Decorating a cup

How nice to drink your favorite drink from a beautiful and original cup. And at home it is not at all difficult to decorate any monophonic cup. All work takes one hour. That is, in any free time you can get comfortable at the table and start decorating the cup.
To work we need:
  • A cup without a picture.
  • Napkin for decoupage.
  • Acrylic paints of different colors.
  • White contour for ceramics or universal.
  • PVA glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Varnish for ceramics or any decorative creativity.
  • Empty waste cup or lid.
  • The brush is medium in size and another small thin one.
  • Cotton wool.
  • Alcohol or any degreasing agent.
  • Hair dryer

For the work we need

To begin with, it is necessary to treat the whole cup with a degreaser, in order to remove all the stains on it. We take a splash on a cup or cotton with alcohol and wipe the whole cup. Now, you need to take a cup carefully, so as not to leave fingerprints on it.
degreasing cup

Next, take a napkin with the drawing you liked and cut out the fragments of the picture with scissors.The napkin consists of three parts and we need to remove two unnecessary layers and leave only the last layer with the pattern applied.
remove two unnecessary layers

remove two unnecessary layers

Pour some PVA glue into an empty cup and dilute it with plain water. Water needs quite a bit. On this composition, we will stick our napkin.
pour some glue

On the cup we place a napkin and starting from the center on a small piece we glue a napkin. The brush should be well moistened with glue. And when we are keeping the brush we try not to rub several times in one place, and then the napkin is very thin and can tear.
place the napkin

We take a hair dryer and begin to dry the cup. Glue PVA dries literally five minutes. When the glue dries the cloth becomes dull and it needs to be given brightness and color. For this, I took acrylic paints and started painting over bullfinches and spruce branches. After painting also dry the cup with a hairdryer.
we start to dry the cup

Now I have taken a white outline and have done "hooks" and "dots" in random order. Since my cup is red and the bullfinch is also of the same color, I needed some kind of decoration between the colors and, as it seemed to me, the white color fit perfectly. If you have a white cup, then you will not need any finishing.
we start to dry the cup

Contour also dried hair dryer. Now I took a varnish for decorative art and painted the whole picture in two layers. Each layer was pre-dried with a hairdryer. During the opening of the cup with lacquer we try not to get out of the edges of the picture, but also to paint it completely. The quality of the varnish will depend on how long your drawing on the cup will last. If the picture is well covered with varnish, the drawing will not be washed off.
varnish quality

Here is our cup. Have a nice tea party!
We decorate the cup with our own hands

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