On the one hand, it’s very cool that the geeks, who are throwing intimate photos of their ex on the social networks, have begun to plant.
For example, a resident of Barnaul was soldered to 2 years in a colony because he sent photos of repeated intercourse with a friend to her relatives.
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And I would even say that two years is not enough. He ruined the girl's reputation forever. Now all of her relatives, all her friends and acquaintances, when they meet, think whether or not she is fucking.
On the other hand, what do girls think about when agreeing to such a shoot?
Are they so confident in the decency of their sexual partner? Do not doubt that after parting, he will remove dirt? Or does she hope that he will use her pornography solely to satisfy herself alone, why would she be pleased that the former is jerking her off on her?
Today everything can be great in a relationship. And tomorrow, people can very easily become enemies. And if suddenly you yourself stop loving, change, go to another? Are you sure that the abandoned boy will not take revenge on you?
Worst of all, this passion for intimate photos has become the norm. Almost every first pair of sexual partners shoots themselves. And if for a man such documents are a plus to the karma of the cable, then for a girl, no matter how you look at House 2, they will turn into shame.
Well, that began to plant distributors. But after all, there are plenty of options to throw in photos without exchanging yourself. And this, I am sure, will be used by unscrupulous people to whom you, bunnies, give, and they take you off in the process of sex.

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