Clicker program in Russian and English. Review of the best clickers

Sometimes computer users need to automatically press the mouse buttons. For this, so-called clickers have been developed. Programs imitate a mouse click and are recorded as a macro. In this article we will talk about these utilities.

What are they needed for?

In most cases, such programs are used by gamers. This allows the user to automate a specific algorithm of actions. Some dishonest players download clicker. The program - the so-called bot - for them performs a number of pre-written tasks.

The rest of the users of the program buys some goods. For example, on sites that sell tickets for a concert or rare sneakers, or any other clothes. On such resources, the winner is the one who first presses the button and orders the goods.

Earnings on clickers

The most important way to use clicker programs is automated surfing the Internet. Some adventurous users make money visiting sites. The bottom line is this: orders are placed on the exchanges, in which the customer asks to follow his link.

However, this method is "illegal" and its use is prohibited. On the sites, special anti-clickers are installed, which prevent automatic access to the site. True, the developers of clicker programs do not stand still and are constantly improving their product so that it can bypass such bans. Below is the "top", based on the rating of these programs.

First place. Clickermann

The program is Russified and distributed free of charge. You can download Clickman on the official website of the program or from third-party resources. This clicker program for the mouse is a universal tool that simulates the actions of a person at a computer.

The application controls the mouse and keyboard, as well as viewing and analyzing data from the screen. "Clickkerman" uses a unique algorithm that is easily mastered with knowledge of the basic fundamentals of "Pascal".

Advantages of the program:

  • Replaces a person at the computer;
  • Automates the execution of actions of the same type;
  • It has functionality and a large selection of scenarios;
  • Runs in one window, script actions are bound;
  • It is convenient to edit scripts;
  • There is an illustrated help with examples of actions;
  • The program has its own forum where you can ask questions of interest;
  • Small file size;
  • Clicker program in Russian;
  • No installation required.

But she has a number of drawbacks:

  • The program requires basic programming knowledge. It will be very difficult to work without them.
  • There is no visualization when creating a script (script).
  • Problems when working with the "Word".
  • Lots of cache after script programming.
  • Difficult to understand interface.

The program is not suitable for amateurs and beginners. It requires certain skills and programming skills. In addition, there are problems with the visualization of the environment, which has been fixed in other similar applications.

Clickerman program

Second place. GS Auto Clicker

This program-clicker for games is just perfect, because it provides uninterrupted operation and full automation of actions.GS Auto Clicker is distributed for free, but only in English.

The program has a number of advantages:

  • Free distribution.
  • A hot key is assigned to run the program.
  • The ability to record a series of clicks.
  • In the settings assigned frequency between clicks.
  • Updates are coming out regularly.
  • Very simple interface.

And a few drawbacks:

  • English localization.
  • Not supported on Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.

It is perfect for those who do not want to understand programming and write their own scripts. The program is made in a minimalist style, and the interface is intuitive for any user.

Automatic mouse click

Third place. Auto clicker

The basic task of this program is to make multiple mouse clicks. In this case, the user practically does not participate in the action, the process of clicking is fully automated.

It is used not only in games, but also on online resources, where it is able to click on any part of the site, also emulates keystrokes. The program records its actions, after which they can be replayed.


Significant disadvantages:

  • The program is paid, costs about $ 20, or 1,150 rubles.
  • There is no Russian localization.

True, the "Auto-Clicker" weighs only 1 MB, and in order to familiarize yourself with it, you need only a few days. After which you will understand that the program is worth the money.

Paid version

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard

The program does not have Russian localization, and the free version is limited to a certain period of time. It is intended for commercial use, but remains one of the best clicker programs.

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard


  • Memorizes your actions and then can reproduce them.
  • On its basis, bots are created for online games.
  • Convenience in creating scripts.


  • English only.
  • Paid basis.

Automatic Mouse and Keyboard has the widest list of functions of all. But to understand them, you need to know the basics of programming and learn English.

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