"Derinat" - a drop in the nose. Drops "Derinat": instructions for use and reviews

Drugs used to treat colds, have a different spectrum of action, but pursue one goal - the relief of unpleasant symptoms and the elimination of the disease. A means of enhancing the protective functions of the body is "Derinat" (drops). Along with strengthening the immune system, the drug helps to get rid of a cold and a speedy recovery.

Immunomodulators - do they need the body?

Modern life is full of surprises for the human immune system. The environmental situation in cities, the lack of regular physical exertion, preservatives in foods, and unhealthy nutrition contribute to the inhibition of the body’s internal defenses. That is why many doctors advise to feed the immune cells with the help of special tools. These can be medications (Derinat nasal drops, etc.) or traditional methods.

Derinat drops

The action of immunomodulators exclusively positive, although recently there are opponents of their use. Doctors strongly recommend taking these funds as needed: during illness or as a preventive measure. For example, "Derinat" (drops in the nose), children are prescribed to strengthen the body during mass diseases. Taking immunomodulatory drugs on an ongoing basis, there will be a reverse effect, resulting in a weakened immune system.

To restore the protective function of the body, you must use an integrated approach. Reception of immunomodulators begins only by appointment of a specialist and can last no longer than 1 month.

"Derinat": the principle of action

Getting into the blood by suction through the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, the drug penetrates into the tissues and organs. Immunomodulating drops in the nose "Derinat" have anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate the body to resist bacteria and viruses. A positive trend was observed in the restoration of damaged surfaces of the nasal mucosa and respiratory tract. Drops affect the lymph nodes and relieve swelling and inflammation.

Nose drops derinat instruction

The drug effectively copes with many diseases, as it awakens and models immune cells of a certain type (antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral). Leukocytes accelerate their action and, finding a "stranger", destroy it. Using the tool in order to heal wounds, the active substance promotes rapid tissue regeneration, rejection of necrotic particles.

After the end of therapy, the drug is still in the blood for some time. The greatest amount accumulates during therapy in the lymph nodes and bone marrow. For 6-7 days "Derinat" (drops) is completely excreted from the body naturally (with urine, feces).

When is the drug prescribed?

The use of Derinat drops in the treatment of the following diseases is substantiated:

  • acute respiratory and viral infections;
  • rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis;
  • laryngitis, pharyngitis;
  • stomatitis (thrush);
  • chronic pathologies of the upper respiratory tract;
  • non-healing ulcers on the body;
  • burns (high and low temperature);
  • hemorrhoids;
  • gynecological pathology;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • inflammations of the eyes;
  • tissue necrosis.

Quite often, immunomodulating drops are used for children of the younger age group who attend the garden.This is due to the weak immune system of the child, which can not resist foreign microorganisms, which leads to permanent illness. For the purpose of prevention and treatment in children and adults, only the attending physician may prescribe "Derinat". Instructions for use (drops of 0.25%) contains all the necessary information, which must be read without fail.

Release form and composition of the drug

The main component of immunomodulating drops is sodium deoxyribonucleate. This active ingredient is sodium salt, which affects the hematopoietic system and participates in cell metabolism, activating protective functions. Auxiliary component is sodium chloride.

There are such forms of release of funds: solution for injection and liquid for local and external use with an auxiliary dropper or in a simple bottle to which it is necessary to purchase a pipette. The most popular is the second option - drops "Derinat". The instruction says that the remedy can be taken not only in the complex treatment of an illness, but also as a monotherapy.Injections are administered intravenously and subcutaneously, but are applied more in a hospital setting.

Drops "Derinat": age dosage

The daily allowable dose depends on the purpose and the age of the patient. If “Derinat” (drops) is used for acute respiratory or viral disease, then instillation into the nasal passages is allowed, 2 drops every hour during the day. Thanks to this action, immune cells will begin to fulfill their duties faster. On the second or third day, the dose should be reduced to 4-5 times. The course of therapy for adults lasts until complete recovery in the same mode.

Derinat instructions for use drops

Treatment of young patients occurs in a similar pattern. Impact by necessity can be extended to 1 month. Means "Derinat" (nasal drops) for preventionIt is necessary to drip every 4 hours for two weeks.

For the treatment of sinusitis you will need to use the drug in the nasal passages of 2 drops every 3 hours. When sinusitis is better to do turunda of cotton and, moisten them with medicine, lay 10-15 minutes in each nostril.

For rinsing the mouth during stomatitis, the procedure is done up to 5 times a day.The third part of the liquid is diluted with a small amount of water and produce the necessary manipulations. The treatment with the preparation Derinat describes in detail the instructions for use. The drops are so effective that recovery in most cases takes place within a week.

The elimination of gynecological inflammatory processes with the help of this immunomodulator occurs fairly quickly. It is necessary to blot the tampons with the solution and inject them intravaginally twice a day for 14 days. After that, the doctor should evaluate the dynamics of the disease and determine further treatment (if necessary).

The preparation is applied topically to areas of burned skin or dressings are made that require replacement 3 times a day. Therapy continues until complete healing. For better effect, immunomodulator injections can be given. An important advantage of the means "Derinat" (drops) - the price that is available to a wide circle of the population.


