Chickens do not rush, what to do? Why do not chickens rush in the summer? What to do?

Modern breeds and hybrids of chickens are very high productivity. You can get up to 300 eggs a year from one laying hen. However, sometimes it happens that the nests in the house for a long time remain completely empty - the chickens do not rush. What to do in this case? Of course, first of all, you should find out the reason for the decline in egg production, and then deal with its elimination.

Low temperature

In winter, cold is often the most accurate answer to the question of why the laying hens do not rush. What to do in this case, the owners of home gardens? Of course, to warm the barn. Also, in order to receive eggs at this time of the year, heating should be arranged in the house. You can put there, for example, a closed fireproof heater. Some breeds of chickens can be carried at sufficiently low temperatures in the barn.It is not necessary to arrange heating for such a bird. However, in this case, a litter of straw or sawdust not less than 40 cm thick should be laid on the floor. During the cold season, various biological processes will start to occur in it, accompanied by heat generation.

chickens do not rush what to do

Also in winter, chickens may stop rolling due to lack of lighting. In this case, in the hen house you just need to hang up additional lamps. It is very good if the house is lit at least 16 hours a day.


This is another reason why chickens can stop feeding. There is a similar problem usually also in the winter period of time, when the owners stop releasing the bird for walking. When buying chickens or building a barn, one should take into account the fact that at least 6-7 individuals should have at least one square meter of space. But it is better to place no more than four hens on such an area.

Of course, in the house you need to place or hang out a sufficient number of nests. At least ten of them are required at least two. You should also take into account the fact that at least 15-20 cm perch should be per bird.

why don't chickens rush in the summer what to do


Improperly developed diet is also a frequent reason that chickens do not rush. What to do in this case? Of course, create a new, more balanced menu for the bird. One should feed the hens at least three times a day. In the morning they are usually given grain. You can add a little granulated feed or inert flour. Barley grain - for hens food is quite heavy. Feeding it to a bird can also cause a decrease in egg production. Much more correct solution would be to put wheat in the trough.

young chickens do not rush what to do

Happy chickens fed wet mash. The more varied this “salad” is, the better. In addition to root crops (beets, carrots, cabbage, potatoes) greens should be added to the mash. This may be tops of carrots, beet leaves, fresh nettle, quinoa, etc. Also, fruit is rubbed into the mash - usually apple amber. You can add in the "salad" a little overgrown cucumbers or zucchini.

Also in wet mash usually white bread and bran are put. You can pour the “salad” with both boiled water and weak meat broth. Be sure to add some salt and chalk to the mash. These trace elements of the body of chickens are essential.After all, the shell of eggs consists mainly of calcium. In the evening, the chickens should again be fed grain. Of course, the bird needs to provide constant access to water.

Overfeeding birds also can not. Often, the fattest adult chickens and pullet chickens do not rush. What to do in this case, of course, is understandable. It should give the bird less food. The hens should be fed so much feed in the trough that they ate it completely in no more than half an hour.

If the chickens are becoming greasy and do not rush (we figured out what to do with the diet) you should also arrange a good walking distance for them. Day walks - the fact that the bird of this direction of productivity is necessary. Mainly only meat crosses in cages without walking.


For this reason, chickens may cease to be carried several times a year. However, it is usually not a big concern to reduce egg production due to moulting. The fact is that the replacement of a feather with a new one in chickens usually lasts a very short time - no more than 8-10 days. Autumn and daylight reduction are the main reasons why chickens shed and do not rush. What to do in this case? Of course, nothing. You just need to wait for the end of the molt.

chickens do not rush after purchase what to do


The disease can also cause chickens to not rush. What to do in this case is understandable. Need to call the vet. The most common decrease in egg production in chickens is due to the fact that they have got worms or some other parasites. There are also traditional methods of treating a sick bird. For example, diphenhydramine is sometimes used as an anthelmintic drug. A few drops of it are added to drinking chickens.

To determine the presence of worms in chickens can be including by external signs. Symptoms of helminthiasis in chickens are weight loss, swelling of the joints, and the appearance of nodules in the mouth and on the skin. In the event that feather parasites start in chickens, a trough with ashes is placed in the shed.

To treat chickens on their own, however, is worth it only in the most extreme cases. The bird can simply be ruined. It is better to call the vet and follow the recommendations given to them.


