Competitions for the anniversary of 50 years a woman. Anniversary Scenario 50 years

Sometimes you just need to urgently pick up contests for the anniversary. 50 years old woman is executed only once. And therefore, this holiday should be held accordingly: unique and unforgettable. Therefore, it is so important to create an original 50th anniversary anniversary script for a woman with contests, games, funny jokes. It is only necessary to ensure that no one is offended and everyone is comfortable at the festival.

Anniversary Contests

50 years old woman ... This is a milestone when there is a reflection of past years. And not only the heroine of the holiday itself, but also all the guests sum up. In speeches of speech, the achievements and positive traits of the hero of the day are emphasized. It is interesting to have cool contests during the event. For the anniversary of 50 years, often pick up games and competitions related to the congratulations of the hero of the day.

50 year anniversary competition for woman

Toasts with "custom" words

For example, a competition for making funny toasts may be part of the anniversary script.50 years old woman - not God knows how much, a sense of humor is still about the same! So it is worth inviting guests to make toasts in which certain words will be used according to the instructions.

They can be written on sheets and distributed to the participants of the competition. Words must be completely irrelevant to the occasion:tank, stratosphere, tarantas, parrot, barracudaand the like.

cool contests for the anniversary of 50 years

It is interesting that such contests for the anniversary of 50 years just go off with a bang! For the anniversary woman, during this competition, speakers are not only presented with creative congratulations, but also declare love in an original way. Often congratulations sound impromptu in poetic form.

Someone's life is sad

Like an old tarantas ...

Tanechka lives happily

What makes us all happy!

Be always so beautiful

Smile more fun!

And a hundred years old healthy, sweet

Meet so - for this drink!

A touching greeting can come out with the word "parrot".

Don't scold me, don't scold me ...

I repeat, like a parrot,

What a beautiful you are like a rose,

What is gentle, like a spring mimosa,

You're soul, like a child, vulnerable.

Be forever you are stored by God!

Congratulations in verse by the rules of the Burime

In the company of creative people, games related to poetry are necessarily held. Many jubilee contests “50 years to a woman” are based on the composition of poetic congratulations.

It is possible to offer amateur poets ready-made rhymes, which they must link into a clear, written poetic text, meaningfully associated with the event. Although the proposed words themselves should be far from the topic.

For example, participants in the competition will be offered the following rhymed couples: “The stove is a daughter; skeleton - scrambled eggs; the night is unbearable; hi-bracelet. " Of course, it is impossible to guarantee high-quality poetry in such conditions, but funny rhymes-congratulations will surely make the holiday more fun.

It will warm us with a soul, that stove,

All passers-by believe that the daughter -

This is mom's girlfriend. Let the skeleton,

What's in the closet, has long eaten an omelet,

He choked and went for a walk in the night ...

We are unable to disassemble our skeletons!

That is why I will tell you: “Hi!

I want to be with you like a bracelet! ”

Poetic game "Accordion"

There are other contests for the anniversary of the woman. For 50 years, a lady can be offered to compose and present a collective congratulation with wishes.One rhyme is given, which must pass through the whole poem. Each participant writes only his own line, without reading the previous one, wraps the sheet so that his words are not visible, and passes it on to the next player.

When all the "poets" will be marked on this "harmonica", you can read what happened. The best line is determined by the hero of the occasion. He is given a souvenir, such as a disposable cup with a funny inscription "The best poet of half a century."

The game "Who wrote?"

Collective competitive competitions must be included in the 50-year anniversary scenario. An official message is allegedly sent to the official woman on the phone. The presenter reads them out loud, offering to establish from whom the SMS data came.

Texts can be such.

“You're not alone today? I am devastated to the bottom ... You know how lonely I am, empty, sad, sickening, bad ... To hell with this anniversary! Remember me soon! ”Guests must guess that this strange greeting came from ... a refrigerator.

anniversary script 50 years woman

"Congratulations on the anniversary! I'm still on the way. But I hope I can come to you tomorrow morning ... ”Of course, everyone will immediately realize that this is a hangover.

