If something goes wrong when using a service, I always write a complaint and honestly state what I think about them. If I do not like the food or service in restaurants, I feel free to ask for a complaint book. If they are trying to deceive me in a hotel or car rental, I will definitely write a letter to the owners about this.
Many somehow shy to complain, and quite in vain. First, you are helping to grow your business. The owner often does not suspect that his assholes work, and only you can help correct the situation. Secondly, for your criticism you often get all sorts of bonuses.
For example, I recently booked a hotel in Baku through I arrived at the place, but there were no rooms. I immediately called Bucking and told about the situation. They apologized and asked me to find a replacement. After 20 minutes, they found the hotel, which was more expensive, and promised to make up the difference. And then I received a letter asking me to give my card details so that they could return the difference.

They say a similar policy and AirBnB. Who faced?
In general, normal companies always respond adequately to criticism.So do not hesitate to complain and make the world a better place.

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