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Biography of Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali (real name Cassius Marcellus Clay) is a true legend of the world of boxing. “Flashing like a butterfly - stinging like a bee” - its motto for many years to come determined the course of this sport, becoming the basis for thousands of coaches and boxers around the world. Mohammed Ali was not just a boxer - this is a man who turned the history of world boxing in a new direction. During his career, he spent 61 fights, of which 56 were crowned with victory.
Mohammed Ali - the legend of world boxingMohammed Ali - the legend of world boxing
Probably today there is hardly a person in the world who would never have heard of the “People’s Champion”, the brilliant heavyweight of the 60s and 70s. But is it worth saying that Mohammed Ali is a man about whom everything is known? Of course not. After all, the soul of a person is a city in which light is rarely lit.

The Early Years of Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay)

Cassius Clay, better known by the “Islamic” name Mohammed Ali, was born on January 17, 1942 in the small town of Louisville, located in Kentucky.His father was a successful advertising artist, fan of alcohol and a lover of affordable women. That is why in his interviews the legend-heavyweight recalled him quite rarely. As some acquaintances of Cassius, of his father, he frankly did not like as binges and "spree" for him were a normal norm.
Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay) in childhoodMohammed Ali (Cassius Clay) in childhood
It is quite another thing - the future boxer's mom. Odessa Grady Clay was a housekeeper and worked predominantly in the homes of wealthy white Louisiana residents. She cooked and cleaned, and also always, whenever she could, recalled that her father was Irish. It is noteworthy that Mohammed Ali himself has repeatedly said that "white blood" makes him weaker. Although opponents of Cassius Clay, for sure, could argue with that.
Our today's hero began to get involved in sports at the age of twelve after ... someone stole his bike. His family was not poor, however, despite this, his own "great" always seemed to Cassius a real treasure. That is why the fact of his disappearance has become one of the most difficult episodes in the life of a young guy.On that day, Mohammed Ali swore that he would surely “beat on” the thief. With this idea, he first came to the training room for boxing. That is how the legendary career of a great fighter in world sport began. He came to the gym with his younger brother Rudolph for two years, who later helped Cassius in sparring. It is noteworthy that initially the coaches, with the exception of Fred Stone, did not see prospects in the guy.
Mohammed Ali’s boxing career began at age 12Mohammed Ali’s boxing career began at age 12
Soon the first battle of Cassius Clay took place. Once in a three-round confrontation, he defeated another kid from Louisiana - Roni Okiba. After that, the young boxer was invited to local television and spoke in the program "Stars of Tomorrow."

The heyday of Mohammed Ali's career

In 1956, Cassius appeared before the audience at his first Golden Gloves boxing event in his life and won the tournament immediately. This victory was followed by others. In total, at the time of graduation, Cassius Jr. had more than one hundred duels won. It is noteworthy that one day he even managed to win the sparring of the real champion - Willie Pastrano.Of course, with such a turn of events, he was extremely dissatisfied, however, in the end, he acknowledged that a great future awaited the guy.
Mohammed Ali: the best knockouts!
In 1960, a great athlete enlisted in the US Army. It was during this period that he began to create his own unique boxing style. He asked his brother and army buddies to throw stones at him from close range, so that he could learn to dodge them. Moreover, in fights with his rivals he often “danced” in the ring, standing in front of his opponent with his hands down.

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