Complex treatment of color lichen

Odruvidny lichen, called in the people colored, refers to the infectious pathologies of the epidermis.treatment of color lichensIt is expressed in the form of scaly spots on the body fromlight yellow to dark brown color. This disease is more common in countries with high air temperature and is caused by the fungus Malassezia. Treatment of color lichen is a long procedure, under the supervision of a dermatologist, which, by the way, determines the cause and stage of the disease.

The causes of color deprivation

As already mentioned, the provocateur of thisan infectious disease is a fungus. Ironically, it is on the skin of every person, regardless of sex, age, hygiene and other factors. Negative activity of it begins under the influence of such circumstances as stresses, seasonal decrease in immunity, as well as the often repeated and prolonged procedure of tanning - both natural and in a solarium. People with problem (fatty) skin, endocrine disorders, excessive sweating, as well as those who use ointments and gels with antibacterial properties for a long time are at risk.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

You can independently determine thatModifications of the skin - it's just color deprivation. Treatment of this disease in the early stages, as well as its rapid diagnosis are the key to the success of all the procedures performed. The main symptom of this infection is a multitude of spots of different shapes in the upper part of the body (head, neck, back, shoulders, chest, sometimes the abdomen and axillary hollows). They have a peeling surface, and in the absence of treatment they expand, forming a practically continuous spot. Treatment of colored lichen in such a neglected stage takes a long time, and as a result, scars remain on the skin. Diagnosis of color deprivation is carried out in medical conditions using two methods: the Balzer test and the ray of the Wood lamp.

Color deprivation: treatment

colored lichen treatment tabletsThe photo at the beginning of the article reflects the first symptomsThis disease - small spots on the back. If they manifest, you need to begin treatment without delay, this is the key to successful recovery, and at the same time, prevention. Dermatologists recommend a comprehensive approach, appointing both external and internal drugs. But do not forget about the folk methods that help to eradicate color deprivation.

Treatment: tablets and ointments

Here is a list of the most effective medicines. This includes drugs with imidazole, selenium sulphide, which have antibacterial properties and a triazole spectrum.

  1. Antiseptic Boric acid.
  2. Ointment "Clotrimazole".
  3. Cream, tablets or shampoo "Nizoral".
  4. Cream "Batrafen".
  5. Ointment, tablets, shampoo "Mikozoral."
  6. Mikoseptin ointment.
  7. Ointment, spray, tablets "Termikon".
  8. Cream, ointment, tablets Ā«FungoterbineĀ».
  9. Tablets "Cycloserine."

Important: do not self-medicate and do not exclude from the list of prescribed medications "unnecessary" (in your opinion). You need to take medications not only until the complete disappearance of visible symptoms, but also for some time afterwards.

colored lichen treatment photoTreatment of color lichens folk remedies

These are basically baths, lotions and compresses. For example, it is quite effective to wipe with infusion from the leaves of the string and eucalyptus, lotion using celandine, applique with a calyx or onion juice.

Fixing results

After the treatment of colored lichens is completed, it is important to observe some rules: to be less in the sun, to give maximum time to hygienic procedures, to disinfect personal belongings.

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