Choose a cat breed and find out what your character is.

19-09-2017, 12:08
Feline breeds there is a huge variety, and each has its own temperament and unique features. Just like people. Felinologists say that we choose pets not just like that, but according to certain laws.
We found out how the choice of a cat and the characteristics of the character of its owner are related.
1. Siamese cats

Cat character:communicative. Alone, the Siamese are bored, they need the constant attention of the owners. Cats are affectionate and noisy.
Character host:freedom loving Siamese lovers do not like to depend on someone, they like to be independent in everything. Respect both pleasant company, and loneliness. Smart, have a refined taste and a broad outlook. But tend to keep long in the soul of insult. True, if the situation requires it, they can sacrifice their principles and go for reconciliation.
2. British

Cat character:balanced. The Briton is moderately mobile, moderately calm, behaves quietly and does not bother. He is friendly to children as well as other animals in the house.
Character host: calm The owners of British cats, like the pets themselves, are balanced. With other people often communicate by their own rules: not letting them get too close, but taking the maximum out of the interaction. Good conversationalists, tactful, can be reliable friends. Many people are interested in and are able to conduct a conversation on almost any topic
3. Sphinxes

Cat character:devotee. They look right in the eyes of the owner, they love tactile contacts and they strive to climb on their knees to a reliable and warm person.
Character host:extraordinary. Sphynx owners love to shock, they are smart, have a sense of taste. They love tactile sensations, the leading language of knowledge of the world - touch. Not at all aggressive.
4. Abyssinian cats

Cat character:curious. They love to run and play, fearlessly moving around the dwelling. These cats are universal: suitable as a lonely person, and a large family.
Character host:extravagant. They are against the mainstream, they love to act in their own way. Kind, balanced, open, gentle, take root and become their own in any team. Often make a choice once and for all.
5. Persians

Cat character:calm.Impressively study the world around. Strongly attached to the owner. Do not tend to mess.
Character host:phlegmatic. Persian lovers do not tolerate loneliness, they need an object that will give them affection, warmth and care. Ready to reciprocate, but because of shyness are revealed only to those whom they trust. Homebody like to create comfort. Not at all vindictive.
6. Scottish Fold cats

Cat character:modest. They are good-natured, unobtrusive, sensitive and meek. Very gullible, get along well with people as well as with other pets.
Character host:artistic Such cats are usually chosen by their opposites - people are creative, bright, non-standard.
7. Russian blue cats

Cat character:optimistic. They are friendly, undemanding, calm. By character similar to the British.
Character host:enterprising. Fans of these cats are prudent, often successful in business, always with money. Calm and cool, able to impartially assess the situation and find a solution to any issue. Relationships are approached from the point of view of potential benefits, both materially and in the form of impressions and emotions.
8. Exotics

Cat character:friendlyAllow children to play with themselves, amenable to education, neat.
Character host:stress resistant. Lovers of exotic cats are big children: funny, open and lively. They are always in the center of a noisy company and up to date with the latest innovations in the field of entertainment. Easily find a way out of difficult situations. They are not inclined to become strongly attached to someone or something, they can quickly and easily change jobs, environment and place of residence. But love can carry through life.
9. Siberian cats

Cat character:thorough. They are calm, respect the owner, but demand respect in return. Sometimes there are touchy.
Character host:peace loving Most often these cats are chosen by nature lovers, tourists, travelers.
10. Maine Coons

Cat character:affectionate. Despite the impressive size, the Maine Coons are friendly and gentle. Loyal to the owner. Great companions.
Character host:sure. The hosts of the Maine Coon are calm and friendly. They are able to be objective, assessing any situation. Easily integrated into the new team, ready to compromise. They love to travel.
11. Real "nobles"

Cat character:unpredictable.Combine a lot of different features.
Character host:incompatible mix. The owners of outbred cats can be different: loyal and at the same time freedom-loving, punctual and prone to procrastination. Feel and comfortable in any living conditions. The strength of character can motivate a partner to accomplish, or they can suppress.
How to choose the perfect cat

Do not take the forecast too seriously. By the way, the same principle works in the opposite direction: if you are only going to choose a cat, find the most similar description of your character in the list. And look, what breed of cat will suit you more than others.

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