Change requires our government

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I think the main event in the political life of Russia in 2018 will not happen on March 18, when the presidential elections will be held, because the victory of Vladimir Putin does not cause anyone to doubt. The most discussed issue now in the expert community is what the renewed Russian government will become.
Let me remind you that, according to the constitution, immediately after the inauguration (May 7, 2018), the former government resigns, and the president proceeds to form a new one. First, he submits to the State Duma for approval the candidacy of the prime minister, and then, together with the prime minister, he approves new ministers.
I am sure that the Cabinet is waiting for big changes, because Vladimir Putin actively welcomes the rotation and renewal (rejuvenation) of power, this is evident from the change of heads of subjects. Who will be guessing in the new government for now is meaningless, decisions will be made after the elections, but it is obvious to everyone that the government is waiting for a large-scale reform. This requires new challenges, accelerating the pace of work,huge amounts of information and other aspects. The only thing that can be noted is that Mutko, Prikhodko and Rogozin are mentioned more often than others among candidates for departure. On the other hand, in the cage there should remain consistently effective ministers - Lavrov, Shoigu, Shuvalov.
Putin announced a move towards the digital economy, and this greatly changed all the trends in the country. The work of officials will be finally divided into the current (process) and project, and many functions will be transferred to the "figure." The head of the government will have new deputies who will be engaged in projects, public administration reform and digitalization of power.
The system of remuneration of officials will change. The other day Shuvalov announced a unified salary system for officials. The question of the equalization of civil servants' wages will be worked out during the preparation of the presidential decree on the system of executive bodies, which is always signed after the inauguration. And in order to equalize the salaries of officials, in the opinion of the first deputy prime minister, it is necessary to optimize their work, abandon unnecessary duplicate functions and expenses of departments, switch to modern management technologies, and automate work. Truly the right decision in my opinion!
By the way, Rosstat recently published data on average salaries of officials in the federal departments of Russia. The average salary of an employee of federal government agencies was 118.8 thousand rubles. per month. And, the president’s administration has become the leader in terms of wages, where, on average, they receive more than 227,000 rubles.
In general, wait and see, it remains not long to wait. By the way, who would you like to see in the new government? Both "oldies" and beginners participate in the competition.
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