Coloring hair for short hair: techniques, reviews. Coloring for light brown hair

Great news! Those sad times, when a standard set of services were offered in the barbershop, and dyeing was carried out exclusively in a single tone, have sunk irretrievably. Every day, month, year - new technologies. Sometimes - modifications of existing ones, but no less interesting.

Which ones

Trend of 2017 can be safely called coloring. What is it? What is the highlight?

Even a standard color change procedure — simple hair coloring is the result of a complex technology. A coloring is called "aerobatics" in the paint. We see the result either in the gradation of shades or in a subtle game of nuances. Full creative is also possible - an exotic color version.

Thus, any dyeing technique, except monochromatic, is considered coloring and can be assigned to one of three categories: enhancement of color depth (divided into three levels),creating the effect of burning out and pure creativity (color coloring of the tips, creating unusual bright colors, etc.).

short hair coloring

How it happens

For example, the Babylights technique is based on the achievement of a “childish” effect (golden blond). Ideal for thin, soft hair. This is almost perfect coloring of hair for short hair, because it does not require much of their length.

Unobtrusively and safely emphasize the "zest" of your own image can be a soft ombra with a smooth transition to 2-3 tones from the main color on the ends of the hair with stretching the transverse border. Effective will be if the short curls slightly tweak.

Any of the creative tones (most often chosen between blue, red and green) requires careful thought over the image. The technology of the so-called pixel dyeing (in the form of geometric patterns) requires constant support, clear haircuts and very smooth hair. But just such a coloring of hair for short hair is a great option for an asymmetric solution.

coloring on dark short hair

We select a shade

In fashion in the 2017th is still natural. Only stylists know how much desperate effort goes to achieve the effect of light naturalness.Do not want to be trapped with color - experiment in the "corridor" three levels up and down from your own. Such coloring is called non-contrast.

Please do not forget: some very fashionable variants need a base of a particular shade. For example, coloring on dark short hair in the color of pink gold will have to be carried out with preliminary bleaching, otherwise it will not look.

If your hair is red, a boon for you is a combination of copper and gold highlights. Coloring on black short hair can be very effective, for example, in wine tones.

To whom that goes

Both the color and the chosen method of this procedure are strictly tied to the shape of the haircut. Contrasting tones will go to short hair with geometric lines, graceful longitudinal highlights to soft diagonals.

Warm shades will make a wonderful pair of tan and freckles, cold ones will be great in contrast to pale skin. Fashionable shade of silver requires a good complexion and will only blondes and blond hair.

coloring on light brown hair

Length is no less important. Coloring hair for short hair requires a good qualification of the master, otherwise it will look rude.The transition required is soft and as natural as possible, preferably along the entire length of the hair. But you can make it start in 10-15 cm from the roots.

The main danger borne by coloring hair on short hair is the result in the form of a clearly visible transverse line. Both the hairstyle and the face seem to be “cut” in half, which looks unfortunate. The exception may be only a particularly creative version of the series "as it was intended."

Let's talk about the technique of execution

If the change in the colored sheet requires lightening, coloring on dark short hair will need to be carried out using a special remover to dissolve the dye. The quality of the hair at the same time significantly deteriorates, and the hair becomes an unpleasant reddish tint. Therefore, you should not do this at home - the result for an amateur is unpredictable. If you still decide to carry on coloring on dark hair, a short haircut is much more convenient for experiments than hair of medium length.

So let's get started ...

In the case of working with unpainted hair at home, you can do this: buy a shade a tone two lighter than your own with an oxidizer (6%).After diluting the paint, immediately start working until it has oxidized in air.

coloring on light short hair

Hair should be divided into rather thick layers by holding horizontal lines. Each of the layers is colored from the tip towards the top. Having reached the middle, stop the work with a brush and "drag" the border with a clean comb to the roots.

Then the treated layer is packed in a sheet of foil. You need to withstand as much time as the specific paint requires. Wash off all hair with shampoo.

What then?

