Choose a recipe for sorbet

Sorbet is a wonderful refreshing dessert combiningin itself the tenderness of ice cream and the juicy taste of fruits and berries. This delicious dish, included in the menu of many restaurants, can be prepared at home - the recipe for sorbet is not that complicated. In addition, the taste of it can be almost anything - you can choose fruit or berries to your liking, try new combinations and experiment with additives. Anyway, learning how to cook it definitely costs.Sorbet strawberry: recipeStart with the proven recipes.

Recipe for sorbet with strawberries and lemon

Perhaps this is one of the most popularclassical options. It is refreshing (thanks to lemon flavor), but also quite sweet, because this sorbet is strawberry. The recipe assumes the use of three hundred grams of strawberries, one lemon, seventy-five grams of sugar and two stems of fresh mint. Rinse and peel the strawberries from the stems and sepals. Cut into slices a few millimeters thick, leaving a couple of berries to decorate the finished dessert. Put the prepared berries in a bowl or sauté pan, fill with sugar. Add a little water and lemon juice. Wait a quarter of an hour - the berries must absorb sugar and let the juice, then whisk the blender to a homogeneous consistency. Ready berry puree strain through a sieve, if you want to achieve the maximum cream texture. In general, you can not do this. Pour the mixture into a large bowl to cover the bottom with a thin layer. Put in the freezer for an hour, then whisk with a whisk or a fork. This is necessary in order to obtain a more gentle and homogeneous strawberry-lemon sorbet. The recipe advises mixing the mass at least three times. After this, you can leave the dish alone for twelve hours.Lemon sorbet: recipeBefore you submit it to the table, you need to form a spoonful of balls from the sorbet, which should be decorated with strawberries and fresh mint.

A recipe for sorbet from bananas

A great option for cases where it is necessaryurgent disposal of soft bananas. To make this recipe for sorbet, take three hundred grams of banana puree, a tablespoon of sugar syrup, seventy grams of cane sugar, one hundred and fifty grams of boiled water, several currant berries and a couple of mint leaves. Mix bananas, water and sugar with syrup. Boil over low heat, gently stirring. After boiling, pour the mass over the molds and send it to the refrigerator. Periodically stir the dessert, so that it freezes without pieces of ice. When the mixture finally thickens, remove it from the refrigerator and transfer it into beautiful glasses or rosettes.The recipe for sorbetBefore serving, decorate with currant berries and fresh mint leaves.

Recipe for sorbet from watermelon

To prepare this dessert you will needseven hundred and fifty grams of watermelon, two hundred grams of sugar, a lemon and a glass of water. Peel the watermelon from the bones and cut into slices, add lemon juice and grind with a blender. Boil the water with sugar, wait for the cooling and add the syrup to the puree from watermelon. Send the mixture to the freezer and wait for the full thickening, every hour thoroughly mixing. Serve in glasses with mint leaves as an ornament.

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