Crafts from floppy disks

Bags were made of diskettes, put as cup holders, metal cores of magnetic disks were turned into parts for the admin tambourine, and magnetic disks themselves were used instead of light filters to look at the sun. About what came of me, when in my head I met art and geekness and it is written in this post.
I love to draw. Markers, pens and pencils I have a great many, and at some point I realized that the usual supports and pencil cases, of which there are many in clerical shops, will not suffice me. I wanted something of my own and tailored to my needs. It all began with the way I read the post on the lifhacker about the pen holder for floppy disks. It is done very simply - take five diskettes and interlock with rings to each other. I improved the circuit and did not link them, but glued them together. The stand made by this method was later modified by adding a cap on the tape to the eraser box.
One stand was not enough and I made another one, replacing the lower floppy disk with a CD, it increased stability, and this thing looks good.Later, I made another stand using the old method and glued it with a new one, additionally adding several partitions from the same floppy disks. For two years now she has been faithfully serving me on the table.
But this was not enough, and then I began to make more coasters. Another compact disc was added to the CD-ROM, which thickened the bottom, made it beautiful from the bottom and further improved stability. A piece of paper was placed between the discs so that nothing would fall out in the center of the “pancake”. To connect the supports to each other, a part of the disk was cut from both sides. Then I immediately began to cut the corner of the disk and not use extra floppy disks to connect the two stands, and made them immediately concatenated, the wall between the boxes was two in common. Partitions were designed for different markers, from thick to thin. Here is a train now flaunts on my desk.
But there were more and more pens and I wanted to make an even more comfortable stand. Having got a specially purchased box of floppy disks, I decided to make a stand at an angle. The technique was the same as for the very first time - a box with a bottom made of floppy or cardboard (for the original look), separators made of floppy disks, but on the side two more disks were attached, which hold the stand at an angle.The first time I used small screws, but even with them I had time to torment myself, the second time I glued them. The coasters turned out
incredibly comfortable and occupy a place of honor near the laptop.
At an angle the ink is less spoiled and it is more convenient to get the drawing sticks, in addition, the color or thickness is immediately visible.
Now I think where to apply the old sidyuki and divyukyuk, whom I have accumulated a great many. Do not really make that same tambourine?
Ana Buigues from Spain found quite an interesting use for old floppy disks.
She makes notebooks from old floppy disks and sells them in the online store for $ 5 and $ 7, depending on the number of pages.
Looks pretty simpotichno.
Here is such an original idea for a homemade notebook.
Another use for old floppy disks is the bag!
This bag does not seem too comfortable, but the design, as they say, requires sacrifice.

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