Derringer gun: device and specifications

The development of land in the Wild West and the Americangold rush caused the emergence of various kinds of adventurers in the United States. In search of a better life, they came here from overseas and were not averse to enrich themselves at the expense of the local population, which, in turn, sought to protect themselves and their property. Great popularity with the consumer has acquired in this difficult time the weapon, intended for self-defense - "derringer". The gun proved to be an effective means of self-defense for those who led a peaceful life and did not want to become a victim of crimes.

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origin of name

The derringer gun was designed innineteenth century American gunsmith Henry Derringer, who in the city of Philadelphia owned an arms factory for the manufacture of flint pistols and rifles. Over time, immediately on the order of the US Armed Forces, capsule rifles began to be produced. The enterprise became the most famous after the release of a small single-shot pistol. The Philadelphia Derringer pistol was compact, very reliable and inexpensive. Due to this, he enjoyed great demand among the population of America. Weapons were intended for cartridges caliber 11, 2 mm. American actor John Booth of this gun was shot by Abraham Lincoln.


What virtues did the weapon possess?

The derringer gun, despite its solidcaliber, was very compact. Due to the short trunk and small handle, on which all fingers could not fit, gun owners managed to hide weapons in their clothes pockets.

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The derringer gun did not have a highaccuracy at shooting. The range of damage from his bullet was also low. At the same time, this weapon was enough to get into the person sitting at the card table or in the stagecoach car.

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The effectiveness of the gun

The weapon, designed by Henry Derringer,today is not taken seriously. But in the years of the "American fever", in the conditions of poorly developed medicine, gunshot wounds from these pistols had sad consequences: getting into the body, a small and low-power bezolobochnaya bullet often brought into the wound a powdery smell and lubricant, causing sepsis. Therefore, this gun was often used as a serious argument in a dispute or conflict.

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About Followers

The success of the weapon, developed by Henry Derringer,became the cause of his imitators, one of which are pistols designed by a former dentist William Eliot. Wanting to promote his goods, he used already promoted brand. The term "derringer" today denotes any non-self-loading compact pistol. After the conclusion of Eliot's contract with the arms manufacturer Remington, a new pistol of the ruler "Remington Double Derringer" appeared on the shelves next to other civil weapons.

After the acquisition of William Elliott in 1865patent number 51440 for his firearms, he and the company Remington began the design work to create a new sample of the "derringer" type. In the period from 1866 to 1935. One hundred and fifty thousand units of Remington Double Derringer were produced.

Derringer pistol: device

The device of this pistol is represented by a frameand two barrels. They are located in the same vertical plane and are connected to each other in a single block. They are attached to the hinge at the top of the frame. On the right side of the gun there is a locking lever, which, when rotated, locks the lower projections of the barrel blocks.

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Double-barrel pistol "derringer" is equipped witha non-self-powered single-action shock and trigger mechanism and a trigger that relates to an open type. Inside it is a flat hammer drummer. The pistols have special mechanisms that contain a spring and ratchet. During the shooting they provide a change in the position of the striker. After each platoon cocking the hammer is able to move and alternately strike blows on the capsules of the cartridges contained in the two trunks.

For the coil spring, the developers providecurved shape. The place of its location was the inner part of the handle, in which it is connected by means of a leash to the trigger. With the help of an ejector, extraction of the fired sleeves is carried out.

How did the equipment and recharge the gun?

In order to equip the weapon, the owner had to perform the following actions:

  • deploy the lever blocking the barrel blocks;
  • block lift;
  • charge two chambers ammunition;
  • return the block to the previous position;
  • by turning the locking lever to lock the bottom protrusion of the barrel unit;
  • cock cock.

After these actions, the gun is ready for shooting. Recharging was carried out after opening the locking bolt and retrieving the fired sleeves. For this purpose, an extractor was intended.

Features of external design

The Remington Double Derringer was producedin different variants. The "cheeks" of his handles could be made of wood - walnut and rosewood. Some masters used ivory to make cheeks. There were variants of pistols with usual handles containing simple rubberized diamond-shaped notches. In all cases, the handle of Remington Double Derringer pistols resembled a bird's head.

In the process of making the pistol frames andbarrel blocks by masters used techniques of nickel plating and blasting. On some individual copies there was a special coating for bronze and ornaments, which were applied by engraving. Due to special accessories and weapon cases, the convenience of concealed wearing of Remington Double Derringer was provided.

Remington Double Derringer Performance

  • The size of the gun was 124 mm.
  • The weight of the weapon is 312 grams.
  • The bullet had an initial velocity of 210 m / sec.
  • The rifled barrel had five left-handed notches.
  • The bullet was equipped with black powder, the charge of which was 0.8 grams.
  • Caliber cartridge - 41 mm.
  • The function of the aiming devices was carried out by a fly and a rear sight. Their location was the upper part of the barrel.
  • The country of origin is the United States.


At the beginning of the Second World War in the UnitedThe production of compact pistols was discontinued. But the "derringers", along with revolvers and self-loading pistols used European partisans.

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After the war, an effective means,used for self-defense by card players, women of easy virtue, messengers, travelers and traders, became a derringer pistol for Flaubert's patron. Armory models of this class are also called "ladies". Often pocket policemen, as spare, were used by American policemen. Today, under the patron of Flaubert, revolvers are also being created. According to reviews, as an ideal for self-defense is the "derringer".

Signal gun, used for startingshooting, in its external design is very similar to the multi-barreled weapons of the "derringer" class. This, in the opinion of some owners, is another advantage of these pistols, because when meeting with patrol officers, the "combat" derringer can easily be imagined as a signaling one. Due to the simplicity of design, reliability and convenience in operation, the derringer type guns are very popular with a wide range of consumers.

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