Difficult urination: what to do?

Some people experience such a nuisance as difficulty urinating. Why does this disease appear? How can I get rid of the problem?

Difficult urination: causes

difficulty urinatingVarious factors can cause this problem. The most common cause is pathology of the ureters and kidneys, as well as pathological changes in the bladder. In some cases, problems with urination in men can be associated with foreign bodies entering the urethra, which can penetrate both from the external environment and from the bladder. Extreme causes of illness is unreasonable use of alcohol, diuretics and drugs with a stimulating effect. In some cases, the catalyst for the problem is a cold. Obstructed urination may occur with hysteria and hypochondria. In this case, the disease is accompanied by nervous fever. With excessive bladder distension, severe back injury or in elderly patients, the disease may be paralytic.Mechanical causes are also possible - the presence of blood clots or mucus, stones in the bladder or kidneys, the appearance of tumors in the blood vessels, pinching of the urethra, etc. Sometimes difficulty urinating occurs when the walls of the urethra are thickened after suffering an STI.

How does the disease manifest itself?

men urination

Urine is excreted in extremely small portions. Sometimes - drop by drop. Often, much depends on the position in which the person is. If there is a problem, when urging to urinate, sharp pains appear in the area of ​​the affected organ. Urine is excreted slowly, with a burning sensation in the urethra.

How is the treatment?

problems urinating in menFirst of all, the cause of this condition is established. Then it is removed and the patient is offered a specific therapy. This includes sessile baths with the use of sedatives, compresses (both local and over the whole body). In most cases, power correction is required. If there is a paralytic delay in urination in men, sit-down steam baths lasting 15 minutes are used. Then a compress is applied on the stomach for several hours.If the disease has an inflammatory nature, wraps are produced for 15 minutes. Soothing lotions are also used. In all cases, a three-hour steam bath or half bath for 25 minutes is also assigned. Perfectly complement the treatment of compresses in the area of ​​the inflammation. If, in addition to difficulty urinating, constipation is noted, enemas are used. With a long course of the disease, syringing is used. If the disease is particularly severe, urine is discharged with a catheter. If this therapy is not possible, surgical methods are used.

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