Childcare: hygiene and treatment for a child 3-6 years old

The situation in which the child grows up, in many respects influences his physical and mental development, level of immunity, psychology, behavior.Therefore, it is very important that the child is surrounded by healthy cleanliness and order, so that the daily routine is measured and calm, and the diet is balanced.

Today we will touch on the issues of child care in several aspects at once:
  • body care
  • daily regime
  • diet
  • wardrobe
Body care
It is very important from birth to accustom the child to water procedures.
  • Babyin diapersyou need to wash your ass with just water every time you change the diaper and water with a special baby soap if it shows.
  • Every evening, the child should take a bath or shower, depending on age. He should have his own towel.
  • As soon as the child begins to erupt teeth, it's time to start brushing them 2 times a day, morning and evening. Initially, you can use a special rubber or silicone massage brush dipped in boiled water. After a year you can go to the baby paste and brush with bristles.
Mum-forumchanka under the name Oksana writes:"We tried to use pasta for a year, but my daughter ate it constantly. I had to postpone for a while, when it was a day and a half again took the paste and it's better to go :)"

Another one of oursreader under the name Veli adds: "I began to use a special silicone head-brush for almost six months. The child loved him and it became easier with teeth.".

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  • The baby's nails on the handles are cut about once every 5-7 days, depending on the individual characteristics. On the legs - once in 7-10 days. It is good to do this after a shower / bath when they are softened. You can also file them with a special children's nail file, so that there are no "notches".
  • You need to comb your baby 2 times a day, using an individual comb.
  • In addition, teach your child tohand hygiene. Wash hands before eating, after eating - face and hands, if the baby gets dirty, and after walking. With age, when the child will already use the toilet, he will wash his hands after every visit to the toilet.
  • If your baby already goes to the pot, it is not necessary to wash his ass every time - you can wipe with a special wet toilet paper.

Pediatrician Vladimir Komahareminds that both when washing away and when rubbing up, the movement should be from front to back. It is also important to remember about the features of hygienic care for boys and girls.

  • Baby's ears are wiped / cleaned with special cotton buds with a limiter. This should be done every evening after swimming. In summer, when it is hot and dusty, you can bathe your child more often, say, in the morning and evening. Also, summer is a good period to start hardening.
  • Hardening of the child can be 2 types:
-wiping cold water to the waist - in the morning
- douche with cold water after swimming - in the evening.
The temperature of the water for both wiping and pouring should be lowered gradually - by about 1 degree per week. You can bring up to 18 degrees.
Daily regime
The child should have a calm and even daily routine, when he eats, sleeps and walks at about the same time. On the street, the kid should spend no less2 hours a day, in summer it is desirable not less than 4. In addition, do not forget to open the windows when the child is at home, especially during sleep (if, of course, the air temperature outside the window allows). Also do not forget that in the evening the baby goes to bed at the same time, ideally -21:00-21:30. Even if the kid played out and is capricious, gently, but confidently stand on his own.
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After the child has left the chest and switched to a one-time daytime sleep, his diet should look like this:
  • In the morning, as soon as he got up - porridge
  • At lunch (after a walk, before a day's sleep) - meat / fish, vegetables, soup, etc.
  • Snack (after nap) - sour milk, cheese, scrambled eggs / eggs, fruit
  • Dinner - again porridge or yogurt / kefir.

If a child wakes up at night, it is advisable not to feed him or drink compote / tea - it’s better just water. Otherwise, there is a risk of tooth demineralization and possible caries problems in the future.

Baby wardrobe
  • All children's clothes immediately after purchase (and then as they become polluted) are erased with a special hypoallergenic baby powder.
  • The underwear and socks of the baby are washed daily.
  • It is important to properly dress the child both at home and on the street, so that he is not cold or hot, so that he does not sweat.
  • Teach your baby to independently monitor the contamination of their belongings, take them to the laundry - this is what he quickly learns to do, if properly inculcate the skill.
We hope that our extensive list of baby hygiene procedures did not scare you. :-) These are all very simple actions and, if you regularly teach the child to them, using, first of all, your own example, he will quickly master everything and will repeat with pleasure! And most importantly - will understand the importance of accuracy and cleanliness.

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