“I send my congratulations! I love you very much! You grabbed the gifts on this day ... Drink, walk! Only it would be enough for me ... ”It is not difficult to guess that this message was sent by health. After all, it is not without reason that the saying goes that we drink and walk, as far as health is enough.

Such competitions for the anniversary of 50 years are fun during corporate parties. Holiday at home, they can also diversify. Moreover, then the messages themselves may be more frivolous and frank.

You are the most, the most ...

Everyone has already noticed that on birthdays are usually praised the positive traits of the hero of the occasion. Therefore, it is a sin not to use this fact while preparing the 50th Anniversary of a Woman anniversary contests.

Guests are handed out papers and pencils or pens. The facilitator names the letter on which participants must quickly come up with an adjective and write it down. It will be enough for three to five words, after which the notes are collected.

The presenter reads the adjectives suggested by the guests, starting with the words: “Our dear anniversary! You are the most, the most ... blue, talkative, conscious, dining, salty! And also you are the most, the most ... green, furious, green-eyed, starry, golden! ”

 anniversary competitions 50 years old woman

Usually, this kind of entertainment that is included in the “50 years old woman” anniversary scenario will make all the guests and the hero of the day laugh. And if you offer the hero of the occasion to represent each epithet, it will be even more fun.

Contest "Eat and think what you eat!"

Undoubtedly, the anniversary is accompanied by gatherings at the luxuriously laid table. And so that guests can slightly diversify the process of eating foods with the work of the brain, you can hold a competition for the knowledge of the ingredients of the prepared dishes. This is one of those fun contests that can be held during any feast. He is harmless, as well as all selected competitions for the anniversary of 50 years. A woman, and even an anniversary person, is close to the topic of cooking.

Anniversary contests and games for women

So, the rules of the game are as follows: the master calls any letter (exceptё, b, s, b, d), and all the rest should name one of the products that make up the food exhibited at this festive table. The right to name the next letter goes to the player who first utters the correct word. The winner is the one who will be the last leading, guessing the letter, which the ingredient name, no one can.

Diversify your wardrobe!

Any beech will be able to make laugh funny contests. On the anniversary of 50 years a woman should prepare them a few. These should be games that do not require the training of participants. They will be the highlight of the holiday, if they enter the anniversary script.

“50 years old for a woman is the age of her heyday,” the presenter says in an introduction. “This is already quite a big girl who needs to update her wardrobe. , is it true? Let's help the artist to attach some models from her old wardrobe. "

The conditions of the game are as follows: a bag “with outfits” to the music is transmitted in a circle. The one who has the package in his hands when the melody is stopped should take out the first thing that came to him and put it on himself. Looking into the bag when choosing a dress can not be!

Anniversary contests for 50 years

The presenter made sure to pick up some cool clothes. It can be:

  • bonnet;
  • bib;
  • Grandma's “non-volume” bra;
  • bow on an elastic band;
  • pioneer cap;
  • sliders.

The process of clothing in absolutely not suitable outfits is usually accompanied by a friendly laugh and uplifting all those present.

Auction "With a kind word - in a new life!"

You can diversify the competitions for the anniversary of a woman for 50 years, associated with things that belonged supposedly once celebrated. For example, not only garments are collected. Let the auction will be exhibited:

  1. Favorite shoelaces from boots, donated by an adored granny for her first anniversary - the anniversary of her birth.
  2. A pet, in which a lovely screaming child was wrapped up by exhausted parents and on which the present hero of the day left her indelible autograph - this is an eternal spot.
  3. A jar from under the coffee, which is not a jar at all, but an improvised rattle, the only one that can calm the raging tyrant in half a year (inside it, as everyone hears, there are publishing pleasant melodic "rattling" coins).

But the price of each lot will be special - it should be a good part of the second half of the century, consisting of the specified number of words. The longer the player’s speech, the higher the price of the lot.

“I offer a 7-word farewell for this thing!” - one of the guests gives a vote. “And I will say 12 words at once!” - another one raises the price.

It is very important that the parting words are original and creative.The winner is chosen by the hero of the day.

Who is faster? Who is more agile?

