Codes for "GTA: San Andreas" on the computer for all occasions

Fans of the "GTA" series are constantly arguing about whichit is the episode that is most successful in history. And there are plenty of options for this. If you like arcades with a top view in retro style, then you will definitely like the two original games of the series from which it all began. But the third episode changed everything, moving the series into a new channel - the game got 3D graphics and lost the top view, changing it to a third-person view. It was then that a vast open world appeared that you can explore without limits. Naturally, in the first two episodes there was also an open world, but the technologies of that time could not allow making it so accessible. After the third episode there were still additional parts, such as "Weiss City" and "San Andreas", then the fourth part appeared with its additional episodes. And most recently, the fifth part of the "GTA" came out, but most gamers still believe that the best episode at the moment is "San Andreas" - largely due to the fact that it was the first time in the series "GTA" appeared multi-user mode. Therefore, from this article you will learn the codes for "GTA: San Andreas" on the computer.

Cheats for weapons

codes for GTA san andres on computer

If you ever played in any game of the series"GTA" and used cheat codes, we should understand that there are incredibly many of them, and all of you can come in handy - they are useful in this or that situation, and just can amuse you. The codes for "GTA: San Andreas" on the computer also correspond to the usual tradition - there are a myriad of them, but among them are those that are used by gamers more often than others. For example, it can be noted that the codes for weapons are the most common not only in this episode, but in all others. First of all, you should know about the three codes that give different sets of weapons. The LXGIWYL Cheat gives you an amateur kit that includes the most common and powerful cannons, such as a shotgun and a rocket launcher, as well as brass knuckles and a melee bit. The second set is activated by the code KJKSZPJ and gives you a refined and sophisticated weapon, such as a sniper rifle or flamethrower. Well, the third set is for psychos, since it includes a wide variety of explosives, as well as chainsaws, assault rifles and shotguns. This set is activated by the code UZUMYMW. Also you can make yourself infinite ammunition, increase the level of possession of weapons and activate automatic guidance when shooting from the car - all this will allow you codes for "GTA: San Andreas" on the computer.

Codes for the character

all codes for gta san andreas

Naturally, the codes for "GTA: San Andreas "on the computer for weapons are not the only ones - there are other options that open up even more opportunities for you, for example, with the help of HESOYAM you can restore your health and armor, as well as get an impressive amount of money to the account. the BAGUVIX code turns your character into a real super hero, whose ability is immortality - you will be protected absolutely from any kind of damage inflicted on you by other characters, but from the natural damage caused by falling from a height or n If you are underwater for too long, nothing can protect you, but if you thought that this is all the codes on GTA: San Andreas, then you are mistaken - there are other sections that you will also be interested in studying.


cheat codes gta san andreas Cheats for game

A huge role in the "GTA" is played by the police, because youwill constantly commit illegal actions - hijackings, assaults, shooting, explosions and much more. And for all this, the police will hunt you. But in this case you will not need all the codes on the GTA: San Andreas - you will need to know only the part that is responsible for the attention of the police to you. The most important code here is ASNAEB, which removes all suspicions from you, so you can use it when there are already too many cops on your tail. There are also codes for extremals that allow you to raise the level of suspicion, so that not only policemen, but also special services, as well as the military on tanks and helicopters began to hunt for you. Here's what cheat codes GTA: San Andreas. Codes for the game have a variety of nuances, so you should continue to study them to find what you are most interested in.

Status in society

codes for gta san andreas for GTA san andreas

In the "San Andreas" appeared a very important gaminga component that makes you take a more serious attitude to what impression you leave with your actions. However, you can forget about this if you know the appropriate codes on GTA: San Andreas. For GTA: San Andreas, as you already knew, there is an impressive set of cheats that give you incredible control over the game, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Using the code OGXSDAG, you will get the maximum level of respect among all residents of the city, but cheating EHIBXQS will maximize the attractiveness of your hero among the opposite sex. Moreover, respect for you is influenced by your external features, so that with the help of codes you can make your hero thinner, muscular and beautiful.

Codes for transport

codes for computer for gta sa

Cheats per computer for GTA: SA could not do without one more aspect - transport. All games of this series are based precisely on cars, their hijacking, various chases, harassment, high speeds and so on. The more your car park - the steeper. So you need to learn a few cheats for the coolest cars. For example, the VPJTQWV code will give you access to the most powerful racing car "Horting Racer 07", and with the AIWPRTON cheat you will be able to control a real tank at all.


In "GTA: San Andreas" appeared the weather, or rather, its change. Now it can rain, shine the sun, fall out the snow and so on. And most importantly - you yourself can control the weather.

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Codes for GTA: San Andreas on the computer for all occasions Codes for GTA: San Andreas on the computer for all occasions Codes for GTA: San Andreas on the computer for all occasions Codes for GTA: San Andreas on the computer for all occasions Codes for GTA: San Andreas on the computer for all occasions Codes for GTA: San Andreas on the computer for all occasions Codes for GTA: San Andreas on the computer for all occasions Codes for GTA: San Andreas on the computer for all occasions Codes for GTA: San Andreas on the computer for all occasions Codes for GTA: San Andreas on the computer for all occasions