Celery: recipes for every taste

This beneficial vegetable received its recognition in Russia under Catherine II. However, in the beginning it was used exclusively for decorative gardening. But over time, when people learned about the beneficial properties of both chutes and roots, the fragrant celery became a frequent guest on the tables not only of the common people, but also of the nobility. Since then, recipes have changed and become more diverse. Even Hippocrates wrote that when nerves are upset, one should eat a lot of celery. Leaves are served with meat, petioles are used in salads, the root is in soups, thanks to which they will be rich and thick. From this, health will improve, peace will come and a balance will be found between reality and desire.
Celery. Recipes for every day and not only
Regular use of this plant has a firming effect on the entire body, gives a rejuvenating effect due to cleansing, the skin takes on a healthy look, and the hair and eyes become shiny. Salads with chicken and celery root in them, no doubtcelery root saladsBecome a highlight of the Sunday dinner for the whole family.

Chicken with celery and apples

To prepare the dish, you will need: celery root, chicken breast, apples, eggs, lemon and low-calorie mayonnaise (for those on a diet). A root crop (about 1 kg) should be washed, cleaned, chopped into medium-sized straws, sprinkled with lemon juice, salted and slightly mashed. Similarly, prepare and cut five apples. Chop the boiled breast into small pieces. Put everything in a salad bowl, mix gently and add mayonnaise to taste, garnish with basil or parsley sprigs.

Vitamin dressing

For those who love celery root, vegetable salads can be seasoned with an excellent sour cream sauce. To a glass of sour cream add about 50 grams of chopped greenscelery recipescelery, a couple of crushed garlic cloves, salt to taste, beat well with a mixer.

A minimum of trouble - maximum benefit

Try to cook celery. The recipes below are quite simple. For example, tasty and healthy caviar from a root vegetable is cooked easily and quickly. Wash a couple of medium celery roots,chicken salads and celery rootclean and cook in slightly salted water until ready.Place in a blender, add 5 pieces of garlic cloves, kernels from 15 walnuts. Season with pepper, salt, chopped parsley, sunflower oil, vinegar (apple), beat. Transfer the eggs to a salad bowl, sprinkle with crushed eggs. Exotic lovers can cook French celery soup. It is necessary to prepare a celery root: wash, peel, cut into small slices and boil in a liter of broth for about half an hour. Soft root rub through a sieve. Put mashed potatoes in broth, let the soup boil and add 5-6 tablespoons of rice flour, diluted in cold water, pour into plates and fill with egg yolk. Try and love celery: the recipes are so diverse that you can choose a dish for every taste! This plant is universal, in the course go and the stems, and greens, and root. You can make salads, sauces, dressings, soups, main dishes and even desserts from a spicy vegetable. If you really care about your health, then often include a unique root vegetable in the menu for both treatment and prevention of diseases.

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