Mandatory mobile contests for the anniversary of a woman. 50 years is, of course, not a youthful age, so you can make them in some way stylized. For example, you can run not in a trivial way, that is, with your feet, but with forks stuck in pieces of bread. For participants, you can even arrange a treadmill with obstacles. It is best to tie the forks with scotch tape in the middle or with ribbons.

It is also very fun to play the “twister” game, especially if the company has a mixed age, and there are many young people among the guests. Only those who wish can take part in it, after all, it is fun enough to watch from the sidelines.

anniversary script 50 years old woman entertainment

You can hold a competition game based on attention. For example, the leader tells a fairy tale and in the course of the plot calls the word denoting any part of the body. Participants must immediately grab their neighbor for what was said in the text. Completed the last task out.

For fixing the participants remaining in the contest, you can use tall wine glasses filled with wine that should be drunk at the time of leaving the game. The text may be, for example.

“There lived a duck by the lake named Gray Sheika. She was not able to fly away with her flock to warm lands, as her knee was severely hurt in the summer. Winter came. But the duck fed on the lake, dropping its nose in cold water.

Suddenly one day she noticed how the red fox ear flashed behind the bushes. Gray Sheika forgot about the sore knee, closed her eyes for fear and hid her head under the water. Only the back of one remained on top ", - this is about a fairy tale can lead to tell the guests.

The continuation is formed in such a way that in virtually every sentence some part of the body is called. You can increase the rhythm. Then you will need to use two and three words in one sentence. For humor it is recommended to use words like "beak", "wings", "feathers", "tail", "flippers", "fin" and others.

Dance Competitions

When the company has already drunk enough and amused, the host offers cool contests and games. On the anniversary of the woman are usually invited old friends, good acquaintances. Therefore, you can joke and play around without looking at others, without being afraid of appearing ridiculous and absurd.

An interesting contest for dancers is that the presenter shows some figures and "encodes" them with some word.For example, the slope to the right will be called the "pan", and to the left - the "bow". Circular motion can be assigned the name “cuttlefish” by the pelvis, and the leap on one leg can be called “flat cake”. Actually, the more ridiculous the movement will be called, the funnier the competition will be. To the music the host calls the code word, the players perform the movement. Who is mistaken - is eliminated.

anniversary scenario 50 years to a woman with competitions

Another competition - for the best dance couple - is to crush the notebook sheet as much as possible. It is placed between the dancers in the abdomen or chest. With the beginning of the music, the couples begin the dance. The leader is charged with humor to comment on what is happening.

“Look at how Nikolai is trying with Alina! They can almost already be considered winners. I can imagine what would have happened to them if sandpaper was used instead of a notebook paper ... We would have had a spectacle at the end of the competition: two skinned skeletons with happy smiles on their faces. But it seems that I was quick to draw conclusions ... Marina and Victor are catching up with them, they are just on their heels! A little more, a little more, and they will have a palm! Yes, Marina practically ripped it away from her rivals thanks to her (showing with her hands) ... great ... just enormous ... hmm ... abilities! Yes, and Victor helps her well.Look how he actively moves, leaning his whole body to his partner! We see how difficult it is for him, he was completely covered with perspiration ... As I understand you, Vitek, I would also have been in your place for a while. But you hold on. Support, gentlemen? Victor! Victor!"

Commenting should be funny, but the presenter is obliged to say the words with the most serious look. You can complicate the task by setting the condition not to smile at the participants during the dance. Laughing will be immediately removed from the competition. Summing up occurs at the end of the melody.

Thirst is nothing, image is everything!

Interestingly pass and cool contests for the speed of dressing. The attributes will be winter hats, scarves, hats, jackets, sweaters, robes, skirts with elastic. You can diversify the wardrobe with sheets and ribbons, pillowcases and even duvet covers. It is better to invite men to participate in this competition. But many women are happy to become players in this kind of competition.

With the beginning of the music, the participants begin to put on everything that is offered to them, choosing from the general pile their favorite thing. Wins the one who manages to use the largest number of items.

After the end of the music, you can offer a second choice of the winner. The conditions of this competition are to come up with a creative name for your image and show the guests its advantages.

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