Cheerful Octopus

It is interesting for children to create from different materials. A separate direction in children's creativity is creativity from improvised jerky little things. For example, the following materials will be needed to complete this craft:
cardboard roll from the toilet paper,
scissors, paint and paintbrush.
Step 1. Freeing the roll from paper residues.
Step 2. We draw a line that recedes from the edge by one third of the length of the cardboard base.
Step 3. We make cuts in the long part (2/3) 1 cm wide.
Step 4. Bend the strips - tentacles
Cheerful Octopus

Step 5. Paint the octopus in different colors with colors. Leave to dry.
Step 6. Paint the eyes with black and white paint with a thin brush.
Step 7. Finally dry and play!
Cheerful Octopus

Such a baby octopus can “read” books with you and the child, asking questions and commenting on what they have heard. Or to be a truck driver, thanks to its “flexible” figure. Trust your imagination! Merry to you occupations !!!

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