Like any drug, "Derinat" (drops) has some contraindications. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the individual intolerance of the components.In the patient's history, there should be a note about possible allergic reactions to the medication, if such was previously observed. In any case, it is better to control the reaction of the body after the first use of the medicine.

Due to the lack of impact on the psycho-emotional state, an immunomodulator can be safely taken to patients whose work is associated with the need for high concentration of attention.

Treatment during pregnancy and lactation

What else does the instructions for use say about the drug "Derinat"? Drops should not be used while carrying and feeding a child. This is one of the safest means to prevent ARVI in future moms. The main component is obtained from the milk of valuable breeds of fish, which makes it a natural substance. During epidemics, in order to protect the baby and the expectant mother from infection, it is necessary to drip the remedy several times a day. During the lactation period, a part of the medicine will pass into breast milk, but there will be no negative impact on the baby.

Derinat drops price

Despite the natural origin, the use of an immunomodulator in the form of injections during pregnancy is prohibited.Scientists have not fully studied the effect of the main component on the developing fetus; therefore, it is not known what reaction of the female body, in which hormonal and immune restructuring occurred, will occur. Doctors advise expectant mothers to use only “Derinat” nose drops. The instruction reminds that this is possible if there is no allergic reaction to the main component.

Use in the practice of pediatrics

The immune system in infancy for the first time encounters pathogens and begins to produce protective cells. This is not enough to fully combat viruses and bacteria. In infants, rhinitis develops quickly and makes it impossible to breathe, which causes constant crying. Therefore, it is important to help your baby quickly restore normal nasal breathing.

Pediatricians recommend the use of the Derinat immunomodulator (drops) for children from birth. It does not cause vasospasm of the nasal cavity and is well tolerated. It also helps in the treatment of thrush on the inner surface of the cheeks and tongue. It is necessary to wrap a finger with a bandage dipped in a solution and wipe the baby’s mouth several times a day.When treating rhinitis, the nasal passages are cleaned of accumulated mucus with a saline solution (pharmaceutical or home), and then drops are dropped into the nose. For convenience and correct calculation of their number, you can use the pipette.

Instructions Derinat Drops

Many mothers face the problem of frequent illness of a child attending a pre-school (kindergarten). It is possible to increase immunity using the “Derinat” drops, the instruction of which permits the use of the medicine to prevent acute respiratory diseases in children of preschool age. For treatment, you must comply with the prescribed dosage of the drug. The tool is recommended to apply within a week after recovery. This will help avoid re-infection, which often occurs against the background of a weakened disease immunity.

Side effects

Due to the natural origin of the main component of the immunomodulator, no side effects were observed in the local or external application. This is approved by the instruction "Derinat" drops. When using injections in patients with high blood glucose levels, hypoglycemia may occur.

In rare cases, parents observed increased irritability, a slight change in body temperature and insomnia in children after the use of the drug in the form of injections. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor before using immunomodulators to treat and prevent diseases in children and adults, as well as to monitor the resulting reaction.

The interaction of the immunomodulator with other drugs

Assigning a complex therapy to influence pathogens, the doctor evaluates the interaction of drugs of different spectra of action. A positive effect on the process of recovery drops "Derinat", the use of which helps to reduce the dosage of other drugs.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, the remedy will help at different levels. Immunomodulatory fluid is combined with almost all the drugs that are used in the course of treatment, and stimulates the cells-leukocytes to combat pathology. In patients with burns, an accelerated positive trend was observed during wound healing, on which the drug was used as a solution.

Drug reviews

Drops Derinat instruction

As already mentioned, an important advantage of Derinat (drops) is the price, which is about 200 rubles. There are rather contradictory reviews about this drug. Some doctors argue that the human body does not need to stimulate the protective function of medicines. Negative reviews are mainly associated with an incomplete study of the effect of the drug in various situations. Before prescribing a medication, a specialist warns about possible side effects. As a rule, it is the main component of fish origin, which is a strong allergen.

Nevertheless, there are much more adherents to the drug, especially among mothers of children of different age categories. Many parents note that by following the methods of use, which are described in the instructions for Derinat drops, and the corresponding doses can be achieved a positive result as soon as possible. Sometimes the use of the drug for the treatment of acute respiratory infections helps get rid of the symptoms the day after the start of therapy, but more often - within a week. It directly depends on the human immune system, which needs to be strengthened not only by pharmaceutical means, but also by proper nutrition, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Strengthening the immune system

When immunity fails, you need to find a way to restore it quickly. Drops in the nose "Derinat", the instruction of which claims their high efficiency, are rarely used as monotherapy. First of all, it is necessary to improve nutrition and include more fruits, grains, and vegetables in the daily diet. Coffee and black tea is better to replace freshly squeezed juice or juice. In the people there are many recipes for improving the natural defense system of man (infusions, decoctions). Children and adults will enjoy the mix of dried fruits with honey, which can be consumed on a permanent basis without harm to the body.

Derinat drops application

Sitting work and a sedentary lifestyle only aggravate the situation. The body and the immune system need fresh air and regular exercise. You can start with a simple charge at home, and then, if possible, begin to attend fitness classes, aerobics, gym, Pilates, yoga. For help with medication should be treated in a pinch, and only as prescribed by your doctor.

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