Claudia Lynx - Goddess of Persia

Claudia Links is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Huge green eyes, perfect facial features slaughter the girl's fans on all continents. Comprehensively talented, she showed herself as an actress, model, singer and TV presenter, and besides, she became a famous fighter for the rights of children around the world.

In show business from the cradle

In 1982, in the Iranian capital Tehran, a girl was born under the name of Shagayag Alizade, who would later adopt the stage name Claudia Lynx. The joyful event in the family coincided with the tragic - her mother, who was only 24 years old, died in childbirth. Wanting to leave Iran, where everything was reminiscent of his deceased wife, the girl's father took all his children and moved to Oslo when Shagayag was only 3 months old.

Claudia Lynx can confidently say that she started working before she learned to walk. The charming girl behaved easily and naturally in front of the cameras, and from infancy she acted in advertising of children's goods, programs for babies.

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When she was three years old, Norway’s famous casting director Katrin Karingeborg drew attention to her, and she persuaded her father Shagayag to allow her to participate in advertising diapers. These commercials have become a real TV show, the girl was recognized as the most charming child in Europe.

Moving to Canada

Claudia Lynx had to take another great trip. When she was five years old, the girl's father emigrated again, choosing a hospitable and prosperous Canada for permanent residence.

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Here, Claudia continued to shine in front of the cameras, taking advantage of particular popularity among their compatriots. Excellent in English and French, she began working on television, where she led her own program, Tamasha TV. Exotic eastern appearance of a native of Iran could not leave anyone indifferent, she found an entire army of fans across the country.

Claudia Lynx was not limited to the lead role, she also acted as the author and director of other children's television programs. Such activity did not go unnoticed, and in 1995 a thirteen-year-old girl received an award from Canadian television as the youngest producer and author.


From the age of fifteen, Claudia Lynx begins a full-fledged adult career as a model. She appears in an advertisement for a famous brand of jeans, actively removes for the leading editions of the country, presents fashion designers' clothes on the catwalks.

Soon she becomes the face of Pepsi in Canada, which can be considered a great success for such a young girl.

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The creative nature of the Iranian beauty could not be completely satisfied with the role of a simple fashion model. At a certain point Claudia decided to try her hand as a singer. In this, she was greatly supported by a famous American producer from Los Angeles who was her compatriot and undertook to promote an aspiring actress. Several successful singles were released, and in 2000 the first full-length album, named by its real name - “Shagyag”, was presented.

The disc has gained immense popularity in Canada, Claudia Lynx has been recognized as the most successful Iranian actress in the West in the past 30 years. Nevertheless, her first album was the last one so far, for an unknown reason, the girl decided to leave the music.


Accustomed from childhood to the cameras and the atmosphere of the set, Claudia should not have had any problems in order to master the actress’s craft.

The charming girl had no flaws in offers from film and television producers, but Claudia Lynx’s filmography is not as rich as her fans would like.

In 2005, she starred in the role of the ancient Egyptian priestess Aneh-Tet in the movie "Priestess of Death." This picture was the most famous involving a native of Tehran. In addition, the girl took part in such tapes as “The Devil in a Woman's Face” and “Lady Magdalena”. In the television series West Wing, the beautiful Shagayag naturally played the role of the Miss Universe.

Claudia Lynx before surgery

In the modern entertainment industry, a rare woman has managed to avoid the temptation to correct something in her appearance with the help of a plastic surgeon. Claudia's ideal appearance gave reason to argue that the girl could have resorted to a radical change in her appearance with the help of an operation.

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On the Internet there are photos, which supposedly depicts the beautiful Shagayag before the operation. However, since childhood she starred in advertising, children's programs, so you can find real photos of Claudia Lynx at a tender age.

Thus, even the most critically minded malover will be able to make sure that Shagayag got angelic appearance at birth, and every year it only blooms like a rose bud, without needing the help of plastic surgeons.

Today, Claudia Lynx lives in Los Angeles, continues her career in show business, and in addition, is known as a fighter for children's rights.

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