Dinners at the restaurant & quot; Damas & quot; - very Oriental!

Damas is an inconspicuous Lebanese-Syrian restaurant on Maroseyka, it was difficult to understand what is there, behind a massive door with a modest sign, and inside there was a whole palace with a very good lunch menu. For Moscow, this turned out to be a very unusual version of a business lunch.

Address:Maroseyka, 8
Time: 12.00 - 16.00

Prices:those who came to have lunch here bringing two menus. In one business lunch costs 280 rubles, in the second - 450. The difference in the level of dishes. Options for salad or soup is not here. For that and for another amount, they will bring you soup + salad + hot + drink + dessert.
Kitchen:European and Arab

Menu:menu is not on sitein a simple menu for 280 rubles you will receive a soup of the day, and everything else has two options to choose from. The choice in the menu for 450 rubles more. Here you can alternate European and Oriental cuisine. That is, only 4 dishes in each category. In the quality of drinks only tea hibiscus or espresso. The menu changes every week.

Shchi (lunch for 280)

Borsch (lunch for 450).Not really, sour cream was not

Ades - lentil soup (lunch for 450)

Salad with beef liver (lunch for 280)

Mimosa (lunch for 280)

Hummus (lunch for 450). Cakes were brought to him

Salad with chicken, pineapple and corn. About anything (lunch for 450)

Perch fillet with zucchini and soy sauce (lunch for 450)

Pink salmon in marinade with mashed potatoes (lunch for 280)

Assorted kebabs - beef, lamb and with fat tail (lunch for 450)
The drinks

Hibiscus - something between a floral compote and fruit tea
Portions: medium (soup) and small (salad and hot)
Lead time: 15-20 minutes
Atmosphere: the first hall at the entrance looks like an ordinary joroy bar, cute but boring, but further east the door begins

Wi-Fi: there is
Features:for any order bring a good dessert

Food:3 points
Product quality:4 points
Innings:4 points
Waiters:5 point
Situation:5 points
Prices:4 points
Hospitality:4 points
Author's:4 points
Overall rating:33 out of 40
Overall impression: Damas restaurant (derived from Damascus?) Pleasantly surprised me, above all with its prices, menu options and main hall. The waiters are very ordinary, there is nothing to say. Only,but a significant disadvantage lies in the area of ​​food - it is small and it is average in all respects, rather modest and simple, I would like a little more refined menu for 450 rubles. To be honest, the food here, of course, is not of a restaurant level, but I can recommend lunches here.
This review is objective, without intervention from advertisers, business lunches are paid from their own funds.

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