Dead Baku

In a post about the new architecture of Baku, I told you about many grandiose skyscrapers that we managed to rebuild in the capital of Azerbaijan over the years of well-being. But everything has a downside - if during the day everything shines, then at night it can be seen that many buildings are empty ....
01. One of the main uninhabited buildings in the city is the Trump International Hotel. It should have been opened in the summer of 2015, but something went wrong. About half a year before the opening, TRUMP HOTEL COLLECTION removed from its site a page on the project and refused to comment on the future of the hotel. Now it is empty.

02. No one knows why the hotel in the end did not open. It is possible that there were political reasons for this. The partner of TRUMP HOTEL COLLECTION for this project was Garant Holding, which is managed by the son of Azerbaijani Transport Minister Anar Mammadov. There is a possibility that they have not shared something. This is not surprising, given that during his election campaign, Trump called for a ban on Muslims from entering the United States. It would be strange if, after such statements, the Trump hotel opened in a Muslim country.

03But the Trump Hotel is not the only empty building in the center of Baku. There are also “Flaming towers”, two of which are still empty. Apparently, in one of them was supposed to be a residential home, and the second - a business center. The building on the right is a hotel, it works, with the two towers on the left are empty.

04. There is no information on the web about why the buildings are not yet inhabited. Tell us in the comments)

05. You can make sure that the two towers of the complex are empty, in the evening and at night. The buildings are beautifully lit from the outside, but inside the light does not burn.

06. There are enough such uninhabited skyscrapers in Baku. Many attribute this to the sudden collapse in oil prices and the crisis that has followed it. Sale of oil is the main source of income for Azerbaijan.

07. It is said that a bunch of skyscrapers in Baku were built by inertia, hoping that high oil prices will continue for a long time. This is quite likely, given that in recent years Baku has sought to become similar to Dubai. As a result, they managed to build buildings in Baku, and there is no money to put them into operation. Some people joke that the city should start exporting empty buildings abroad, and then the country will have a new source of income.

08Built-in empty buildings are not the worst option. In some areas of the city you can find abandoned construction sites, they look much worse.

09. Similarly, many high-rise new buildings are empty. One consulting company has calculated that 40-70% of apartments remain empty in new homes.

10. Apartments do not sell well because of their high prices. And developers do not want to reduce prices. They also cannot rent apartments, because most often they are sold without finishing.

11. High price is not the only problem. Very often in new areas there is no infrastructure at all. It happens that the houses are not even adjusted water supply. If they buy such apartments, it is only for the sake of a profitable investment.

13. No one can name the exact number of empty and uninhabited houses in Baku. Another empty building in the center.

14. All windows are sealed.

15. Next is another ghost.

16. And so throughout the city.

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