Fear is another common reason that chickens do not rush. What to do in this case, many farmers know. In fact, you should just wait a bit. After a while the bird will come to its senses, and many eggs will again appear in the nests.

Sometimes, for example, chickens do not rush after purchase. What to do in this situation? If the bird did not start laying eggs 6 weeks after moving to a new “place of residence”, then it’s no longer a matter of stress. Perhaps the farm owners simply sold too old a bird. In this case, chickens, unfortunately, are likely to be hacked.

Up to six weeks after purchase, the absence of eggs in the nests is a completely normal phenomenon. Moving to a new "place of residence" is not the best way for a bird of any breed. Anxiety with a decrease in productivity in chickens can cause a sharp change in diet. Enter new products in the menu carefully and gradually.

Another cause of stress in chickens is the close presence of any predators. For example, a hawk that has flown over a walking distance can so frighten a bird that it will stop rushing for a while. It is also undesirable to allow strangers to enter the coop.

chicks pullets do not rush what to do

Age of bird

Sometimes homeowners are worried about the fact that young chickens do not rush. What to do in this case? If the bird is not scared and not subjected to any stress, the reason for the lack of eggs may be precisely her young age. Modern breeds and hybrids of chickens usually begin to sweep at the age of 4.5-6 months.Of course, the appearance of eggs in the nests before this time should not be expected.

Between the ages of 7 and 10 months, chickens are especially active. Further, the intensity of egg-laying gradually begins to decrease. The optimal period of keeping chicken herd without renewal is 2 years. Then it may just not be very cost effective. However, the above applies not to all species of birds. Some hybrids and crosses can be carried very well up to the age of five.

Experienced poultry farmers do not advise beginners to purchase poultry on the market. Often, unscrupulous sellers give shoppers sick or very old chickens. It is better to organize your home farm with the purchase of chickens or hatching eggs. Or in a pinch to buy chickens in the poultry farm.

Hatching chicks

Why are not the hens laying? What to do, for example, if the eggs ceased to lay only one individual? In this case, you just need to watch the bird. Such a hen will most likely try to sit on the eggs in the nest and periodically loudly groan. This means that the bird simply decided to become a hen. In many modern breeds of chickens, the maternity instinct is completely lost, but not all. There are many ways to roam a bird.Some owners even advise dipping such chickens into the water. But, of course, you can’t do this in any way. This can cause bird death due to severe stress.

hens hens do not rush what to do

It is better to still knock down a box of chicken for the chicken and close the top with a grill. A hen is planted in it for several days. Of course, the bird should be periodically fed and watered. You can not put chickens in steel boxes, cover them with buckets, etc. The metal is very hot in the sun, and the bird can die from the heat.

Herd composition

Chickens are known to carry eggs without a rooster. However, it may still be worthwhile to buy a “gentleman” to your birds even if the owners of the household farm are not going to incubate the eggs. It is noticed that with the cockerel the chickens begin to be better. However, you should definitely watch the herd after replanting. The authority of the rooster chicken in the event that he, for example, is very young, may simply not be recognized. In this case, the most active layer usually becomes the dominant species. Sometimes it happens that the cockerel, on the contrary, begins to behave in relation to chickens too aggressively. Chickens at the same time scared and reduced egg production.

What else could be the reasons

Sometimes homeowners are also interested in the question of why chickens do not rush in the summer. What to do in this case first of all? If the bird is healthy and not stressed, just watch it carefully. Sometimes the owners do not find eggs in the nests, not because the bird is frightened, it is poorly fed or it is sick. It often happens that for some reason the chickens do not like the nests installed in the house. In this case, they start to rush anywhere - in the bushes, under the boards, boxes, etc. The place chosen by the attentive owners will be sooner or later discovered by the chicken hen laying.

chickens are fat and not rushing what to do

Sometimes chicken eggs from nests also steal various kinds of small predators or rats. In this case, you should carefully inspect the house and block the "thieves" all the ways of penetration into it.


As you can see, the reasons for lowering egg laying hens can be different. If the owners have stopped finding eggs in the nests, first of all, you should think about making adjustments to the diet of the bird. You also need to try to create the best conditions for chickens, arrange for them walking and try to protect them from stress. All this guarantees a good bird productivity.

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Chickens do not rush, what to do Why do not rush chickens in summer What to do 57

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