Corrections in the workbook

Filling out the work book, it is necessary to distinguish the concepts of change and correction. The first indicate the addition of the correct records, the latter are corrections made erroneously.

Corrections in the workbook: title page

When the registration of the work record is made inFor the first time, it is required that the first (title) page contain the correct data on the last name, first name, patronymic and date of birth of the person entering the work. Since the document does not provide a photograph, this information will be of particular importance. This information determines who owns the document.

The principles on which corrections are made inlabor book, are not provided anywhere. However, the rules for keeping records say that erroneous records are not subject to correction. Thus, an incorrect entry makes the document invalid, and the work book must be replaced. An exception to the rules is the case when the employee has changed his passport data. In a similar situation, new data is written on the old data and a link is provided, which is evidence of this fact.

Filling the work book, it puts a sealenterprise. Often there are disagreements, which are related to the entries in the chapter "Information about work." Often novice staff when making a work record make mistakes in this section. Some indicate that the employee has not worked anywhere and has no work experience. This is not entirely correct. First make a record that indicates a job. It turns out that many do not know that the information in the workbook must correspond to the orders of the head. The document should be made records of employment, indicating the name of the unit, profession and position.

Information about the period of the test or contract, the regimework, terms of payment, remarks, the nature of work and other conditions in the workbook are not recorded. An exception is the entry of records related to the transfer to another position, or if the employee is transferred to another employer. In this case, the words about employment are supplemented with the entry "in the order of transfer".

Corrections in the workbook: an example of registration of workers working in combination

Information about part-time is written inwork book at the place of primary work only at the request of the employee. But sometimes it happens that a person has already completed a part-time job, but he wants the data on this to be indicated in the work book. In this situation, information on part-time jobs is indicated after the information on the main job - even if the record has an earlier period.

The document does not make records of temporarytranslations. Only if the temporary transfer has become a permanent job, this fact is recorded in the work book. In this case, you must specify the dates of both permanent and temporary transfers.

Corrections in the workbook: examples concerning the content part

If the work record is not correctly recorded in the workbookIt is necessary to rewrite and necessarily make explanations about why corrections are made. There should be no corrections, strikethroughs and phrases such as "corrected to believe."

If a date is incorrectly placed on the job, the following corrections are made in the workbook: a reference is made to the number of the invalid entry, and the correct date is given next.

If the entry is missed, corrections in the work record are made on a new line, indicating the missing information, and are certified by the signature of the official and stamp.

When destroying labor books, an act should be drawn up that testifies to this action.

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