Description of Lake Chany. The largest lake in Western Siberia

Lake Chany - a large drainless reservoir, which is a system of reaches, interconnected by numerous channels. Its name comes from the Turkic language and translates as “large vessel”.Lake Chany

There are many legends and tales associated with this place, the most popular of which is the belief about a mythical monster living in the depths of a reservoir. Many locals say that they saw not only a lizard, not a huge fish, creating huge waves and turning over fishing boats. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon yet: none of the expeditions to Chanakh saw anything like it.

Today the lake is a favorite vacation spot for many Russians.

Geography and origin

The largest body of water in Western Siberia is located in the Chanovsky District of the Novosibirsk Region. The area where Lake Chany is located is called the Barabinsk lowland.Most of it is surrounded by forest-steppe, and only from the south one can observe the endless steppe landscape.where is Lake Chany

Experts date the formation of the basin to the end of the last ice age. The lake appeared about 10-13 thousand years ago. For hundreds and thousands of years, steppe vegetation prevailed here, and only 5.5 millennia ago, dwarf birch trees and similar bushes began to grow along the banks.

Features of Lake Chany

Chany located at an altitude of 106 m above sea level. The length of the lake is 91 km, width - 88 km. The surface of the water mirror today is approximately 2000 km². The absolute maximum was recorded at the end of the 18th century, when the area of ​​Lake Chany exceeded 12,000 km². Based on long-term observations, scientists have concluded that lately this reservoir has been noticeably crushed.

Feeding of the lake is carried out mainly by melt water. Two rivers flow into it - the Chulym and the Kargat, but they account for only a small part of the total flow.

The water of Lake Chany is lightly saline, and the concentration varies in different parts of the reservoir. The salinity indices in the southeastern part are somewhat lower. The lake itself is shallow: the average depth is only 2 meters, the maximum is 7 m. The bottom is flat, muddy or sandy.The shores are gently sloping, mostly for the most part covered with thickets of sedge, reed, reed.Lake Chany fishing

Chany Lake is characterized not only by fluctuations in the water level associated with seasonality, but also by longer ones, lasting, as a rule, for about 40 years.


In the area of ​​the lake dominates the continental climate. In the winter - bitter cold, in the summer - warm, but not hot. The period when the thermometer rises above zero is only about 4 months. Ice on the lake occurs in early November, the final melting occurs in May.

The territory on which Lake Chany is located is the Novosibirsk Region. The nature here is quite harsh, as in all of Siberia. In the autumn cold and strong winds blow from the west and northwest. Waves on the lake rise by more than a meter, there have been cases of deaths of people who set sail in stormy weather.

Islands of Lake Chany

There are 70 islands in the water area of ​​Chanov. The largest are Amelkina mane, Bear, Cap. Some are considered monuments of nature, because they have retained unique relict species of plants and animals.Lake Chany. Novosibirsk region

With a strange name, it’s not only Lake Chany itself that is different, the story of the islands is also quite an interesting story.Thus, Chinyaiha Island is named after a noble woman who was captured by robbers with her husband. She liked the chieftain, but there was no reciprocity on her part. The leader of the thugs offered her husband to put his wife on the line, but while the game was going on, Chinayya went down to the lake and drowned. It is said that her ghost still walks among the white birch of the island and protects fishermen.

Nearest localities

In the immediate vicinity of Lake Chany there are 12 villages. Two centuries ago there were 17 settlements, but due to shallowing, several of them were abandoned and abandoned. In the early 20th century, people lived on the islands. For example, in Bear, they even grew melon crops, in particular watermelons.Lake Chany. Russia

To date, the largest are Yarkul, Kvashnino and Kazantsevo. Slightly smaller in size and Shaikik Malkovo.

Nature of the lake

The variety of ichthyofauna is represented by 16 species of fish. Silver carp, ide, perch, pike perch, carp are the most numerous. Less common pike, roach, bream. Among the rare species appear gold carp, dace, tench, gudgeon, verkhovka, pelyad, lake minnow.

The main haven of fish in the winter is Yarkovsky Reach. This is the only irregular place of the lake.In the rest of the water area, due to the lack of oxygen in the water during the cold period of the year, as well as complete freezing to the very bottom, a huge number of fish simply die.

The abundance is also influenced by abrupt changes in the water level, low water levels and, of course, destructive human activity. Since 1926 fish-breeding has been carried out on the lake. Annually in Chany fry of carp, peled and other commercial fish are released.Lake Chany with the name of the islands

The pond is important for many migratory birds. Here you can often find ducks, gulls, swans, geese, terns. A large number of rare and endangered species, such as the white-tailed eagle, red-breasted goose, chegrava, and curly pelican inhabit the lake’s surroundings. According to years of research by naturalists, there are more than 220 species of birds in these places. Ornithologists say that more than 1.5 million different birds visit the lake annually.

Of the mammals, the muskrat is found in Chanakh, and hares, foxes, badgers, and roes are found in the adjacent areas.Islands of Lake Chany

In the lake there are 404 species of algae. The most overgrown is the Chinyaikhinsky reach. Along the banks, besides reeds and reeds, grow birch, bird cherry trees, aspen trees, hawthorn, wild rose, raspberries.On one of the many islands (Narrowly) you can admire whole thickets of wild pions.

Part of the water area belongs to Kirzinsky Nature Reserve, where hunting and fishing are prohibited. Poachers waiting for an impressive fine.

Recreation and fishing

Fishing on Lake Chany is a favorite type of recreation for residents of Novosibirsk, Omsk and Kemerovo regions. On the coast there are several recreation centers, but most tourists emit "Azure Bay".

The cottages are located in close proximity to water, among trees and specially brought for planting almonds. The territory is stylized as a pioneer camp.

The number of rooms is represented quite widely: there are cabins, a summer building with rooms for 4-8 guests, several family houses, as well as a well-equipped building for year-round use.

On the territory there are 2 saunas, a place for barbecue, a sports ground, a children's play area, a banquet hall, a cafe. In the summertime, you can relax on the beach near the base and swim in the crystal clear Chan water.

Other popular bases are the White Swan and the Tubs. Wanting to save money, you can stay in the private sector - the locals are willing to rent rooms, especially in high season.

Ice fishing is especially popular on Chanakh; it is during the winter months that the peak of tourist attendance is observed. On some bases fishing is paid, but prices are very democratic. At the same time there is no limit on the number of fish caught, the main thing is to use only fishing rods and spinning rods.

The best place to catch is Yarkovsky Reach. Successful will be fishing near the bottom dumps. Local feed fish in certain places, if you find out from them, where they are located, a good bite is provided.Lake Chany fishing

How to get there

If there is a desire to visit Lake Chany, then it will not be difficult. From the nearest railway station in Barabinsk buses ply to settlements located on the shore and tourist bases. By car, drive on the federal highway M51. Turn after 325 km, if you go from Novosibirsk, and after 301 km, if from Omsk.

A lot of positive emotions, unforgettable impressions and new acquaintances are provided to every tourist who chose Lake Chany as a place of rest. Russia is huge and diverse, and it is foolish to go abroad without first seeing the beauty and greatness of our own country.

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