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Biography of Dmitry Kombarov

Dmitry Kombarov is a football player with great potential, incredible efficiency and the will to win. He is able to decorate any game with his game. The athlete is not only for Spartak - he is also a member of the main team of the Russian football team. The main advantage of Dmitry Kombarov is his versatility: he can play equally well both in the center and in the phalanxes.
Dmitry Kombarov - one of the brightest players of SpartakDmitry Kombarov - one of the brightest players of Spartak

Dmitry Kombarov's childhood and family

Dmitry's hometown is Moscow. He and his twin brother Cyril from early childhood engaged in sports. In three and a half years, his father took them to the gym, then the children engaged in wushu. They began to train in the children's football school "Spartak" from the age of five. My father, who was an avid fan of Spartak and personally knew the coach Nikolai Parshin, had been fond of football since the age of twelve. When his sons were born, he decided that he would grow football players from them.
Brothers Kombarova in childhood ...Brothers Kombarova in childhood ...
The Kombarova brothers were engaged in football, and at the age of nine they began to attend kidboxing classes. When the boys were fourteen, they left the Spartak school, as the coach considered Kombarovyh unpromising. So Dmitry and Kirill were in the school of the capital "Dynamo", where their mentor was Yuri Mentyukov.
...and now...and now
Because of the scandalous departure from Spartak school, matches with this team have always been of fundamental importance for Dmitry. Since 2004, he and his brother played for the Dynamo take.

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