

hoods cata reviews

Since 2001, the product line of the brand has been updated with new models of hoods.For all its existence, the company has won confidence not only in its homeland, but also in several other countries. Successful extractor "Kata" is obliged to use the latest technologies in the development of models and the quality assurance provided. All new developments comply with European standards, which must meet household appliances.

Customer Reviews for Cata hoods

Housewives who have installed a model of this brand in their kitchen, note the noiselessness of work and a comfortable stay in the room. In addition to the quiet mechanism, the unit completely eliminates traces of soot and odors.

The customers notice that the coating with which the surface of the hood is treated is not subject to the appearance of fingerprints, and the contamination does not linger. Therefore, the technique is easy to care for, which allows not to spend a lot of time on maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen.

Consumers in their reviews note the variety of forms in which the Cata hood is available. Models differ in installation methods and performance. Therefore, any hostess finds among the presented range that option that successfully complements the kitchen space.

Studying the range of Cata hoods, reviews about it, you can understand that most products have a traditional touch interface interface for this brand. Indicates the possibility of adjusting the lighting, the presence of a timer, a visual indicator indicating that the filter is dirty.

Cata TF-5260 model overview

Hood Cata TF-5260 is an embedded model that is installed in the kitchen cabinet. Therefore, if you believe the reviews, it does not interfere at all and is almost invisible. It has standard sizes (length 60 cm), often chosen by owners of small kitchens in “Khrushchev”.

Despite its compact dimensions, the hood is equipped with two full-fledged engines that provide complete disposal of food odors. According to user feedback, the unit is quiet in operation, does not interfere with a comfortable stay in the room.

hood Cata if

For those who are interested in the presence of classic mechanical control, this model fits perfectly. Therefore, the technique is in demand among people in the age and do not trust electronic displays.

Some buyers complain about the lack of screws for mounting and holes without threads.But sufficient power and a reasonable price smooth this drawback.

Technical characteristics of an extract of CATA Ceres 60 blanca

Among the many reviews of this model featured reviews of quiet operation. It is indicated that even at the first speed the power is so high that the hood eliminates persistent odors.

Hood CATA Ceres has a touch control, which, according to the judgments hostesses, very sensitive to even weak touches. Very comfortable lighting, which is adjustable.

Some buyers have noted that the stylish white color of the device worsens the stainless steel case a little. The halogen bulbs that come with are also very hot. But reviews indicate a smooth on and off lighting, which is a feature of this model. Some hostesses compare this effect with the theater.

The model fully meets the expectations of customers, but due to its technical features it is suitable for large spaces. In addition, spare filters are difficult to find on sale.

Characteristics of CATA V-600 inox

Hood Cata inox has a classic design, but many buyers indicate a noise at work.When operating at the first speed, the unit works tolerantly, but then strong noise spreads. However, with its functions, the hood manages perfectly and thanks to its form it is able to work in a large space.

Also, consumers warn about the presence of too fragile plastic in the place of attachment of the control mechanism. However, many reviews indicate a fairly efficient and smooth operation. There are opinions that professional installation eliminates unnecessary noise.

Those who need a budget hood that copes with strong smells in a fairly large kitchen should pay attention to this model. But, given the reviews, you need to install it with the help of a specialist.

Hood Cata Podium

Beautiful model with an inclined body. Among the reviews there are opinions that this type is most suitable for medium-sized kitchens and people whose height makes it difficult to establish direct models. Among the models of another common brand, these options are much smaller, and they are distinguished by a higher price.

Cata Podium has a powerful engine, quiet and smooth operation.In addition, it is quite democratic.

Among the technical characteristics of customers there are three modes of operation and the ability to set the timer. Thrifty hostesses point to a convenient, intuitive sensor that shows the level of contamination of the filter. This feature is useful in terms of engine functionality.

Included are halogen lamps that provide an adequate level of illumination. Their smooth shutdown has been appreciated by many room designers and is recommended for installation.

Characteristics of filters for exhaust "Kata"

For the hood, you must have a grease trap. It protects the interior of the device and ensures its powerful operation. Unlike the outer parts, the parts of the hood are difficult to clean, so you cannot do without installing a grease filter.

hood Cata ceres

Another weighty argument in favor of installing a grease catcher is a decreasing load on the motor and ensuring fire safety. There have been cases when, due to the large accumulation of fat, the extractor was ignited.

If the filter is not replaced at the proper time, the engine stops working at full capacity, noise may increase, and dirt accumulates on the inner surface of the unit.

The Cata exhaust filter is made from anodized aluminum, and consists of two parts, between which the company installs a latch with a company logo. Due to the design features, the filters of this brand are easy to remove and clean, which increases their service life.

The filter reliably protects an extract, catching the greatest possible amount of fatty particles. Despite the five layers, the air circulates freely, and the grease and dirt have no chance of slipping through this protection.

The filter for exhaust Cata is quite popular and is in the middle price range.

Varieties of models in form

The Cata kitchen hood has a varied shape, but it is always distinguished by clear lines and concise design without frills.

To save space, you can choose a built-in type, which will quietly hide in a hinged locker. This model is represented by the brand in various colors, which makes it easy to choose the hood for the kitchen.

hood Cata inox

For more spacious kitchens, the manufacturer offers a suspended type of equipment. Its feature in the presence of a glass panel on the front wall, which is performed in black or white.Available and silver models, but their price is slightly higher.

kitchen hood Cata

The most powerful and at the same time economical are models of the dome type. They are traditionally performed in a metallic design and provided with a push-button mechanism.

Reviews of T-shaped hood "Kata" indicate its bright appearance, functionality and high quality work. Recently, buyers are interested in hoods with a rounded glass base. The brand went to meet customers and produces similar options in silver tones.

hood Cata podium

For modern apartments, designed in the style of hi-tech or modern, you will need a slanting hood. The Cata brand launches similar options from solid steel and frames it with shock-resistant glass.

The manufacturer equips all hoods of this kind with a touch panel and an indicator that indicates pollution. The anti-return valve reliably protects the kitchen space from unpleasant odors, and the strict style of the hood makes it an invariable attribute in the strict interior. However, this type of hood is in the high price segment.


Cata hood is different in shape, performance and method of control.But regardless of the model, the brand relies on the quality of its technology and the design that is not burdened with unnecessary details. As the price range, the niche of the average consumer is chosen, but options are available for connoisseurs of functionality, modern features and the highest performance.

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