Compatibility Cancer and Pisces

In almost all cases, the relationship of these signssurrounded by the elements of Water, except where the planets and luminaries are in difficult aspects. Basically, the compatibility of Cancer and Pisces is quite positive.

Horoscope compatibility Cancer and Pisces mustConsider such a factor as the duality of the Pisces sign (they are in pairs, equally secretive, sensitive, unstable and changeable). The mood of representatives of this kind of zodiac sign is changeable exactly like the tide and ebb of the ocean, it is simply impossible to predict.

This sign is more predictable and the fish canTo anticipate the behavior of the partner, simply adhering to the calendar phases of the position of the moon. Cancer and Pisces are an ocean of exciting feelings, a mysterious and exciting game of emotions. Compatibility Cancer and Pisces, although it looks like two signs of the combination of the elements of Water and Water, but no one guarantees permanent and full compatibility. Conflicts (as elsewhere) are inevitable; Ont depend not only on such a negative aspect as the Sun-Moon between the maps of the birth of signs, but also on the difference of the individual qualities of these all the same different natures.

When dealing with financial issues compatibility Cancerand Pisces falls under great doubt, since such waves rise that any tsunami will appear on their background with an easy swell. Representatives of the Pisces sign mainly refer to the financial issue as an annoying inevitability, as to evil. They are under the influence of Neptune, they show extreme carelessness to cash, and to savings and savings are treated as a frankly boring occupation.

Crayfish treat money respectfully and withrespect, they prefer ringing coins to any musical works, and the rustle of the notes replaces the symphony. Compatibility Cancer and Pisces have a loophole in a relationship in which the first can inspire one's thoughts and interests to a partner - finance. But he is far from careless, frugality and caution - that's his motto.

As mentioned above, the compatibility of Cancer and Piscesvery strong, in addition to those around them, they are big owners and are constantly trying to remake them for themselves. Cancer and Pisces just love to get involved in other people's business and learn the secrets of people, while they keep their secrets behind seven locks. The horoscope of compatibility of these signs indicates that while Cancer pours out the soul to the partner and shares with him all the hidden things, Fish listens very, very carefully and, it should be noted, quite sincerely.

But do not forget about external threats thatcan destroy the compatibility of "Cancer and Pisces." These threats can be alcohol and drugs. It is also not excluded and no less dangerous version of the departure from reality - dreams and self-deception. So Cancer and Pisces must be very attentive to their perception of the world around them.

When we talk about the compatibility of Cancer and Pisces, wewe mean that the first sign is a home, and its partners are eternal adventurers. But it happens that he is also being attacked by the desire to change places, but such that it is not easy to find a way home back home. He falls into the bait of ambition. This vice draws him even to the end of the world, if only to prove to the whole world his vitality. However, we should not forget that the heart of Cancer will remain forever at home, at the family fireplace.

Representatives of the Pisces sign are not so sentimental,as their partners, they are not so much attached to the house. Although the home is cozy and safe and safe, they are at the slightest flow ready to break into another lake or even into the ocean.

Compatibility Cancer and Pisces allows you to traveltogether, which will give them great pleasure. But after some time, Raki sooner or later will want to return home, which can not be said about his partner, who will decide to return to maximum thanks to his solidarity with the partner. People who are under the influence of Neptune, any changes - and there is the meaning of life: they are full of energy and the desire for change, and they wait for this wonderful moment! But when he suddenly comes, Fish all the same hesitate, weigh all the pros and cons. But regardless of whether she made the choice or not, until the current is gone, she never loses her hopes of repeating the adventure again or decide on new ones.

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