Color lamination of hair

Gloss has dominated the fashion world for many years. And the fault is all glamor, which is firmly rooted in the minds of every modern fashionista. This word itself translates as "charm" or "luxury", it is they who hide behind the aesthetics and brilliance of this style. Like men, women love eyes, but not representatives of the opposite sex, but themselves. If the girls see themselves in the mirror as luxurious, then they blossom in life. They are determined to change for the better, and the pages of fashion magazines help them in this. And from the pages of the magazines look slim models with shining white-toothed smiles and gorgeous shiny hair. If women in general terms understand how to achieve such results, then about the beauty of hair and their shining kind of have questions. Many have already tried shampoo and firming paints, but the desired effect did not work out. There is a very simple answer to this question - color lamination of hair. Now such a procedure is done in almost every beauty salon.

Color hair lamination: what is it and how is it done

In the world of hairdressing art a lot has been donediscoveries. And the main discovery of this millennium is color lamination of hair. This is a technique that allows you to quickly and qualitatively improve your hair. It allows you to restore the structure, because the constant exposure to paints, chemical waves, unfavorable ecology and other factors makes the curls weak and lifeless. Lamination literally gives a second chance to weak hair. They are restored from the roots to the tips, not only on the surface, but also inside, becoming glossy, elastic and shiny. A hairstyle can become larger by fifteen percent.

The word "lamination" is associated withcoated paper documents with a thick transparent film. The result of the salon procedure is the covering of each hair with the thinnest film, which saturates curls with nutrients, and also protects them. With this cosmetic procedure, the application of the agent that forms this special film is carried out. At the heart of this composition are natural ingredients. Lamination is carried out in just thirty minutes. The result will last for more than a month. The procedure should be repeated after five months.

Color hair lamination is not essentialdiffers from the usual. The process itself is exactly the same, and the result is slightly different. Hair not only receive a portion of health, but also a persistent bright color. You can use only one of the seven colors: transparent, black, orange, yellow, red, green, blue. The desired shade is obtained by mixing these colors with each other.

Color biolamination is useful for those whodyes his own hair. So you can not only make the color brighter, but also protect them from sunlight and burnout. To blondes such procedure is especially useful, as allows to get rid of undesirable yellowness of hair. Indispensable color lamination and in the event that you want to grow your natural hair color, however, do not want to paint them more.

How to make hair lamination

It is best to ask for helpprofessionals who will not only pick up the best care, but also perform their work as much as possible. The procedure can be carried out at home, but this is not recommended. You can not only not get the desired result, but also severely damage your hair. In addition, special funds cost a lot of money, which is also an unpleasant moment in case of failure.

Qualitatively performed procedure of color lamination of hair will allow you to become even more similar to those beauties who look at you from the covers of your favorite magazines.

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