Debit card instead of a thick wallet

We keep less and less money in ourwallets, all the less often the calculations are accompanied by a crunch of paper bills. The age of non-cash payments and "card purses" allows us to make any financial transactions without using money as a physical object. Today, a debit card is almost everyone who appreciates the convenience, simplicity and speed of settlements.

Why carry a bundle of money in your pocket, if there is a debit card there? Sberbank, the leading bank of the country, offers its customers various types of debit cards with all sorts of additional functions.

debit card

Cards from Sberbank for every taste

For example, the bank offers subscribers of the operator MTSissue MasterCard MTS, which allows you to accumulate bonuses when using it. In the future, they can be used to pay for the services of this company cellular. For those who often flies on business trips or travels, a special Visa card "Aeroflot" is developed. With it, it's easy to save miles during flights and exchange them for tickets or airline services.

There is a bank card product line and a social debit card for pension and other receipts, and a Business card for managing the organization's funds.

Sberbank is friends with young people

A relatively new proposal - the youthdebit card. It is designed for the younger generation, students, schoolchildren from 14 years who will easily and conveniently manage their finances using this card.youth debit card

Express your individuality by choosing your own design and drawing, which will be applied to the surface of the map. This service costs 500 rubles, and the card service - only 150 rubles a year!

Unlimited possibilities for owners of debit cards

Any debit card of Sberbank, regardless of itstype and type of payment system (Visa, Mastercard), provides a full set of functionality: non-cash payment, transfers and payments, the ability to withdraw cash almost at any step (thanks to a wide network of ATMs), the possibility of connecting the "Autopayment" service, transfer of scholarships, salaries, pensions and other payments to the card.

Use a debit card is very easy,You can manage money through the Internet, and with the help of an ATM. At the same time, she will become an indispensable assistant on trips, eliminating the need to carry large amounts of cash with her or to exchange money abroad. And if there are temporary financial difficulties, your relatives can always put money on your card in any branch of Sberbank or by cashless transfer.

debit card

If desired, the functionality can be extended by connectingservice "Mobile payment". Only for 30 rubles a month you will be aware of any operations on your card, information about which will come to your mobile phone in the form of SMS alerts. This is not only convenience, but additional security.

No time to wait? Get the card instantly!

In case you urgently needed a debitcard, and there is no attention to its design, Sberbank has a convenient solution - Maestro Momentum. This card is drawn up immediately after the signing of the contract with the bank. And its maintenance is absolutely free.

Pay with Sberbank debit card goods andservices, make purchases on the Internet, calculate it on trips, replenish accounts of mobile phones (your own and friends), pay for utilities, get social benefits and much more.

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