Biography of Dmitry Gudkov

Dmitry Gennadievich Gudkov is a former parliamentarian “Socialist Revolutionary Party” and a member of the central council of the political party “Fair Russia”, who was a member of the Coordinating Council of the Opposition (before its dissolution in 2013). He is the head of the public organization of the Young Socialists of Russia party and one of the founders of the Youth Public Chamber, a community of young lawmakers implementing initiatives in the field of state youth policy, health care, and the protection of children.
Gudkov Dmitry GennadyevichGudkov Dmitry Gennadyevich
Elections 2016, as a candidate from the party "Yabloko", he lost. However, even under conditions when the United Russia received a constitutional majority in parliament, he announced that he was not going to leave politics.

Childhood and the family of Dmitry Gudkov

Dmitry Gudkov was born on January 19, 1980 in Kolomna near Moscow. His father, Gennady Vladimirovich, worked in those days at the Kolomna Komsomol City Committee, then served in the KGB, was the owner of security agencies, a deputy.My mother, Maria Petrovna, whom my father met during his school years, taught piano at a music school, and later created the Oskord company (later sold). Dmitry has a younger brother, Volodya, who, as an adult, headed the “Central Debt Agency”.
Dima studied in the experimental school-gymnasium № 625, was engaged in basketball, reached the title of master of sports. After school, in 1996, he entered the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Journalism.
Dmitry Gudkov decided to study journalistDmitry Gudkov decided to study journalist
Simultaneously with his studies, the young man worked in various mass media. In particular, he led the Center for Public Relations of the family firm Oskord and the editorial team of the publication for specialists in the field of information security Security.
Being on the 3rd course, Dmitry Gudkov began to actively engage in politics - he worked at the headquarters of his father, who nominated his candidacy for the State Duma of the III convocation. In subsequent years, from 1999 to 2005, he headed the election campaigns of both Gudkov Sr., who became the Duma deputy of the subsequent three convocations, and other candidates for high posts in a number of regions of the Russian Federation.

Dmitri Gudkov political career

Having received a journalist diploma in 2001, the young man became the creator of the publication Regional News. In parallel, he entered the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in 2003 became a specialist in the field of the world economy.
Deputy Dmitry GudkovDeputy Dmitry Gudkov
Since 2004, Dmitry G. headed the press service of the People's Party and coordinated actions in the field of youth policy of this political force, whose leader in March of the same year was elected his father. After its self-dissolution and merger with “Fair Russia” in 2007, he headed a similar structure of the CP faction in the State Duma, and also became co-chairman of the “Victory” movement.
In 2009, Dmitry was elected a member of the Central Council of the SR, in 2010 he was appointed adviser to the head of the Federation Council - the leader of the SR Sergei Mironov.

The personal life of Dmitry Gudkov

Dmitry Gudkov is married to a second marriage. In 2012, he swore love and loyalty to his press secretary Valeria. An important event was not prevented even by a politician’s leg broken the day before (while playing football), but the newlyweds still had to postpone their honeymoon.Young people painted at the Griboedovskiy registry office, and celebrated a wedding celebration in the banquet hall of the Central Hippodrome of the capital.
Dmitry Gudkov and his wife ValeriaDmitry Gudkov and his wife Valeria
The proposal of the hand and heart of his chosen one politician made in Cuba during the New Year holidays. Perhaps that is why Cuban dancers performed at the banquet. Invitations for the guests were arranged in an original way - in the form of an official agenda with the message that, in case of non-attendance, the person will be forced to attend the event. In 2013, his wife gave him a son, Alexander.
Approximately in the same period, the acquisition of Dmitry in the Moscow region for just five million rubles of an elite townhouse with an area of ​​about 250 square meters was discussed on the Web. The explanation of the possibility of buying at such an attractive price turned out to be simple - the private security company “Pantan” of his father turned out to be the seller of luxury housing.
The first wife of the ex-deputy was the chief editor of the news program on NTV named Sophia, who quit the television channel, allegedly after she was assigned to participate in the creation of a film about the private life of the opposition.They lived together for about 10 years, were engaged in raising two children, Nastya and Vanya, but they broke up.
Sofia - the former wife of Dmitry GudkovSofia - the former wife of Dmitry Gudkov
Subsequently, the ex-wife founded and headed the country's first Documentary Film Center, which was conceived not only as a cinema, but also a meeting place for fans of this genre of cinema. In 2015, she again married the former head of the Moscow Department of Culture Sergey Kapkov. For her husband, their marriage also became the second. Previously, he was married to Catherine Grinchevskoy, a television journalist and TV host for the Russia 24 channel, in the marriage with whom they had a son, Vanya, and a daughter, Sophia.

Dmitry Gudkov today

Another step in the career of a politician was his election in 2011 as a parliamentarian in the State Duma of the VI convocation, where he joined the committee on constitutional legislation and state-building, and the intergovernmental commission of the Russian Federation and the United States.
Dmitry Gudkov met with the US ambassador
Dmitry Gennadievich submitted to the lower chamber of the Federal Assembly a number of copyright bills, including a document on the abolition of anti-constitutional food counter-sanctions,He opposed the law banning the adoption of Russian orphans by American citizens, participated in protest actions and rallies against election fraud.
Dmitry Gudkov ran for the party "Yabloko"Dmitry Gudkov ran for the party "Yabloko"
Dmitry Gudkov is also known for the fact that in 2012, along with Ilya Ponomarev, he organized a “Italian strike” for his United Russia colleagues (protesting against the entry into force of the bill on increasing penalties, which were envisaged for holding illegal rallies, and delaying its adoption by introducing many amendments) , and for ideological reasons, in 2014, he declined to vote on the annexation of the Crimea. Together with his father, Gennady Gudkov, in 2013, he was expelled from the CP (for harming her actions), was named LDPR leader Zhirinovsky a traitor to his homeland (for his speech in the US Senate building).
Interview with Dmitry Gudkov
At the same time, according to the Open Russia version, he became the best among deputies - he confidently won the rating of parliamentarians in the sixth State Duma, gaining more than 83 percent of the votes.

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