With any technology, the coloring procedure refers to aggressive chemical effects. That is why at the end of it is important to make a competent scheme for further hair care. You can not do without a moisturizing balm (accompany washing every time), high-quality nourishing mask (for a quarter of an hour weekly) and a soft shampoo for colored hair, which allows you to save the pigment.

This service is now in great demand, it is in the range of any self-respecting beauty salon and many budget-grade hairdressing salons. Its price in Moscow for a short haircut will be about 2000 rubles, if the hair reaches the shoulders - 4000 rubles.or a little less. If their length is significant, you have to fork out for 6000-8000 rubles. When working with hair extensions, this amount may increase by another 35-40%. Despite the rather large amount, women claim that it is worth it.

dark hair coloring short haircut

Few details

Now let's talk about specific options that will go to women of different color type. In all cases, the most important task will be to achieve the effect of naturalness, which will change any appearance.

With partial coloring, the master will select the shades that are combined with the main color, and “scatter” in individual curls.

With full original color should be drastically changed, and to it - added contrasting strands.

If the coloration of wide short curls lead with foil, then thin strands - in a special cap, which ensures a smooth transition of color.

The texture of the haircut can be advantageously emphasized with a special technique (balayazh), in which only the tips are dyed.

Coloring can be natural (close to its own tone), multi-color (of the most different, up to contrast, tones), neon (contrasting bright paint),Californian (the effect of burnt hair due to dark roots and light tips), pearlescent (paint with a special substance that gives a "pearl" shine), patterned (stencilled).

coloring on black short hair

Tips for blondes ...

Coloring on light short hair is especially beneficial, as it does not need preliminary alignment, and dyes easily penetrate the hair structure. The damage to the hair is minimal. A good master will recommend a tone that matches the color of the skin and hair. Women who trusted the professionals did not regret a new unusual image.

Ideally, this is ashen, chestnut and wheat gamma. But extremists will not give up on a bright red or blue and red.

... and brunettes

How to make coloring on a short hair dark-haired lady? The technology here is somewhat different. First of all, strands selected for the procedure should be clarified, and then a fresh tone should be applied.

Light "blotches" in dark hair give hairstyle volume and beauty, and the face - youth and freshness. Without clarification, it is possible to add a small amount of thin strands in blond or blond. Ash brown coloring for short hair is perfect for brunettes.Well, and the combination of chestnut with all shades of red - generally out of competition.

Coloring for light brown hair

This color scheme may sometimes look a little nondescript because of its “mouse” hue. In natural blond hair is usually not enough shine and brightness. Therefore, coloring on light brown hair for their owners can be an excellent way out. In this case, you only need to make individual strands brighter or darker. Believe me - it is possible to get a completely new image! Reviews of girls who dared to this reincarnation, inspire optimism.

how to make coloring for short hair

Brown hair has the thinnest structure, any dye easily penetrates into it. Like the blondes, fair-haired locks are “painted” without prior clarification.

If you have a dark shade of blond hair, a few cool light strands (such as ashy blond or platinum) will remarkably tint it.

Tips for everyone

If you are not so young, do not strive for radical clarification. After thirty our motto is natural, and there should be no more than three shades.

Light and brown-haired dark contrast is suitable only at the tips.

A great way to give blond hair depth is to use caramel and honey shades.

Avoid mixing warm and cold colors - it looks unnatural.

About the rules of additional care

Due to the increased porosity after dyeing, the hair structure changes with time, the color loses brightness. To keep it, use only low pH shampoo (for dyed hair). Do not be lazy weekly "pamper" hair with masks and balms with plant extracts. It is necessary to hold the lamination of the hair - it will keep their color and add silkiness.

It is better not to do the coloring procedure at home without special knowledge, but, having decided on this, listen to our advice.

Do not spare money for the special equipment, produced for this very purpose - home coloring.

A couple of days after the procedure, the head is not washed.

For the first experiment, take 2 or 3 tones - no more - and fairly restrained.

The scalp should be protected with a fatty oil (for example, vegetable oil) or a cream.

The instructions attached to the paint must be strictly followed.

After the procedure - a mask or a balm is mandatory.

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