Curtain rod in the bathroom

Trifle, but nice. From the little things and details consists basically the entire functional part of the interior. Every day we use these little things and forget about them when they are. It is necessary to delete at least one of these trifles from the interior, immediately there is discomfort and a feeling of incompleteness. Drops on the bathroom floor, drips and wet furniture are not the most pleasant effects of taking a morning shower. By isolating the bathroom from the rest of the bathroom, you can permanently get rid of such troubles. The curtain rod in the bathroom will hold the curtain and will not allow water to splash and get to where it does not belong.

One can approach the issue of isolating a bathroom from a shower in different ways - by stretching a string and hanging an old raincoat on it, or with love and diligence to create a harmonious set of hydro-barrier, which will be both effective and pleasing to the eye. To do this, it is enough to install the curtain rod in the bathroom and select the curtain corresponding to the design. Now we will deal with these pleasant little things.

Forms, materials and functions

Bathroom curtains are made of various materials - polyethylene, cloth, vinyl, impregnated fabric, but no matter what they are made of, the curtain should somehow hang. And hang functional and beautiful. The curtain rod in the bathroom turns a measured piece of material into an aesthetic and harmonious functional part of the interior.

The bars can be found in any shapes and sizes - it all depends on the type of bathroom and the preferences of the owner. Moreover, now there are so many finishing materials, types of furniture and accessories that you need to try to fit the cornice into the overall picture. At the same time, we have a great opportunity to make from a bar not just a utilitarian part, but a real decoration. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Without difficulty, you can find both standard, habitual forms of rods, and rather unusual and intricate ones - curvilinear, multilevel and prepared for a specific style of the bathroom.

  •  Straight rodsfor curtains - the simplest form of life in the bathroom. Due to its simplicity, it is used most often. Since it assumes the predominance of rectangular shapes in the interior of the bathroom, which are the majority, then it has received the most widespread use in bathrooms of apartment buildings.These include telescopic rods, which are very convenient to install, as they are moved apart to the required width and are very easy to attach.
  •  Arc rodswill fit in shape to the baths of more complex shapes. Such eaves assume the arc-shaped and difficult forms of bathtubs. Corner baths can also be curtained with the help of such a bar.
  •  Corner rods. A more sophisticated look and requires a strong attachment. Also, do not interfere with additional ceiling mount. Suitable for corner baths as well as baths of complex configurations. They can be not only with one bend, but also with two or three, depending on the required configuration.

For very complex bath forms, design unique rod solutions are also needed. Fortunately, technology allows us to give any material any shape, so you can safely experiment. Up to the point that you can position the bath in the center of the room and hang the bar - ring. It will look very unusual.

Rod materials

The curtain rod in the bathroom can be made from a variety of materials that you can imagine. We begin their review with the most popular and affordable.Let's start with plastic.

Plastic curtain rods. Bars of it have a neat appearance, light weight for the walls and wallet. Such a plastic feature as low frictional stability, and simply slippery, make opening and closing of the curtains almost silent. If it matters to you. The advantages of plastic include a variety of colors and shades. On this, perhaps all of its advantages come to an end.

Plastic is fragile and does not like temperature drops. Basically, plastic for bathrooms is a recycled product that has dubious environmental performance. It quickly loses its initial gloss and in a year or two it will have to be disposed of. We would not recommend placing such a bar in the bathroom if you are not going to sell an apartment.

Metallica curtain rod in the bathroom is another matter. There is no particular variety of metals, but aluminum, stainless steel and chrome steel are quite enough. It is unlikely that someone wants to put a bar for a curtain made of titanium or platinum, what is offered in stores is enough for the eyes. Metal cornice will cost more, but such a waste is fully justified.First of all, when buying, pay attention to the ring. They should not be plastic - will quickly break. But they should not be with a metal surface - they will make a lot of noise and clang like chains. The ideal option would be a metal coated with a layer of polymer.

Polished aluminum is not afraid of corrosion, light and durable within reasonable limits. His ability to bend can scare away many, but if you use such a cornice with a ceiling intermediate suspension, you will not notice any curvature. But still, the best material for the rod will be polished stainless steel. It has all the advantages of metal eaves. For the price it will be expensive, but such a cornice will last almost forever. It perfectly washes, allows you to get any shape you need, looks great.

Installation of the rod for the eaves

If we have already decided on the type of fastening, material and we know how the curtain rod should look like in the bathroom, we can proceed with the installation. To complete this process successfully and without loss of personnel, we will develop an installation strategy. So that during work everything was always at hand, you need to think in advance about what else is useful to us, except for the bar itself, our hands and head. And we need a tool.Need to find or ask neighbors to lend:

  1. Sharp construction knife. It is useful more than once during the installation process.
  2. Roulette.
  3. Electric drill with perforator.
  4. Pobeditovoe drill with a diameter corresponding to the diameter of the dowels, which were sold complete with a barbell.
  5. A drill for ceramic tiles, if necessary. Ordinary drill you will not be able to drill porcelain - spend time and remember a lot of words that are not pronounced with children. Therefore, it is better to buy it in the nearest store.
  6. Marker or pencil for marking. Only the marker must be washable. Not worth perpetuating your markup for posterity.
  7. Screwdriver or screwdriver. Better both.

It is not necessary to buy fasteners, as the dowels and screws are already packed together with the eaves. Getting to unpacking and fitting. Packages are usually made of durable plastic, so we will use a knife. To organize actions we build them in the form of a list. Here he is:

  1. We put the bar to the bathroom.
  2. Mark the places where the cornice touches the wall.
  3. With a tape measure we measure approximately one and a half meters from the edge of the bathroom on one side and the other.
  4. Mark the place of attachment with a pencil.
  5. Check the length of the curtain. Best of all, if the lower edge of the curtain is below the upper edge of the bath by 15-20cm. If everything is so - go ahead.
  6. We attach the mounting bracket to the marked place and mark the points at which the dowel will be installed. Make sure that the screw fixing the pipe to the bracket, if possible, is located vertically.
  7. The most difficult part of the job is drilling holes in concrete and ceramic tiles. The depth of the hole should correspond to the length of the dowel that you found in the set with the eaves.
  8. Insert dowels in the holes so that they slightly protrude above the surface of the tile. 1mm will be enough.
  9. Turn off the clamping screw rod.
  10. We stretch the silicone liners on both sides of the eaves.
  11. Dress decorative caps.
  12. Insert the bar in the mount, tighten the clamping screws and give the leased tool.

Installing the rod does not take much time, does not require any special skills. If the taste did not let you down, then you can call home to evaluate how the new curtain rod in the bathroom decorated the interior.

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